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  1. Hmm, I am considering the FX5. Maybe I'll have a good look next time I go to my LFS.
  2. Ya, that sounds right. I'm in Canada so we don't have access to Amazon.com prices. Although I can grab the Fluval FX5 for $290 but I think 900gph for a 65 gallon may be overkill and the unit is quite big.
  3. Hello, I have seen that the Rena FilStar XP4 is being discontinued and the Fluval 406 is a new product. Which one should I get for a 65 gallon tank? Price are $195 for the Rena FilStar XP4 (450gph) and $210 for the Fluval 406 (383gph) in Ontario, Canada.
  4. Thanks for the tips. Do the Bio Balls and Seachem Matrix Bio Media need to be replaced after 6 months? I have even read some people leave in the foam media for years without any problems.
  5. Hello, I am planning to upgrade my 35 gallon to a 65 gallon bare bottom tank. I'm interested in the Rena Filstar XP3 and XP4 canister filters. I am planning either two setups: two XP3's (700gph total) or one XP4 and an AC70 (750gph total). I'm not sure which setup is better and for cost and maintenance wise. I'm planning to use the Rena Filstar foam 20, Rena Filstar foam 30, Bio-balls, Seachem Matrix Bio Media, Seachem Purigen, and Big Al's Filter Floss. I'm just wondering if this is a good setup and for some suggestions. As well, how is the maintenance and costs for this setup? I will be putting some plants in the new tank when I get it to cycle and I'm putting a Tetra Whisper 100 for the air pump. I also found the manual for a diagram of the media baskets: http://cms.marsfishc...nstructions.pdf on page 9. I'm not really sure how much of each filter media to use and the best placement for the intake and outtake areas for each filter. Thanks for any help.
  6. Hello, the white area on my goldfish has almost gone away. Last night I checked it and it was big with pieces of it tearing off when he's swimming. Now this morning it got a little puffier and I just checked again and it's almost gone. It is somewhat red and I am wondering if it was an injury or something.
  7. I guess I'll keep them on. Here is a video for anyone still interested: http://img856.imageshack.us/img856/927/i7md.mp4
  8. They move around a bit and obstruct the eyes when he's swimming. I'm just considering giving it a little trim since they're like cotton balls hanging in front of the face. I don't think he can see straight properly. Ah well, still considering and would like to know the process on how to trim them for educational purposes.
  9. Hello, one of my goldfish was bought with enormously large eyebrows which covers his eyes. How do I safely trim them off?
  10. I don't think my tank is fully cycled maybe that is why there is still ammonia at 0.25ppm at all times. I'm probably going to get the tank upgraded to a 65 gallon and holding off in purchasing a new filter to bring up the gph in this tank. Here are some updated pics which are more clearer as I just fed them and they're not moving as much. The area is getting a lot whiter and I'm going to hold off any salt and medication until I see what happens tomorrow. It'll probably go away since he's not really slow or anything and still active. We'll see. And here is the tap water test results: pH: 7.0 Ammonia: 0.25ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 0ppm I would do a 50% water changed but I just changed it yesterday and it seems to be nice and clear and at my regular ammonia reading of 0.25ppm.
  11. I can't seem to edit my first post so here are the answers to the questions: pH: 7.6 Ammonia: 0.25ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 20ppm API Freshwater Master Test Kit with drops Tank size: 35 gallon running for 6 weeks Water temperature: 24 degree celsius Room temperature: 23 degree celsius Tap water pH: 7.0 AquaClear 50 filter 200gph I make weekly water changes of 30% There are three fishes each about 3 inches long I used API Stress Coat and API Stress Zyme and recently switched to Seachem Prime yesterday I feed the fish twice per day with Hikari Lionhead I added the Red Cap Oranda to the tank 1 and a half weeks ago No medications have been used on this tank There are bloody streaks when the water gets dirty but it is minimal There are no unusual behaviours My ammonia is always at 0.25ppm even after water changes. It never goes any higher or down to 0. Nitrite is always 0 as well. The white spots do look strange and the area has grown larger since I checked. He probably got injured or some infection. I have never seen wen growth before so I'm not too sure about denying it is wen growth. I'll take some more pics tonight to see any changes.
  12. Hello, one of my goldfish has a big white pimple on it's head. I just yesterday switched to Seachem Prime from API Stress Coat and did a 30% water change with my Python No Spill Clean & Fill. Now this morning my goldfish has this big area on it's head that is completely white. It looks like cotton. Here are the test results I just took: pH: 7.6 Ammonia: 0.25ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 20ppm Tank size: 35 gallon Room temperature: 23 degree celsius I gave the tank 1ml of Seachem Prime for about 7 - 10 gallons of new water. I can't really get the images to be any clearer as the goldfish keep moving. Should I add salt to .3%, let him heal it off, or add some medication? I can't really tell what his diagnosis is.
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