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  1. Hey guys i was wondering about changing my gravel!!!... i was wondering if there was a "safe" way of doing it... what if i dont COMPLETELY change all of my gravel but say, take half out and replace with new gravel... leaving approx 50% new and 50% old gravel... reason for changing, is i would like a not so bright gravel color and moving to a soft neutral color or black! THANKSM FOR THE INPUT!
  2. hmmmm... i just dont want to add an airstone if not neccessary!!... especially with fluctuating ph.. i havent seen fishing gasping for air or anything at night or before lights on.. so i think i will remove airstone... no need for it as of now..
  3. Would this. Cause a fluctuation in ph? As co2 lowers ph, wouldn't the o2 raise it.?or no?
  4. ok cool... one more question!!!!!........... i have done alot of research and everything i see contradicts the website i looked at before.. so im up in arms.. i hear that using my air pump and airstone at night would be good for the fish and wouldnt harm the plants because photosynthesis doesnt occur at night therefore a possible o2 shortage possible?? but i also hear its not necessary because the plants should produce sufficient o2 to last the night....SO.... what do u guys think about the whole turning my co2 off at night and using my air pump? and then turning the air pump off in morning and turning co2 back on?
  5. another thing is placement of the diffuser... i have it at the bottom of the tank somewhere near the middle front glass.. i still get more bubbles on one side...?? does this really matter? or will the concentration of co2 in the water be the same on both sides?? or do i need to find a way to get equal amount of bubbles to both sides of tank??
  6. Hey guys i have a pretty moderate - high planted tank... i was wondering about Co2 and aeration?? i know i cant have the air pump running while injecting Co2.. so i was wondering.. do i turn off the air pump during the day and put the co2 ON? and at night do i reverse it? turn co2 off and oxygen on?? i figure plants dont produce O2 at night?? and so the air pump would be a good idea for fish? or am i mistaken?? what do i do?? co2 on all the time? even at night? HELP! confused..
  7. put a piece of lettuce under a upside down plate so the fish cant get to it.. but the snails definitely will or even cucumber!! in the morning time remove plate dispose of cucumber or lettuce and do it again next night... whatever snails you actually see during the day remove them asap.. keep it up and they will be gone soon..
  8. well im sure they could be in there for months even after the tank has been established... but what im asking is once the cycle has begun it wont stop because i remove the established filter media with all the good bacteria in it right? or should i leave it til the tank is established and all numbers are good?
  9. hey guys i have a quick question about the whole using filter media from an established tank to help cycle a new tank... how long would you keep the established filter media in the new filter for?... is it ok to just leave it there for until the end of the cycle?? or just use it for a couple days and toss it? thanks alot..
  10. well a teaspoon is about 4.9ml as per measuring spoons... and a table spoon is 15.1 ml...regardless.. i will do what you say... the plants i have are amazon swords, cabombas, java ferns,wisterias, and one more i forgot the name of... thx dnalex
  11. ok just wondering the amount of salt because on my aquarium salt package it says 1 tablespoon for every 5 gallons... which is about 15ml per 5 gallons.. with your 1 teaspoon per gallon comes out to 25ml per 5 gallons. just seems like alot.. especially for my plants.. but they should befine right?
  12. a teaspoon for every 5 gallons? or tablespoon for ever 5 gallons?
  13. i am back again... i did my water test results.. and are a little different i noticed the best place to read my results are in my bright washroom.. instead of guessing against the charts in my darker kitchen.. the results of ph are a little different .. but just tested tap and tank water.. so results are as follows: ph:7.8, ammo: 0, nitrite: 0 and nitrate 10ppm so the water seems great! what should i do next? still do a water change? add salt? clean off live plants (some algae) clean of live rock? driftwood? i know these things are probably fine.. but i dont know what to do... the streaking is not as bad as it was initially.. but it definetly came back.. heads up!.. neeeeeeed help! lol once again he seems perfectly fine.. if it wasnt for the red streaks in his tail i wouldnt suspect a thing.. no clmaped fins.. no hiding.. eating fine... ... ...... -_-
  14. hey guys..... *sigh* im back.... the red streaking is back... im kinda confused... it seems like when i add a lil bit of salt it goes away... but comes back a few hours later?? does this sound like septicemia.. or water quality?? im gonna go test the water again! but i wanna know what u think?? does septicemia symptoms go away with salt but later come back?? or does this souns like water quality?? let me know.. im gonna go test water again.. n probably another water change when i post results... be back soon.. :S
  15. yes sir! thanks for all your help!
  16. ummm yeah my local fish store almost certainly carries it.. they have everything! all fish store.. but im happy to say that my fish has absolutely no red strreaks in his tail anymore! and when i get forum permission will certainly add pics so u can see my beautiful tank and fishes!
  17. well... i dont know... im just gonna keep doing my bigger percent water changes like today... all the fish ended up perking up after being sressed out for a couple hours after the bigger than normal water change.. (is this normal, after soo long of hiding)??? the oranda with the bloody streaks seems to be less bloodied... could that be from the aquarium salt? or large water change?? i dont know.. should i add more salt after next water change?? im wait and see before i treat for septicemia/// thanks for all your help.. ill keep you guys updated.. and maybe get a couple pics of my 4 lil guys!
  18. even with that big a tank... i certainly wouldnt go over 10 goldfish!!! TRUST ME... the amount of work you have to put into it and cleaning water approx. 70% a week... they are messy!!! even with added filtration they are poop machines!!!!!! take it slow.. and see what feels good to you... ADD slowly!!patience is key!! see what you can handle in terms of making sure water is always top quality, stay ontop of PWC's and keeping filtration at %100. only you can really decide how many fish you can handle... but advice is advice... and TAKE YOUR TIME... feel it out...
  19. hey guys... UPDATE!!!!!!!!! i did a big water change just now.... about 40-45%... my fish are now VERY STRESSED and just sitting at the bottom under a piece of driftwood. im not saying you guys gave me bad advice... but what do i do now?? and the fish with the red streaking on his tail seems alot brighter red and more red now!!! :S help!!!do i wait and see or....?!?!?
  20. ok cool!! i will give it a try then! thank you.. starting tomorrow.. time to go to bed.... i hope it works.. i will post again in a bit.. i hope to see u respond.. if not.. then thx alot!
  21. hold on.. i just RE READ what u wrote... that cant be right.. so bascially a 160% water change every week?!?!?!?
  22. i rinsed out filter media last week... i do that maybe once or 2 times a month
  23. YIKES!!! 80%?!?! wouldnt i throw of the cycle?? or cause a mini cycle?? that seems like alot of good stuff being taken out... but i guess i will try it... HE IS THE ONLY ONE with the problems..?? but i guess if u think 80% a week is ok.. then.. i could try... i already do about 50 - 60% a week... but i guess i could go up a bit.. thanks!
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