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  1. Alright. The floating telescope is much better today. I was thinking I would feed peas for at least a few days just to be safe. Is there any way to discourage the air-sucking? He's always doing flips and stuff. He always wants to be around people. If I open the lid, he's right there. He likes to be touched and hand-fed too. (He does the air-sucking when no one is by the tank.)
  2. I couldn't wait for a response. I fed the floating fish peas.
  3. I gave their lengths because I don't have a scale. The floating telescope is about 4 inches from nose to peduncle.
  4. Alright I just got the meds in the mail today. The larger oranda (the one with the bulge) is about 5 inches from nose to peduncle and the smaller one (dropsy fish) is about 2.5. How much meds should I give each of them? Another development: My third fish, the telescope which was previously healthy is now floating at the top on his side. He swims about occasionally but goes back to floating at the top. I suspect this is from constantly sucking air at the top of the tank - a bad habit she has had since I got her about a year ago. I was going to feed him peas unless someone has another suggestion.
  5. Yes, I can feed everyone separately. Metro-Meds should be coming in tomorrow. How much should I feed the sick fish and how often? Or are there instructions on the medication?
  6. Alright. So... the size of the gray oranda's red bulge has been greatly reduced. He has a good appetite but occasionally sits on the bottom. There are still some red streaks in his (tail) fins. This fish is in the tank that has been salted and treated for flukes. the orange oranda has been quarantined. She has a good appetite but is still pineconing and has bulging eyes. Her tail fins are bloody and tattered at the ends. I ordered Metro-Meds this afternoon. I also have a healthy telescope goldfish that is also in the aquarium right now.
  7. Okay, so epsom salt the tank and keep the dropsy goldfish separate? I will purchase the metromeds asap. Should I still use prazi in the tank as well?
  8. I don't have a QT tank. The best thing I have is a 10 gallon bucket. I don't have a filter I could use for it either, but I do have an air pump. I have epsom salt and I have aquarium salt. I can order meds too. Please give me more details on what I should be adding to the big tank right now and if the bucket will work. If the bucket will work please tell me exactly what to do with that too. How much epsom salt should I be adding?
  9. I don't know what concentration of salt it is but I have a 55 gallon tank and I have been adding 11 tablespoons of salt over the last couple of weeks with water changes. I was hesitant to use salt because I suspect dropsy with the orange oranda.
  10. I got the extra filter and I am doing a water change now. The red bulge on the gray oranda's head seems to be improving, but the orange oranda condition has gotten worse. The eyes are still bulging and today I see can see some pineconing. She is also sitting on the bottom a lot. http://i1324.photobucket.com/albums/u613/tarannosaurus/For%20Koko/20130609_152553_zps2c3ca11f.jpg http://i1324.photobucket.com/albums/u613/tarannosaurus/For%20Koko/20130609_152447_zpsdc9d3bee.jpg I am doing a large water change right now. Should I continue to use salt and prazi? I also have Tetra fungus guard that I was considering using.
  11. The first round of prazi was on the 29th and the last round was about five days ago.
  12. Checked on the fish this morning. No one is sitting on the bottom. Everyone is very active and eating but the red bulge is bigger. The other oranda's eyes are still popping out. Maybe they were just sleeping when I checked on them yesterday. I will probably do a large water change today or tomorrow and do another round of prazi and salt.
  13. Now the oranda with the bulging eyes is sitting on the bottom.
  14. I'll go ahead and add that I have seen both of these fish sitting on the bottom. But neither of them stay on the bottom for too long, and they become active whenever I approach the tank. Poop looks normal, and as stated before, everyone has a good appetite. I don't really know what to make of this.
  15. Yes, I removed the filter media and placed it in a container with a portable air pump. My fish traveled in a cooler - also with a portable air pump. The tap and tank pH were exactly the same in both places. Even the sand was kept moist in a container.
  16. Yes I siphon. And when I filled the tank I made sure to press the sand so there were no air pockets. I think I should have also mentioned that I drove a thousand miles with my fish a little more than a week ago. Maybe this has something to do with traveling?
  17. http://i1324.photobucket.com/albums/u613/tarannosaurus/For%20Koko/20130607_1247351_zpse18311cc.jpg
  18. Just sand substrate and an air stone. No plants or decorations.
  19. http://i1324.photobucket.com/albums/u613/tarannosaurus/For%20Koko/20130607_121627_zps229fb00c.jpg http://i1324.photobucket.com/albums/u613/tarannosaurus/For%20Koko/20130607_121550_zpsbcb9b6fa.jpg http://i1324.photobucket.com/albums/u613/tarannosaurus/For%20Koko/20130607_121521_zps3917ade4.jpg http://i1324.photobucket.com/albums/u613/tarannosaurus/For%20Koko/20130607_120656_zpse306daa4.jpg http://i1324.photobucket.com/albums/u613/tarannosaurus/For%20Koko/20130607_120650_zps3ad786a8.jpg http://i1324.photobucket.com/albums/u613/tarannosaurus/For%20Koko/20130607_120646_zps20e7fa39.jpg Hope these help.
  20. Their conditions haven't changed. I will post a better picture as soon as I can. All of the fish are eating just fine. I give them Pro-Gold every morning. They had baby spinach yesterday. They love that stuff.
  21. Yeah, I see that a lot of users on here use those. I'll go ahead and get one. Is there anything else I should do?
  22. I am looking at getting another filter now. Is 550 gph the minimum? Would it be okay if the total gph were higher? I'm looking at adding either a Fluval 405 or FX5.
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