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  1. Is it safe to add it on top of the original dechlorinator I used?
  2. From one of the threads on ammonia detoxifiers: "Amquel is a very forgiving chemical. It will bind what ammonia/nitrites/nitrates are in the water, but, if nothing is there, it simply waits, benignly, to be needed." Is this true of Prime, as well? I like to dechlorinate the water as soon as I refill the tub and buckets after a water change, so there is no way to forget. I wanted to be sure.
  3. That makes sense. Good to know. I'll get Prime today. Thanks. What is the optimum level of salt for cycling? And should I begin increasing the percentage of salt now or wait until the fenbendazole treatment is finished?
  4. I do have ammonia now. No nitrites yet. I don't use Prime, but I could get some. With my understanding of Prime, the ammonia is locked away chemically so it can't harm the fish, then it is released a day or so after. But does the ammonia still show up in tests? I would be worried it would do this after I tested and I wouldn't get to do a large water change in time. Also, may I change the water today to bring the ammonia down to 1 pmm, or should I wait for tomorrow (when the flukes treatment dictates)?
  5. My tank just began its 4th week of cycling at 70 F/21 C. I'm also treating my goldfish for flukes, with fenbendazole and 0.1% salt. Would it be prudent to keep replacing the salt after the treatment, to help protect the fish from the eventual nitrites? I read that salt keeps nitrites from entering their bloodstreams. I'll still be doing frequent large water changes, of course. I just wondered if keeping the tank salted would give my fish an extra protective measure when the nitrites appear.
  6. Thanks, guys. I love Koko's. The gravel I have is about 1/4 deep, and I have vacuumed half of it with every water change, so I'm not sure how much bacteria has had a chance to become established there. Just to be safe, I'm taking a handful out a day. I'm picking out the narrow-edged, oddly shaped, and very small pieces (which I really should've done before I put it in the tank), and keeping the round ones (which seem to be the easiest for them to dislodge) to eventually put back in with more river rocks. I really like this color gravel, and my fish really like stuff they can put in their mouths.
  7. Yeah, I saw the white poop today and thought they must've not been able to spit it out completely. Or it's dead parasites, as someone suggested in another thread. I haven't seen Woland rub on anything all day, which is encouraging.
  8. Yes, the salt directions in your signature were very clear and helpful. And the goldfish are acting more normal this evening. The water is still cloudy so I guess that means that the small amount of carbon I couldn't get out is not hurting the treatment. I will go forward as planned. (On a humorous note, last night, they excitedly tried to eat the few undissolved fenbendazole granules and discovered, to their horror, that they tasted absolutely awful, and spat them back out.)
  9. I did the first treatment after my water change last night. Since this morning, the fish have been pretty sleepy, and didn't beg for food this morning (I'm fasting them today). If I talk to them, they come to the front, but besides that, they've been sleeping like they normally would at night, and very occasionally play with gravel a bit before going back to sleep. Is this a cause for concern? (The lionheads never bottom sit while sleeping, so you know I'm not confusing the behaviors. They hover about a half inch off the bottom with their nose to a rock to stabilize themselves. And Woland, sadly, still sleeps upside down.)
  10. Thanks for your kind comments! Woland's other eye is a normal eye that looks sort of bluish against her bright orange; it's very pretty. I will try to capture this in a picture.
  11. Wonderful! Again, thank you so much. I'm very grateful to have a place like Koko's to come to where there are knowledgeable, helpful people like you.
  12. And, one last thing- does temperature matter during this treatment? The aquarium is consistently about 70 degrees fahrenheit/21 celsius. (going to store now to get pure salt)
  13. Oh, I don't trust the sea salt I have to not have yellow prussiate of soda in it. I thought I was going to be able to use it. McCormick spice company says it hasn't had YPS in it since 2006, but on Amazon Fresh it lists it as an ingredient in the new stock. If I'm not able to add salt until tomorrow, will that adversely affect the treatment?
  14. Yes, it looks like a really interesting tank. I like the gravel colors.
  15. Can do! But- I removed all of the carbon I could get out during the last water change. There may still be several little lumps I missed. Is that enough to mess it up? And, should I expect my fish will act a little strange as a reaction to the treatment?
  16. Haha, oops. I had the "testing" section open and accidentally put that there. This is what I meant to post, since I am not allowed to edit my posts yet: Here are pictures of my sweet, wiggly goldfish! I brought them home January 11th. They've grown since then, which is especially noticeable in their wens. If it is possible to sex goldfish this young by the "innie versus outie" method, I believe all three are female. 30 gallon tank, with thin gravel, some river rocks, and two big rocks the fish sleep between. When they get a little bigger, I'm looking forward to buying a much bigger tank for them, and perhaps eventually keeping 2 celestials in here. Simone and Woland. Woland and Bernadette. Bernadette has frilly nostrils. I took about 20 pictures of her trying to capture this feature, but she's really good at being blurry. Woland showing off and Simone playing with gravel in the background. Woland has only part of her right caudal fin, and her right anal fin is smaller than the left. I somehow didn't notice this until the LPS clerk was putting her in a bag for me. The clerk talked about this like it was a horrible, horrible defect, like she would've put this fish down had she noticed it before. > While it's true that Woland sleeps vertically upside down and occasionally floats downwards while resting (which I am working on, see D&D forum), she is a heartmeltingly friendly, seemingly very happy goldfish.
  17. I got the Safeguard: 3 one gram pouches of 222 mg each. How do I go about dosing the aquarium? I'm changing half the water tonight anyway. Since our tap water is very cold, I dechlorinate and keep water in a Rubbermaid tub and in covered buckets to warm up in my room between water changes. They total about 20 gallons.
  18. Sounds good! That is the "for aquariums up to 70 gallons" 300 GPH one, correct?
  19. I have a Penguin 150 on a 30 gallon tank. This is not ideal, I know, and I want to add a second filter. The problem is that my fish are all about 2 inches/5 cm long and occasionally get tossed around near where the water returns when they're not paying attention. I think another filter would bother them. Should I wait until they grow bigger to improve the filtration? Is there a way to make the resulting current gentler, but keep the good aeration?
  20. Thank you all so much for helping me. I can get the Safeguard on my way back from school tomorrow (Petsmart is now closed). I don't know when I'll have enough extra money to gather all the ingredients for the gel food, as none of it besides the multivitamins is stuff we normally have on hand. Is this a worthwhile alternative for the time being: http://www.petco.com/product/111795/Instant-Ocean-Seaweed-Blend-Herbivore-Diet-Soft-Gel-Food-Supplement.aspx ?
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