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  1. the only probem i have with putting something like a nylon stocking or something is that i will not be able to dig the python tube down deep into the gravel, and it will also become clogged .. i guess i just have to be more careful and vigilent.. btw he looks like he is doing fine.. it is 11pm here right now.. i will update tmrw.. good night guys!
  2. i know man... it was one of those things i just walked turned away to watch my son get up on a stool without hurting himself.. and then i saw this happening..!! this oranda has always been a little "slow" but definitely sucks it happened to him... thank god it wasnt worse.. and will update u if anything happens or as hes healing! thanks alot!
  3. so i always heard of other ppl's fish getting sucked by python of hose and NEVER thought it would happen to me ... i turned away for i would say 10 seconds... all of a sudden.... i heard the sink water flow REALLY low.. i RIGHT AWAY looked ay my python and saw my beautiful calico oranda headfirst in the tube ... i quickly pulled the python out the water and pulled him off... he has a little blood showing on the inside tissue of one of his nostrils ... but otherwise seems fine... he is acting pretty normal.. and no other blood anywhere... whats should i do if anything?? keep on eye on him?? fins not clamped. he isnt bottom sitting or anything.. and he is eating.. just fed him after waterchange.. advice?
  4. hey jesswyn welcome to canada! lol the best places to check for used aquarium stands on the internet here in canada are kijiji.ca and craigslist.ca both websites are good.. just typein whereabouts in canada you are and you should get alot of hits!
  5. pretty fish ... what happened to the eye? it may just be me.. but does it look like some of your fishes have or had a tail rot/splitting issue? may just be my eyes.. cant really tell.. maybe i should go to sleeep.. :(lol
  6. This is not good at all. hmmmm...
  7. the link didnt work for me... regardless if you didnt buy these snails and/or they came in with your plants.. i would STRONGLY suggest that you remove them immediately because they can and will reproduce very quickly in your tank and will have little snails allover the place.. next time the best thing to do before adding plants directly into your tank would be to thoroughly clean plants with a bleach solution to kill anything that could attach itself onto the plants like snails.
  8. if they are synthetic, they should be fine, although there may be a reason in which they are not aquarium specific... maybe something can leech out into the water? i dunno..??
  9. anytime have you ever seen the bn pleco's try to or succeed in sucking the slimecoats off the goldies? i heard this is common? this is the only thing i would really worry about..???? anybody heard of or experienced this first hand???
  10. i know for a fact that wood for a reptile terrarium is different than the wood we use in an aquarium. The wood in the "reptile" section of the store is not meant to be "aquatic" but instead meant to be kept in dry conditions (moisture is usually fine) but not meant to be underwater... cocnut shell on the other hand is fine in an aquarium i actually have some moss growing on a coconut shell. anyways... leave the "reptile" wood out of your aquarium.. p.s "reptile" wood will eventually rot, and affect your water conditions and possibly create further problems.
  11. yikes... that looks extremely cloudy imo... why would you use safe t sorb?!? i dont understand?? i am a mechanic and we use that stuff to clean up oil spills or chemical spills.. what use would it have in an aquarium?? are you sure this wont leech out something harmful into the water? i am dumbfounded i am sorry.. ive just never seen or heard about this in an aquarium?... im hoping you did your research...
  12. thanks! just wanted to make sure i wasnt missing something!
  13. first of all there are many plants that will go well with goldfish... as i have said before.. no 2 goldfish are alike and it is pretty much a trial and error type thing with goldfish... hit or miss.. its really up to you to see what works and what doesnt... secondly goldfish will probably eat your shrimp anyways.. so get cheap shrimp that dont cost alot incase you have to replace them...another thing... most shrimp need ESPECIALLY clean pristine water conditions... so you MUST stay ontop of the water if you want to give your shrimp a fighting chance.. goldfish are extremely dirty fish and water conditions can quickly go south if neglected even for a short period.. thus killing your very delicate shrimp and possibly getting sick goldfish!! the ammonia and nitrites thaT goldies produce in water would probably sicken or kill shrimp. another thing, cory cats a few things that come to mind, temperature differences in that goldfish are a cooler water type fish and cory cats are strictly tropical, putting a cory cat in cooler temps may lower immune system response leaving them oopen to illness/diseases. another thing if your goldfish was to try to snack on a cory cat the goldie could probably injure itself from the spiny dorsal fins causing more problems.... anyways.. long response.. but in my opinion if you are hoping to get the catfish i wouldnt.. its probably not even worth the amount of possible headaches it can cause... and if you have algae problems.. i believe you should find the source of your algae problems i.e overfeeding, too many nutrients etc. and correct it... btw no snail or catfish can do a betgter cleaning job than you can. but if you want something to maybe help you out i say stick with snails... maybe NERITES.. which i love.
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