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  1. I am guessing the amount of time the fish use the bridge is inversely related to how long the bridge is. I guess I, too, would feel pretty claustrophobic in anything that small, especially if it were longer. The success in the youtube video looks like it is only because the bridge is so little. Does this sound fair?
  2. AHHH I love it! I am on my phone now but you hit it perfectly. Big fish, big pipes, perfect! I will check it out tomorrow morning. Thank you!!
  3. Hey so I think you're brilliant. She is still super restless and bumping against things, but apparently that's totally normal? I found a book through google by marshall ostrow and it has a great section on how to treat acidosis. It told me basically everything you guys told me to do. I am super impressed, you're amazing <3 Additionally, it suggests a 3 day fast and to cover the aquarium with a sheet or dark paper since the fish gets very easily startled and bashes against things. So I will keep the light off and let the fish calm down under a blanket. I think the daily pH test is a good idea too. I am going to bed now but I will say my last test said the pH was 7.2 so I added more crushed coral, this time directly to the tank substrate. The book said "one handful of coral for every 10 gallons." But that seems like a lot? Anyway, I am at 18 tablespoons, which is probably a few handfuls. The book also said she could be completely recovered in a week! I am so happy! Thanks for diagnosing the right issue You guys rule! I will let you know how she's doing in a bit
  4. So I moved my stunted goldfish from a ten gallon to a 55 gallon and in two months she doubled or tripled in size. She's a four year old comet. Not sure if that helps, but they do get big and continue to grow, from my very limited experience.
  5. Okay. But, she is hitting things really hard. I see two scales hanging off already, which is worrisome same side as the missing patch, maybe that's the issue? I'll wait though and let you know thanks again!
  6. Oh, no, I meant from before. The two 80% changes. The pH is still 7.4
  7. I honestly am not certain. The tank was a hand-me-down and this was what came with it. It LOOKS to be a mixture of the standard gravel that they sell for aquariums at pet stores and some larger rocks that I can't identify. Seems to be about halfway up the Mohs Hardness Scale. I'll be getting rid of it very soon at any rate, as I don't care for it at all. Oh cool! I rarely see that number of big rocks, maybe it was popular years ago? Anyway, your fish is adorable. Congrats!
  8. Thanks so much. After doing that super water change I have no idea what could still be in there at high enough concentration to make her this irritated. At least I have somewhere to move the dojos now if it comes to that. Too bad its going to rain tomorrow, they're all excited right now and flying around the big tank, maybe I can wait until after the storm starts so they'll be easier to catch or maybe I won't have to move them at all. Hope springs eternal!
  9. So there's some pretty serious flashing going on here. Like, sits at the bottom, dorsal down... and then jerks into the driftwood, the sides of the tank, the tubing for the bubbler. She wasn't doing this before the waterchanges (too lethargic, maybe?) But now I am worried maybe it really is still ich Should I be concerned? How long would you guess until her stress signs start to go away? How long would you wait before trying something new? Ahh I hope this works. Everything is zero, pH is still 7.4, argh, maybe she is just itchy and she'll keep getting better? Maybe?
  10. Nice fish! I love the mouthing off part, haha, good shot! I have to ask though... what kind of substrate is that?
  11. Yeah, I did more or less the same thing. All the ammonia I have found has surfactants in it
  12. Okay, so water changes are done. I added 12 tablespoons of crushed coral, 4 in each filter sponge. My pH is now 7.4, and I am hoping that isn't too drastic a change. I lowered the temp to 76 so I can get them back to being used to cold water. I picked up a whisper 30 so that the ten gallon can have its filter back. I have test drops! These are pretty cool. What pH do you think I should shoot for? The book that came with the test kit says goldfish like 7.5 but then again, my filter box told me a 200gph filter would be fine for a 30 gallon tank, so what do you guys think?
  13. Here is my new plan, now that we're thinking it isn't ich: Go to pet store. Buy drops kit, 10 gallon heater, and coral bits to get the pH up in the big tank. Two 80% water changes in a row with nothing but salt and prime. Add activated carbon and coral stuff to the filters. Test water ....how frequently? This will probably knock back my filter, no? But I can test with drops so it will be exciting yay. Do daily 50% water changes? For a week? Is this a good plan? Do I need to raise the pH before I add it to the tank? Enjoy healthy fish! My last question is why she was flashing so much and why the edges of her scales look so weird in some places? Can this be from stress too? Would a low pH harm her scales at all?
  14. Oh yay pictures! Awesome! I am excited on your behalf! Did you do the fishless cycle and everything already? I heard you have to with shrimp which makes me sort of wary... but it is probably totally worth it good luck! So sorry about your fruit salad shrimp. I hope they're just hiding!
  15. Thanks! I will try to bring my camera home from work tomorrow. It's an hd video camera so I think that should make it show up. I don't know that 8'll be able to hold her though, she is fast and strong even when sick! I had no idea about the pH. I figured they liked acidic conditions, whoops, okay. One more thing to pick up at the lfs. There are lots of substrate types available and types of filter media when it comes to anything related to coral or salt tanks... can you be a bit more specific or link to a similar product? I have not added anything like that before. And thank you for all the advice. I am sorry if I and short with any of you, I am just super frustrated that my fish is still sick after so many rounds of everything :'( . I really do appreciate your help. I will try to get better pictures tomorrow. Aaaand the 20 gallon filter is up and running, but without activated carbon since I am still not sure about abandoning the malachite greeen treatment. Thanks for pointing out my filtration issue! I am sure my fish will be happier with the added current
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