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  1. Do you have betadine? I'd like for you to swab those spots, exactly once.

    Most ideally, I'd like for you to do this under anesthesia, so that the fish can be swabbed and stay out of the water for a few minutes. If not, swab, and keep the fish out of the water for about 30 seconds or so.

    Okay can I get betadine at the pharmacy? Also what anesthesia do I use and how?

  2. I've managed to get him to eat a little; he's had about 20 pellets of Metro-Meds today. I have been feeding him a few at a time every couple of hours.

    Do you guys think it is it okay to do daily water changes with Maracyn in the water if I just add it again? I just want to do as many water changes as possible to keep the water clean and to remove uneaten food. The package says "... empty one packet directly into aquarium. Repeat dose after 24 hours. Wait another 24 hours then change 25% of the aquarium water. Repeat this treatment for a second time, for a total of 4 doses."

  3. unfortunately those meds are not available here in AU, so I have no experience with them. as I have not read back & just noticed the Maracyn recommendation on the fly and offered my opinion as to where you might be able to find it., I am not aware if your fish is isolated in a hospital tank. I expect that Alex is going to ask you to treat the Maracyn product recommended. if your fish IS in a hospital tank, I would recommend that before you commence treatment, to make a very large water change and then begin treating with the product as per manufacturers instructions on the packaging.

    you mention a weird dark colour in the mouth. can you describe that some more or perhaps provide a photo or short video of it?

    Yeah, he's been in a hospital tank for the past three days. I treated the water with 0.04% salt for the first couple of days. I changed the water 100% at 3:00 am and another 75% about an hour ago.

    It looks like he's gasping now. His breaths are really heavy. I'll take a picture of the dark color in his mouth.

  4. I usually keep spinach in the tank. The other fish usually hang around the bottom of the tank. The open space at the top by the filter is about 24 inches long and two inches wide. And because my apartment isn't level, a lot of the tank's surface water can't even touch the lid.

    I think he does it out of boredom. It's something I've been dealing with for a few months now. Someone suggested I try floating plants, so I'm thinking about doing that next.

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