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  1. thanks alot!! broken dorsals are common i guess??... are they delicate?
  2. hey i know its probably nothing big... but i always noticed that spocks dorsal fin looked broken and it is never perfectly standing... as you can see in this picture... http://s1076.photobucket.com/albums/w456/monkey1987/?action=view&current=DSC00299.jpg .... does this affect him in any sort of way? he seems fine.. he is beautiful but he does seem a little less agile than the others..?? could that be me just exagerating? or could this be the reason? thx for the replies!
  3. omg! i am glad someone said it before me! i never wanted to say anything because it seems that EVERYONE seems they are the cutest! LOL...
  4. YES I AGREE!! there is a button to "add filter" so you can go beyond 2! take a look!
  5. no one said this hobby was cheap!!! ... LOL!!! lots and lots of money goes into it.. EVEN more if you have plants... fairly easy plants to keep are anubias..java fern..moss... wisteria...cabombas... see what u like.. and what u can keep ALIVE!! hahahaa... anyways good luck!
  6. thats crazy... i dunno where you live but i guess ambient temperature is about the same as the heated tank because if i unplus my heater from the tank set at 78.. in about 6 hours i am down 2 70.. lol! poor fishes were freezing one time i did a water change and forgot to plug the heater back!
  7. mind u.. if you tank is not heavily planted u may not need the excel.. lots of plants do well in low light..no co2...but i think for u the best thing is trial n error.. u will learn through experience! good luck.. post some pictures!
  8. not always!! trust me.. its not suffiecient
  9. yeah the plants need some source of co2... but there is also many brands.. different ingredients.. see what works for u... or a DIY... but up to u.. if you plants dont do well with the liquid co2.. pick another plant!.. my VALS all died from liquid co2.. i since have gone high tech.. and my plants are doing beautiful! and also the excel does really well on killing algae.. @finnage! thx!
  10. i know that certain plant species do NOT like the liquid carbon flourish.. and actually melts away.. so pls do research before adding ANY plants food/carbon for your plants.. i personally hate seeing dying plants.. and a pain to clean... check out my planted tank and goldie tank!... u can see some of my plants. http://s1076.photobucket.com/albums/w456/monkey1987/
  11. i use exceo in my goldie tank with snails.. they seem fine. been doing it for a few months now. u should be fine.. although maybe some species can tolerate it better? :S
  12. hmmmm... i dont hear the bubbles on mine at all.. i tell u that the outflow from my filter is the only noise i hear.. if your parents can hear it then it must be loud...u have a lid im assuming? if your water is topped up and u have a lid.. i dont know what else to tell u.. :S
  13. the bubbles shouldnt make soo much noise... too powerful a pump?!... is your water level to the top?? i have 2 air pump and pretty strong.. i cant hear the bubbles though? the filter outlet makes more noise.
  14. bring me back some breadsticks and salad atleast??
  15. @ shellbell .. LOL everyone seems to love my lil spock! ill let him know! @case.. thank you!
  16. anyways there are ways aound a noisy air pump... what i have done it actually attached a piece of filter pad/foam to the bottom side of a noisy air pump i had and secured it with elastic band! not the nicest thing to look at but no one really looks under my cabinet... it keeps noise to a minimal because it doesnt allow the pump to move around or vibrate! simple cheap fix!
  17. they asked me if i wanted a store credit or a heater... refund wasnt brought to me but i needed a heater anyways.. so i just took it!
  18. here in toronto.. when you return your MARINELAND STEALTH heaters you recieve an AQUEON heater (from big als)... works amazing! light comes on when heating and turns off when its reached its set temperature. easy to use, shatter proof, lights on/off, fully submersible!
  19. HAHAHAHHAHAHAAAHAHAHA!!!!!!! finger slips... OOOOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. thank you guys for the comments! it actually makes me feel really good! and of course the fishes are even more BIG HEADED now! LOL!!! yeah i will soon.. post more pics as they grow and my tropical tank is finally complete!!!
  21. yeah they have been there for some time.. and they have not gotten fuzzy... the goldfish dont eat them.. not that i have ever seen.. if i feel the need.. i guess i will remove them at that point..
  22. big mistake many people do is getting fish for there children.. not knowing how much care and work is involved for these fishes is something that ppl don't know!...the best thing for you to do is get the water tested as soon as possible and you will get the help you need. I'm sure.... do another big water change in the morning before you go out to look for test kit... even if you did one today...will keep high toxic levels down to a level that the fish can hopefully tolerate. good luck!!
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