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  1. yea i've accidently let go of the hood on my fish tank before and it came down with a loud bang, spot and fudge legged it, velvet sat looking at me "WHERE'S MY FOOD!"
  2. for anyone that didnt want to read the whole thing these are the points that stood out for me: brilliant article, thank you for sharing.
  3. wait, you have a 10 gallon set up with an aquaclear filter? more experienced members please correct me if im wrong. I would set up the new tank in the living room, fill with water, put fish in it with the aquaclear from the 10 gallon(the bb is held in your filter) and run a second filter as well. that sould pretty much give an instant cycle, use prime to help protect your fish and keep an eye on parameters. have you tested for ammonia and Nitrates? Big welcome to kokos, members with more experience than me will soon chime in im sure
  4. would love a pond with koi, need a house with a garden first though lol.
  5. its weird ive got two fish which will chase and nibble at my hand for food, however the fantail (the oldest) will run away from my hand, even though every day i feed the other two by just plopping food into mouths but the fantail will wait and just pick at the stuff that falls down. with velvet and spot im getting them used to my hand so i can pick them up, at water change time i will just hover my hand under there bellys they seem pretty comfortable with this at the moment so after a few more goes i will try to lift them up instead and watch how they react.
  6. Yes you just put that one in the water, even if water got in the battery it isnt powerful enough to cause any problems.
  7. I was gonna say snails, ive got 20-30 of these on the side of my guppy tank which came from a hitch-hiking snail bloody thing i keep throwing them out the window but there are now loads of them, looking for assassin snails to eat them(anyone know where to buy in UK?)
  8. think most are just a sensor that goes under water(should be a little wire) then the thermometer digital bit goes on the outside, I havnt used one though i use a glass one(gonna read that thread now) EDIT ok read that thread.... think i will replace mine too with this? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Caltrad-Digital-Aquarium-Vivarium-Thermometer/dp/B00809DN84/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1344424801&sr=8-1 actually thats a good example of what i was on about, the wire would go in the water and the digital bit on the outside
  9. mabye something that covers the entire body of the fish instead of just a band? just thinking out loud but think of when you were tight clothes(like compression tops) then think of when you have something like a belt wrapped tightly around you, what provides more comfort? im thinking along the lines of a tight stretchy material that can cover the entire fish apart from the head/fins/anal areas... think that would work and it would mean that it wouldn't get caught under scales and pull them off either. am i nuts? fish compression tops for sale here, perfect for removing sweat under heavy exercise!
  10. python with treatment added to tank will be fine(i do this), my question is why do you age the water? this is quite important do you age the water due to parameters such as PH too high/low or Nitrate being present in your tap water?
  11. Those KOI! i think if you fell in you would loose an arm...
  12. Sounds like youve got everything under control tbh, Kokos generally recommend 10x the filtration of goldfish so on a 60gallon tank you will want 600gph filtration, im not sure what the gph is on the XP4 but i would recommend a second filter anyway then if one fails your not left without filtration. I would also up the the water change on the weekend to around 80% (48gal) great looking fish
  13. Better start calling him a she then lol, i think ill start up another thread to get the sex of the other two i really have no clue lol. She was really small when i first got her so hopefully theres more changes to come
  14. HI guys, i know its been a little while since i updated this as his(can anyone tell me the actual sex?) colour change had seemed to stop however its started up again last picture i posted (31/05/12): here is the most recent picture (20/07/2012): you can see that his black fins are starting to turn white, wonder if he will go yellow or stay all white? A Big thank-you to all the kind comments, ill be sure to pass them on!
  15. Stunted fantail about a year and a half, which is quite surprising cause his first year was in a 10L bowl(then i came here and found out how to look after them )
  16. I have two stores near me that sell fully grown goldfish, a Koi center(some really nice fish in there, will take a few pics next time i go), and a Maidenhead Aquatics which is where i buy all my fancy goldfish from although im yet to buy a fully grown fish my OH really wants one. i also have 2 Pets@Home(i wont buy from P@H) near by and another 2 garden centres nearby that sell fancy goldfish so im spoilt for choice really. edit to anser the OP anywhere from £2 to £50 in the shops, there is a specialist shop down south(forgot the name) somewhere where prices can reach £500.
  17. out of interest the plants on the top have you got any soil or anything in there? or is it just the bamboo held in water?
  18. dodge245

    SO HAPPY !

    i read that completely wrong, thought it said, "I just won half a betta of Ebay" love the blue and red combo looks brilliant.
  19. I probably wouldnt worry too much about the floor fhe majority of buildings in england/ireland have a concrete floor on the ground floor, tthe exception is when you have a basement. I would still put the tank near a load baring wall. Im in a flat upstairs and my 180 tank is between two load baring walls and the chimney breast which is the main support for a house. If you are worried the way to calculate weight is every litre of water weighs about 1kg then you have gravel and fish ontop so my 180tank is roughly 180kg then i have 5kg gravel three fish, the tank stand and glass to take into account so its somewhere around the 210kg mark(estimate) Your new tank is around 150 us gallon so 580 litres thats 580kg plus stand and tank and probably around 20kg sand/gravel think i would work of around the 650kg-700kg mark(remember water moves). Equivelent to 8-10 people sitting on your sofa. Edit Keep in mind the lateral force of water if your building a stand its easy to build a stand to take a nonmoving weight much harder to account for water which will move about.
  20. Bnq if you have one near by, if you make the measurments and buy some 2x4 bnq will cut it to your measurments for you, they normay have a section near the back to cut wood.
  21. it will change: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/100165-panda-colour-change/page__p__1232599__hl__dodge245__fromsearch__1#entry1232599 mine still looks the same as the last pic on that thread, thats why i havnt updated it recently.
  22. I love it when the one you want comees up to the front of the tank in store, its screaming "PICK ME!"
  23. Yea you will know when there choking, my black moor had a bit of gravel stuck in his mouth and you can tell he was panicked, swiming frantically backwards/forwards/darting trying to get it out himself, in the end i picked him up upside down(face down, towards bottom of tank) which caused him to open his mouth and the gravel fell out. my panda is such a greedy bugger that he will happily much down 4-5 pellets then go after another, causing him to spit out the 4-5 pellets and end up with one because my black moor has hoovered up the spat out ones. its funny to watch.
  24. I would love to have them unfortunately ive got no room left, i wish you the best of luck finding a good home for them though.
  25. well here is my biggest success, the black moor, velvet in 28 Jan 2012: he really is small there look at his head in comparison to that algae wafer! and now (10/7/2012, sorry about the background noise in this video, i would turn down your speakers): The tank is getting cleaned tonight, i took the video yesterday
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