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  1. Holding them takes some getting used to. I am still no good at it. My boyfriend has gotten it to where my fish will swim into his hand when its in the tank and he can gently grab her and she is calm. Good luck with your wiggler! You might try a few times of letting the fish get used to your hand...that seemed to help me.
  2. Double dose the Prazi or the salt? And the Prazi is 4 days with it, 4 days without it in the water right? Should I do 4 rounds total? Just want to make sure I'm doing it right. She is a bit weak tonight...we got a little food in her and cooled the water down a bit with some ice cubes and that seemed to help a little. She is still bottom sitting a lot. Hope she perks up soon.
  3. We do have salt in there...hopefully just to 0.1% (1.5 tablespoon per 10 gallons). When we change the water tomorrow to the no Prazi, should we not add any more? She is perkier...still not normal, but she is swimming around more today at least and not floating sideways at all.
  4. Thanks for the well wishes. I went to do a water change last night and turns out my boyfriend added Prazi yesterday morning because he thought it might help and I hadn't gotten up yet to tell him not to. Lol. So...she is doing ok with it in there. I guess we should continue it now that we started it right? She did seem perkier tonight finally and we were able to get some food into her this afternoon. I'll keep you posted on her behavior. Hoping that it helps her and doesn't make her worse...
  5. That's true. The last time she acted this sick was before we started the Prazi the first time and it helped, but I have never seen her this weak. The filter thing really worried me last night. She seems to be uninjured...her fins look a little ragged, but not splitting at all yet. When I walk up to the tank she does a lap. We'll just keep the water really clean for today and maybe feed her tomorrow if shes doing a little better. I just wish I could help more! I hope she isn't suffering too much.
  6. Does anyone think starting Prazi again now is a good idea? (The worst of the heat wave should be over now finally!) Could it be that her breathing problems are worse due to flukes? Just curious. She is swimming around a little more this afternoon, but still looks kind of miserable. If only fish could talk, so she could tell me how to help...
  7. She has! Quite a crazy life. Thanks for the well wishes.
  8. Ok. I'll double check parameters tonight and see if we can manage a small water change. Feeding her does seem to stress her out so we'll give her a break for today. Hoping she pulls through!
  9. She was curled around it...didn't seem to be stuck, but curled around it. I should have taken a picture. It was very weird...first time I've seen her do that. This morning she is down near the bottom of the tank...looks a little bit better but still very slow-moving. Should we try to feed her this morning or let her rest?
  10. Hey. Pucca isn't doing very well at all tonight. She is extremely lethargic and is kind of curled around the filter wand at the moment. I was scared she was dying and I still am. Water parameters are ok and the temp is fine. Should we get her off the filter? She seems to be using it for air too though. I'm hoping she is better in the morning. Ill check off and on tonight and first thing when I get up if she's still with us.
  11. Ok. We added it tonight, but I'll do another water change in a few days and get it out. Should we salt with the Prazi when we start that? That food sounds awesome. I have a little blunt edge syringe that we use to feed her and the gel sounds like it would work well.
  12. Sure! Sounds like a plan. I want to do everything possible for her. I think the heat wave is almost over...so as soon as it is, should I just start the Prazi from the beginning again? I have about half to 3/4 a 4oz bottle left. I think pet stores should carry it in case I need more but that should be enough hopefully. New food would be awesome! I think she is getting tired of the other. Liquidy is much easier to get in her mouth though, so we have given up on pretty much everything else for the moment. The cold fridge water seemed to perk her up a little at least for now and fresh water never hurts. We are still salting...should we stop that for now? (Put in a tablespoon and a half with 9.5-10 gallons after each water change.)
  13. Not sure if this is helpful, but if you have a college near you, you might e-mail the biology department and see if anyone could let you use a microscope/help you identify what is going on. I know people at my school would be happy to help and even offered to help me figure out what was going on when mine was sick. Hope your fish gets better soon!
  14. The algae growing out of the gill is really weird...I hope your fish gets better quickly! We're in a heat wave too and its amazing how hard that can make fish-care and keeping! Hope it cools down soon for you.
  15. Hi. Thanks for responding! She does have a bubbler which she likes a lot. Watching the weather forecast or doing morning changes is brilliant...I wish I had thought of something so simple. I am thinking about getting a couple gallon jugs and putting them in the fridge to cool the night before a water change. Maybe I can get another bubble wand going too to increase the oxygen. Now to find the tubing and bubble stones I packed away somewhere...
