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  1. Fantastic, thank you, fingers crossed its working!
  2. Good Evening Everyone, Just trying to provide an update, the fish have been up to max dosage with the new meds since, Monday of last week. This appears to have now halted the rot on the calico. For the red and white fish, this does not appear to look worse, but I am seeing some two little black marks on the edge of the mouth, is this signs of healing? Thank you!
  3. Good evening, Just carried out the daily water change with salt and acriflavine at high dosage until the next treatments arrives. Appreciate it’s hard to tell as my photography skills are weak and they won’t stay still, but there may be a slight improvement in the calico:
  4. Brilliant thank you, this should be arriving tomorrow! Will keep you updated. Thanks again!
  5. I have been searching online, the next best thing I have found is Colombo Cytofex Anti Bacterial Infections: https://www.koi-zone.co.uk/Colombo-Cytofex-Anti-Bacterial-Infections This contains the 'Enrofloxacin antibiotic with wide spectrum of action as well as the Benzalkonium-chloride disinfectant', would this be a suitable alternative? Sorry for all the questions, just panicking a bit with being unable to access the preferred meds. Thank you.
  6. Hello, Thank you so much for your help, I have found a small quantity of Kanaplex in a drawer, possibly 6 days worth, looks as though everywhere online has sold out of kanaplex and furan 2, or they're currently importing. I can source Cupramine, would that help at all?
  7. Good Evening, Thank you for getting back to me, I have tried to get the best photos I can, the fish won’t stay still!
  8. Hi all, Just an update, the fish appear to be showing less interest in food now, getting quite desperate if anyone has any ideas? Thank you.
  9. Good Evening Everyone, Apologies I have not posted for quite some time, but I really am desperate for some help please. I purchased two new Ryukin recently, one of the fish almost immediately started showing signs of columnaris, I contacted the dealer and was advised to use Acriflavine and salt. We have been in regular contact regarding the treatment and have slowly raised the dosage for the fish, they were in a 360 litre tank, however, I have since moved them into a 40 litre tub to enable daily water changes. I have now been advised to raise the dosage to 5kg salt per 220 gallon and increase acriflavine dosage by 25% to 2ml per 10 gallon. I am changing the water daily. The fish are still swimming freely and have an appetite, however, their mouths are perishing. I am now becoming increasingly worried that this strain is resistant to acriflavine and am struggling to obtain other medications listed on this site. Would it perhaps be worth bathing in methylene blue instead? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  10. Hi Koko, Thanks for replying, yes it was quite frustrating, arm fully submerged in the water and not being able to catch a tiny worm! I've found and purchased the acriflavine online just now, thanks
  11. Hi, Sorry to have frustrated you all, I have struggled to get focused photos on the parasites and I haven't been able to post over the weekend. Sorry also I forgot to acknowledge about the acriflavine, I have not got any, but will attempt to purchase if necessary. Since then I have slowly added salt up to a concentration of a gram per litre, (350). The sores on the fish have now eased down to the point where I nearly can not see them. Yes they were parasites of some kind, I have removed a parasite from each fish, they were extremely delicate and broke when pulled with tweezers. The second one was embedded in the white fungus and when I pulled it out it came away with the fungus attached. I had a good look at it and it looked similar to the images I found on Google of an anchor worm. Again, my attempts at a photo were awful. After a water change, I noticed one of these 'worms' on the back wall of the tank, I tried to get it with tweezers but it chopped it in half, leading to the halves wriggling into balls and getting sucked up the filter. Again apologies for frustrating, all help and time is appreciated. The salt appears to have helped the fish and the wounds appear to be well healed, should I still try and buy some acriflavine? Thanks again!
  12. Hi, Upon looking today, I noticed one of the parasites sticking out of the other of the two fish, I have just pulled it out, could it be anchor worm? It is visible sticking out of the attached picture? Small white parasite like an eyelash, with a 'head' at one end, any more help would be really appreciated? Thanks
  13. I've got some fluke solve, which is wormer as well as fluke treatment, should I try that?
  14. Hi, I found it hard to get a decent picture unfortunately, but I definitely pulled something like a white parasite out of the first one with tweezers, the lumps are both very soft with cotton wool like growth on them?
  15. In fact, in the second image the small parasite is sticking out
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