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  1. Okay can I get betadine at the pharmacy? Also what anesthesia do I use and how?
  2. Monster (the big blue oranda) is doing much better. It will be two weeks of Metro-Meds on Saturday. My other oranda, Mushu, has developed a spot on her side and the black on her fin is not going away.
  3. Alright so how much should I add to my aquarium and do I only add it after water changes?
  4. Back to my pH problems, I've been using Seachem alkaline buffer to raise it but I have to use a lot and it's expensive. How do people use crushed coral to help with pH?
  5. Alright. It says on the bag to continue with Metro-Meds for two weeks. So I'll get back to you after that unless anything new develops. He has a white spot on his cheek today, but I think it's just normal wen growth. It's not red at all.
  6. Wow. He looks so much better today. He is up and swimming around, the redness in his fins are almost completely gone. What an improvement. He ate about 10 pellets of Metro-Meds this morning. I'm shooting for 40. I wouldn't say he is out of the woods yet though. He is still really thin and his fins did take some damage. Maybe he has some kind of internal parasite?
  7. Okay. I'll continue with that then. I'm going to do a water change now. All of his fins are very red. Some places are very tattered. His face looks like it's lost color. Like he's pale. It really hurts me to see him like this.
  8. So the Metro-Meds would be more helpful than anything in the water and and better than both Maracyn and Metro-Meds together?
  9. I've managed to get him to eat a little; he's had about 20 pellets of Metro-Meds today. I have been feeding him a few at a time every couple of hours. Do you guys think it is it okay to do daily water changes with Maracyn in the water if I just add it again? I just want to do as many water changes as possible to keep the water clean and to remove uneaten food. The package says "... empty one packet directly into aquarium. Repeat dose after 24 hours. Wait another 24 hours then change 25% of the aquarium water. Repeat this treatment for a second time, for a total of 4 doses."
  10. I don't think it was there before but I could be wrong. This happened so fast. It looked like he was getting better.
  11. Yeah, he's been in a hospital tank for the past three days. I treated the water with 0.04% salt for the first couple of days. I changed the water 100% at 3:00 am and another 75% about an hour ago. It looks like he's gasping now. His breaths are really heavy. I'll take a picture of the dark color in his mouth.
  12. I got some at a local fish store this morning. I already put it in the tank. His condition is about the same as last night. He ate a couple of Metro-Meds pellets. I noticed the inside of his mouth is a weird dark color. Please tell me if there is anything else I can do.
  13. If they sell it at local fish stores I will get some tomorrow if you think it could help him.
  14. It looks really bad guys. He's losing color and is bleeding in more places. He won't eat. I think he's dying.
  15. Okay I will do a quick water change now and see if he will eat.
  16. I have Metro-Meds and I also have Medi-Gold. He is still in 0.04% salt; is that okay?
  17. His gills are moving very slowly. One of his pectoral fins looks tattered. He's lying almost motionless in the corner.
  18. I usually keep spinach in the tank. The other fish usually hang around the bottom of the tank. The open space at the top by the filter is about 24 inches long and two inches wide. And because my apartment isn't level, a lot of the tank's surface water can't even touch the lid. I think he does it out of boredom. It's something I've been dealing with for a few months now. Someone suggested I try floating plants, so I'm thinking about doing that next.
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