  16. This is a very cool idea! I was trying to figure out a cheap stand solution in case I can ever afford a larger tank.
  17. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting tank water cooler? I never thought we'd have that problem, but we are in the middle of a giant heat wave (105+ for several days in a row now) and our tap water is hot. We tried to do a water change tonight and stopped halfway because our "cold" water was 80F plus. I've got about 6 bowls of water cooling in the fridge as we speak to finish filling her tank, but I am wondering if there is anything else you can get to do this. We've also added ice cubes and are air conditioning as cool as we can. Pucca is doing ok. The Prazi really seemed to help her (I think I stopped after 4 rounds). She still can't open her mouth hardly at all but one corner has opened a little. She uses the filter wand to get air sometimes I think and we are still hand feeding her as often as we can (usually half fry food and half pea baby food or crushed up food cubes mixed together). Water parameters are still good too. Hoping we can get her through this heat wave. She is acting a little sluggish/bottom sitting a bit right now, but I think part of that has to do with the temperature. She has also started doing a rather odd thing which I think may be related to her not being able to breathe well. She jumps a little, just enough to get her head out of the water repeatedly. The video shows it a little. I'll see if I can get her to cooperate for a better one soon. She doesn't like being videotaped for some reason. Hope everyone is having a great summer. Mine has been hectic but good so far. Thanks for any feedback/suggestions you have.
  18. Did a 95% water change tonight to give her clean water between Prazi doses. Dose 4 is next in about 4 days. We can do the 6 doses. Do you think its helping her? I need to post a video so you can see her mouth--I'll do that if I can soon. We had a scary moment when the filter stopped working tonight, but we played around with the internal parts and it kicked back on! Yay! Water parameters look good--pH: 7.4, Ammonia: 0 ppm, Nitrite: 0ppm, NItrate: 20 ppm (pre-water change), and Temp: 76F. She is liking the baby food peas at least.
  19. She's still hanging in there. We are going to do a water change tonight and then one more dose of Prazi in a few days right? (4 total then) I thought I saw her open her mouth the tiniest bit the other day, so I am hopeful. We'll see. She seems more responsive at least. I'll keep updating when possible.
  20. Dosed the 3rd Prazi dose last night and cleaned the tank. Water parameters still look good. Got some baby food peas to vary the fry food to hopefully make her more interested in food. I'll keep you posted.
  21. Today's update: Pucca was not wanting to be fed this morning. She has started to resist more and more. I thought this was good since she was gaining some strength back, but its making it hard for her to get much food. She cannot open her mouth on her own at all. We have to pry it open with tweezers (as little as possible) and dribble food in from the syringe. She doesn't hold still for this though. Any other ideas? She is also definitely using her gill on one side much more than the other. I am not sure if this is a problem, just been noticing it. I keep trying to get a video of her breathing, but she doesn't like the camera either. Maybe tomorrow! I am hoping the Prazi helps too! I just hope her mouth isn't beyond regrowth/repair.
  22. Hi! Sorry about the long pause in updates. I was somehow busier being "done" with school than I was in school. Lol. Life is funny sometimes. Pucca is still hanging in there. The Prazi seems to help although she still isn't opening her mouth on her own and we have to hand feed her still. She is starting to fight back a bit when we try to feed her and seems to be swimming around faster than she was before (like she did when she wasn't sick), so I hope the Prazi is helping. I am still a bit worried her mouth will not ever work right again, but I hope that is still possible. I will try to post a video tomorrow. We changed the tank water last night (90% change, parameters all good--nitrates were 10ppm, pH: 7.4, Ammonia: 0ppm, Nitrite: 0ppm) and there is no Prazi in there right now...going to dose again in 4 days if that sounds right. (We have done two doses so far with 4 days clean water in between and a large water change before dosing.) I'll try to be better about updating.
  23. Thanks for the congratulations. It was fun. I have one paper to finish and I'm done! Tank parameters tonight (we're one night off on the water change due to finals): Temp: 78F pH: 7.4 Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 15-20ppm Did a 90% water change and added salt and a single dose of Prime. Tried to feed her twice today and she got a little down both times. I'll plan on another dose of Prazi in 2-3 days. That sound right?
  24. Oh...and will we add more Prazi after 4 days have passed? Just wondering. I know we can't do a water change for 4 days....
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