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  1. This doesn't look good. He looks really limp and is resting in a strange vertical position. I moved him and he floated for a little bit but then he just went back to that position. His gills are moving very slowly. I'm going to do a water change now.
  2. Yeah, he's crazy about food. The blurry photo at the end is actually a video.
  3. Okay he has been in quarantine for two days. He is so lethargic. Here are some photos of his face as well as a video of his swimming. He has long clear/white poop with some food color in it. It looks like there is some redness deep in the tissue. The spot isn't red at all. The last link is a video.
  4. Yeah, but he can't get near those because of the currents. Is that okay?
  5. My telescope sucks air all day and then becomes floaty on a daily basis. Does your tank have a lid? I found that if I fill the aquarium all the way to the lid, there is literally no air to suck. Maybe you can try that. My apartment isn't level so my guy found a spot where he can still do it.
  6. Okay, I will quarantine him today. The other oranda has that black mark almost all the way down her fin now. I don't know what to make of it. Also, she has been nipping at the boys. I have never seen her do that before. She was picking on my floaty telescope a few days ago and then the blue oranda last night. She kept going for his rear. What's that about? I didn't see any damage on anyone.
  7. I already have Medi-Gold from when I treated him a couple of months ago. Should I quarantine him?
  8. Thanks for the help guys, I'm just getting disheartened because one of my orandas has started pecking at him. I wish there was a way to get him to stop sucking air. I really believe his bad habit is the cause for the floatiness. It's hard to feed peas multiple times during the day because I have to go to work. He's usually already floating by the time I get home. Is it really okay to just leave him like that?
  9. Okay this really is an every day thing now. He's always upside down by nighttime. I've heard that salt will cure floatiness, but I don't think I should be using it every day. Does anyone have any other suggestions other than feeding peas every day?
  10. Your Blue Oranda is gorgeous. I love his big full wen. I'm sorry he's not doing well at this time. It is not normal for a fish to be bottom sitting. I don't think he's being lazy. I think he's not feeling well. Could it be the high nitrates, the red mark on his cheek, both, or another reason? I'll let a Mod help you with that. I do hope he will be okay soon. I have a fish that hasn't been well also and he comes to greet me when he see's me get near the qt tank.(sometimes) But when he thinks I'm not watching he is bottom sitting in a corner of the tank usually. Thanks for the kind words. It's sad that my handsome guy isn't feeling well. I really hope your fish starts feeling better soon too.
  11. Okay, thanks for getting back to me. Based on the damage seen above, do you think their fins will grow back? Assuming I maintain good water quality of course. He's (the blue oranda) been sitting on the bottom a lot the past couple of days. But he always moves when I approach the tank, so I don't know if he's just being lazy. Another spot appeared on his face yesterday. He's eating fine and his poop looked normal the last time I saw it.
  12. My blue oranda still has red streaks in his fins. Why do you think this is? The other oranda has that dark spot on the side of her tail fin. I'm not sure what that is. It's more black than red.
  13. Here is a short video update: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xRBvBn7BK4&feature=youtu.be
  14. I appreciate that you guys want to help. He's either sucking air or floating. That's all there is to him. I really do want to help him if there is a way. I feed all of my fish soaked Pro-Gold daily. I feed peas at least weekly. Sometimes there are bubbles in his poop.
  15. Haha I know! That face looks like he does it on purpose! It's a lifestyle he's chosen and I don't feel bad for him. I try to keep spinach in the tank and I do soak his food. Is it okay to feed peas every day? I haven't thought of floating plants before.
  16. He does it every day though. Peas help him get over it faster but he just does it again the next day. Even on days that I do a water change. He's obsessed!
  17. Okay I will get back to you then. Oh, and I have live plants in my aquarium and I plan on getting more to help with the nitrates. I'm not sure if that is worth mentioning, but I thought I should in case they would be affected by any treatment.
  18. This is what I come home to every night. But as I said before, he's always back to normal by morning, even without intervention.
  19. Alright sounds like a plan. How long should I continue to use salt?
  20. I've only used the salt for the past two water changes. Is 11 tablespoons enough to make it 0.1%?
  21. I don't have a way of testing those right now, but I do have Seachem alkaline and acid buffers. Would that work for the pH? Yes, I was using the Mela Fix for the fin rot. And I have been adding 11 tablespoons of salt.
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