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  1. thanks alot fins!! my tanks have changed around a little.. i will post more pics up soon as i can... my planted tank has become a huge JUNGLE!!! i have to keep trimming plants because they are on STEROIDS!! lol.... post up soon!
  2. hey just a question.. lets say you forgot to save your old water from the WC and threw it out... could you still rinse your filter media in fresh water that has been conditioned? or is it vital that the media be cleaned out in old tank water..? what would you guys suggest?
  3. my goldfish eat almost every plant i put in there.. except java fern.. im sure there is no "favorite goldfish plant" as all fish are different... although i am almost pretty sure ALL goldfish love eating MOSS..
  4. hey DNALEX.. what exactly is the benefit of crushed coral?
  5. hornwort is relatively easy to grow.. but have had MORE success with moderate light.. NOT low light... also i saw a GREAT improvement in growth as mine was planted and i do have co2 and high quality ferts...as opposed to before the co2 and ferts..... but this plant should also do fine floating.. if you decide to bury it into the gravel.. in time it will be held down by rhizoids which are kinda like roots.! good luck!
  6. good luck on the moss surviving... my goldies ate all my flame moss and java moss :S lol! nice tank
  7. Anubias, Hornwort, Hygro corymbosa, Ludwigia repen, java fern, pennywort, different moss', cabombas... there are PLENTY... BUT you need to stay ontop of WATER CHANGES regardless... plants also need water to be replenished and OF course your betta!! remove any dying leaves from plants... snip the roots and replant.. you could even try ROOT TABS! good luck!
  8. hahahhaha!!!!!!!!!!! you guys completely went off and hijacked this post!!! :krazy: :krazy: :krazy: :krazy: :krazy: pretty funny though!! thanks for the advice anyways!
  9. good points guys.. i guess ill be upping the %.. it couldnt hurt
  10. i have 4 in a 46g! and they are doing great! i do 45% wc's every 3 days so sometimes i do 3 times a week! but i have alot of filtration as well! :Dyou can do it just STAY ON TOP OF YOUR WORK! or you will pay! lol
  11. btw... i have a marineland c360 which is actually for up to 100G tanks... and a small HOB marineland 150B penguin for a 30G tank(got it for free so through it on) if that matters in my WC %
  12. @ allistair... i understand what you are saying... except that i NEVER get a TRACE of ammonia the way i am doing it... and i just wanted to make sure that if i do lets say CHANGE 90% of water 1 per week.. that i wont get ammonia start showing up do to water being in the tank for A WHOLE WEEK... it just seems like 1 week of sitting food, and waste willd do more damage to water n fish as opposed to more frequent replenishing and cleaning gravel and what not. i do and i do not understand.. but it was a question i needed to ask.. thanks! @fang... i tend to agree with what you say and seems more logical to me.. but i am learning much like many here and just wanted someone to explain to me.. although i still had HARD HEADED doubts! lol but it doesnt hurt to ask and learn!! and i have NERITE snails.. 7 to be exact! not as big a mystery snails... and i think you know what you are talking about... REGARDLESS of your HAPPY JUICE! ur still here!!! :krazy: :carrot:
  13. So guys here is the thing.... i am a little confused and maybe skeptical about a water change dilemma.... heres the thing.. i was on another post talking with another FORUM member.. and he/she mentioned something about a water change that i dont know makes sense.... (probably is, they are pretty experienced from what i see) but anyways.. here it is.. i was told a while back that in my 46g aquarium with 2 orandas and 2 ryukins and a few snails i would have to do a 80% water change weekly.... and i said well i do 45% water changes every three days (which i believed to be better because the fish do not stay in the same old water for a week, and instead get fresh water every 3 days but at a smaller WC %) but he/she insisted it is not the same and actually that in change is equivalent to ONLY a 55% WC?? now my question is this... if 2-3 45% water changes do not equal a 90%+ water change then why would a ONCE A WEEK 90% WC be better as they had said?? i thought that freshwater more times a week was better than a big WC ONCE A WEEK in which the water will be a week old before it is changed?? I am not calling anybody out.. i just dont understand.. someone PLEASE TEACH MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! thanks in advance guys!
  14. thank you so much! would you happen to have any pictures?!
  15. my 2 cents AS WELL... i have all my pennywort in my trop. tank floating it looks beautiful.. i started with 2 6 inch stems about 2months ago and now have around 2 feet of pennyworth floating! LOL!! nice plant and fish loves swimming through it! as for banana plant... dont know much about it.. and am not really a fan.
  16. ill tell u right of the top of my head... its really quite easy.. and better to underdose anyways... BUT you will be adding APPROX. 2 - 3ml of FLOURISH.. does not HAVE to be PRECISE and will not cause ANY harm by missing the 1ML over/ under mark.. GOOD LUCK. :carrot: :locked: :clapping:
  17. i told you you would have to listen to me ... i knew you would end up adding as you say "chemicals" to your tank.. there is really no way around it at ths point.. your plantsare defficient and clearly not recieving enough nutrients and POSSIBLY co2! GOOD LUCK!
  18. hey rev... i can suggest 2 things that have helped out me and some friends in the past... adding regular doses of EXCEL WILL help get rid of BBA FOR SURE!! i have done it and have succeeded with EXCEL ... remove plants that may be covered in bba and place in a separate bucket... add EXCEL to the bucket and cover it for a full day... next day you should see most of the algae dying.. turning white or even completely disappear... then you can add it back to the tank... another thing that has really helped keep bba to a minimal is these little guys called SIAMESE ALGAE EATERS.. that actually eat this kind of algae.. do some research on there tank temp. and size and what not before you opt to go this route.. very important!!! MANY times i see that the cause of BBA is actually LACK of co2... adding a pressurized system or RELIGIOUSLY dosing EXCEL WILL help.. but i cannot guarantee that some plants will not die off due to the EXCEL... which some plants absolutely HATE!... anyways... im sure others will weigh in.. and before you get sent into 100 different ways with he said, she said.. the best thing to do is take everyones advice as JUST that.. advice.. and best thing to do is try out a fewthings and see what works for you.. i only SPEAK through experience. the EXCEL and SAE worked on all my planted tanks! GOOD LUCK! NOTE: after separating affected PLANTS, DRIFTWOOD and treating with EXCEL.. it is ok to OVERDOSE this is why i said remove and place in a separate container. another thing to do is to pluck of any severely BBA infested leaves then DOSE. hope this works!
  19. forgot to mention... that although you MAY not experience problems with all males... it is a possiblility.. and usually recommend a ratio of 1 : 2 males for females.. but in my experience.. if males are kept in larger groups.. things should be fine! ... again.. its for you to try and see what happens... GOOD LUCK!
  20. if i had a small 10g i would probably go with NO MORE than 8 MALE fancy guppies in all different colors! they are fun to watch, bright, and very nice looking! and you dont have to worry about babies! EVERYONE LOVES GUPPIES! or 8 male platys! same! COLORFUL FISH! fun to watch and both species are very hardy! of course... if you want to add some females.. it is best to keep in smaller numbers due to lack of space if they have babies... i had started with 8 guppy males and females.. and ended up with around 20 in a matter of weeks.. LOL anyways they were given away.. but they do like the "lovin'".....
  21. THANK YOU!!! as i said.. it can be done with your stock lighting.. and it is a defficiency in nutrients and possibly co2... I SALUTE YOU LUCERNE! LOL...
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