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  1. Why haven't I tried this? I can't wait to see if this will help my floaty guy. How often can I feed the gel food? Sorry if I missed that somewhere.
  2. Also, that black streak on the oranda's fin doesn't seem to be improving.
  3. Right, but it was higher before I changed the water. Why is that? Should I do anything to raise it?
  4. Alright I changed the water. These are the current tank parameters: Ammonia: 0.1 ppm Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5-10 pH: 7.6 KH: 107.4 GH: 17.9? Is this because of my plants?
  5. As per the directions, http://www.apifishcare.com/pdf/GH_and_KH_Test_Kit_and_KH_Test_Kit_58-59_Insert.pdf your kH is 17.9 ppm, while your gH is approximately 53.7ppm. The gH is OK, although it really should be somewhere in the 100-150ppm. Your kH is extremely low, and this can create problems for your cycle, your pH stability, and I believe it will also affect the health of your fish. kH too should be somewhere in the vicinity of 100-150ppm. There are several ways of correcting the kH, including the use of commercial buffers, crushed coral, and baking soda. The easiest (also read cheapest lol) is baking soda, although the inconvenience here is that you have to add more with each WC. Likewise, you can also boost gH with products from plant companies, or from Seachem and other places. Your gH technically falls into the range where it should be acceptable, although it is just my own personal hunch that having a gH from 100-150ppm is actually much better/healthier for goldfish. Oooh okay thank you. I see that chart now. And I see the link to baking soda in your signature. I'll follow through with that. I just checked the GH and KH for my tap and they are both 17.9. So I should be adding baking soda according to that number, right? Thanks for your patience.
  6. Okay. I am about to do a water change, but I wanted to get the GH and KH levels of my aquarium before I did and I am having a hard time reading results. KH turned yellow on the first drop and GH turned green on the third drop. This is the API test kit.
  7. Okay, so you don't want me to use anything other than prazi right? And I'm still not using salt, right? Another thing, I have a telescope goldfish that sucks air all day and then floats at night. This happens every single day and I've been trying to get him to stop. Recently my oranda has been pecking at him at night when he's floating. She only messes with him when he's vulnerable like that. Today my telescope has a little bloody spot next to one of his pelvic fins; I assume it's from the pecking.
  8. They were treated about four months ago. Yes, I have all of those medications except for kanamycin and furan-2. You want me to get both of those before anything?
  9. This is actually somewhat of a relief for me to hear. I wanted to understand what happened to him. What you said makes sense. I was certain all this time that I was the one responsible for this, but maybe it was inevitable. My priority now is making sure the other goldfish are safe. Do you think the others could be carrying gill flukes? Would a prazi treatment in the main tank be effective for this?
  10. Thank you for your comments. Especially about being a good fish mommy. I had to buy a reverse osmosis system because the nitrates in my tap are something astronomical like 60 ppm. Even after RO, a small level of nitrates remains. I complained to the water company about it, and they told me that I am wrong. I filled my aquarium with live plants to help with this issue. I have done my best to make it right. I did purchase baking soda and a gh/kh test kit. Monster was already in QT at this point, and I didn't want to stress him even more by changing the pH in his hospital tank. That was the only reason I didn't do anything with the baking soda yet. I didn't want him to deal with another major change while he was still recovering. I did some research this morning, and could not find anything about the reaction he had to the salt dip. This makes me believe it was some other pre-existing condition too.
  11. He's gone. No movement at all. He's lying on the bottom of the QT tank bleeding out of his gills.
  12. He was doing so much better! He was going to go back into the main tank tomorrow! I feel like I killed him after everything he went through.
  13. Yes he's in fresh water. No movement. Upside down. Devastated doesn't even begin to describe how I feel right now.
  14. He was doing so much better! I did exactly what you said and he turned a weird color and started bleeding and now he's gone. He was doing so well.
  15. Help! I did the salt dip and he started bleeding out of both of his gills! He's not moving at all!
  16. It really looked like we were going to lose him there. But he pulled through and I'm very grateful for the helpful input on here and the Metro-Meds too. Thank you.
  17. What do you think about him going back into the main tank tomorrow? Tomorrow will be two weeks of Metro-Meds. He's been getting about 40 pellets every day.
  18. A salt dip for who? Also, please provide detailed instructions on how to do that as I have never done a salt dip before. Could you also tell me or link me a prazi schedule with no salt? I have a lot of live plants and I don't want to harm them.
  19. Okay. The spot on her side looks much better but that black streak on her fin still looks pretty bad. Her behavior is back to normal. Here is a video update of Monster: I think I will do a Prazi treatment for the main tank once he goes back. To me, it looks like he's flashing a little bit. It's been a few months since the last treatment anyway. What do you think?
  20. Alright, it's done. She's back in the main tank now. She seems really groggy but I guess that's to be expected. Monster is still eating, but he got another spot on his face today. It looks just like the last one he got.
  21. I have clove oil. Should I use that to put her under anesthesia? I don't want to overdose.
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