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  1. i think so... but we will have to see i guess.. i also forgot to add i have a bunch of POOP MONSTERS called SNAILS.. and they add a POO LOAD on the BIO LOAD scale!
  2. last thing... you can probably get a glass cutting shop.. or window maker to make you a glass top for around 30$??? sounds about what i paid for my custom top.. anyways... tomorrow i will take pictures of my set up.. it doesnt have to be SOOOO $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and you can work with what you have... pick up a used light fixture... throw a new bulb on it... double your output.. and get a in expensive glass top! good night!
  3. ok.. well there is SOOOO much to learn about planted aquariums... and many may not know... but what i know is that UPGRADING or adding more light you WILL have to add some sort of co2 as plants need for photosynthesis if there is not enough...when more light is added more nutrients including CO2 are needed. so basically... you will most likely need to add some things into your tank.. LOL!! regardless.. do research and learn a few things! take care! im off to bed now.. its 2:00am here in toronto! SLEEEEEEEEEEEPY !
  4. honestly... opposite of what others have said.. i think your java fern will be FINE with this light given proper nutrients n co2 GO FOR IT!.. TRUST ME!
  5. thats fine.. it is probably a 18000k bulb which is OK for plants but in my PERSONAL tank was not the best choice... my plants did better with the 6700k spectrum bulbs.. will u upgrade ? or just stick with what you have for now?
  6. regardless.. GOOD LUCK with your fishes.. and you will LEARN what to do hopefully in time.. and if you have any questions.. ppl like DNALEX and stakos are always around to give you a heads up.
  7. im sure your T5 light fixture is a single T5no light fixture.. and you cant really do much more than that.. either you get a second light bulb fixture.. or upgrade... thats really all you can do.
  8. you cannot just go get a different bulb.. the chances are your bulb is the best you can do given your light fixture... the only next step is UPGRADING.. 2 a double light fixture.. :S usually in the 6700k spectrum for plants. but i have seen it done with 18000k :S
  9. i understand... but yet again... you cannot tell anyone what will and will not work... they will have to learn for themselves... 2 diff. people with same breed of fish can change water once every 2 weeks and their fish are PERFECT..someone else with the same breed of fish can change water every 3 days like me and that works for them... .. i remember someone told me with goldfish in a 46g i would need something like 90% water changes to keep water params in prestine condition... yet i do 2 45% wc's every 3 days and my water is always PERFECT.. fish are healthy and my water params never go higher than 0nitrites, 0ammo and MAYBE 10 nitrates. bascically everyone does what works for them. and you will see.. by constant water checks you will know when its time to do wc's
  10. whatever you decide to do.. good luck..
  11. All aquarium plants need light, carbon dioxide and nutrients to live. If you have an aquarium with normal incandescent lighting or subdued fluorescent lights, stick to plants that have low light requirements, such as Java Fern. If you do not want to use carbon dioxide boosters, stick to plant species that will be satisfied with the amount of carbon dioxide that is produced by your fish. If you do not want to use fertilization, choose plant species that will absorb sufficient amounts of nutrients from the water. research is key... and regardless of what others will tell you... it can be done with your lighting... in the mean time until you can afford or buy a stronger set of lights.. you need to keep your plants alive..
  12. ok... everyone here is giving you different answers... bottom line... ALL plants need a source of CO2.. be it from fish, a pressurized system or liqid co2... ALL plants need light..and even with your stock light... your plants should not be dying the way they are... keep what you have until you can afford a better light.. but give your plants co2, and nutrients. if you guys see the pictures the plants ARE CLEARLY nutrient defficient and have no source of co2.
  13. I beg to differ...I agree that having good lights is important, but the whole issue of fertilizers in a goldfish tank is far from clear. If you look at ashlee18's beautiful goldie tank, her plants are flourishing, WITHOUT THE AID OF FERTILIZERS. Goldfish themselves can provide enough nutrients in a lot of instances. (I'm not talking about root tabs here, though.) i understand.. but everything is DIFFERENT on different tanks.. and if you can see her pictures YOU WILL see her plants are extremely nutrient defficient and light defficient. and this is not ashlees tank.. trust me.. she needs to do something different.. and nutrients co23 and light is the way to go.
  14. listen... lets work with what you have... keep your bulb that you just bought... no need in upgrading just yet.. go to your LFS and buy some liquid CO2... buy some macro and micro nutrients and start dosing.. see what happens.. but you need to d0 atleast this... and keep your lights on for ATLEAST 8 hrs!
  15. co2 comes in many different forms.. the easiest for you will probably be a product called "seachem" excel which is a liquid co2... NOTE: some plants will die off when you EXCEL.. you must do your own trial and error when it comes to plants... it is a learning tool and when you start going tthe planted tank route you will learn SOOOO much!
  16. sadly... this light fixture you have was probably a stock one.?? the one that came with the tank.. and VERY rarely will they ever produce enough light for plants.. therefore ppl will always UPGRADE.. or buy a second light fixture.
  17. i guarantee if you dose you co2... and nutrients according to instructions on bottles.. there will be no harm done to the fish at all!
  18. i understand.. you may have a good light... but it is clearly not sufficient for your sized tank... you need one more of same wattage.. and you also need food.a source of co2. and others i listed.. plants will not grow solely on light. you may be able to get away with ample light and co2 but to flourish they need nutrients. and all 3 is best!
  19. they ARE necessary! especially with plants! there is really no way around it!.. plants need LIGHT, CO2, and FOOD to live. and they arent exactly CHEMICALS per say...
  20. i say constant because not everyone likes doing ONE big water change and i say constant as in more.. just split it to 2 wc's 40% every 3 days! .. bottom line 3 is FINE! u heard the man!
  21. im sure you could fit 3 ranchus in there WITH GOOD filtration! and constant WC's!! stay on top of PRESTINE water conditions.. and you will be fine! but of course... someone will prob. bring up stocking issues.. LOL! you should be fine...
  22. ok first of all.. you do not have sufficient light... you dont even meet the 1w per gallon which usually the "low light" plants would do OK in.. you would need at least one more 15w bulb for "low light" plants.. secondly.. do you dose any ferts? nutrients? co2?
  23. first of all what size tank? and wattage of bulbs? what kind? t8 t5 or t5h0? other? do you add any nutrients? looks like a defficiency to me. and lack of light... do you add any form of co2? why is there elastic bands around some stems?
  24. just give the plants some time to acclimate to new water conditions.... they may lose some leaves and even turn brown.. but in a couple weeks should start to flourish again.. add nutrients and do water changes like normal u should b fine.
  25. @stakos.. COOL thank you.. but he was like that from when i got him! but he stole my heart. @ryukinfan.. thank you!! and dont be jealous.... .. ...
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