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  1. Sure thing! I try to go through Tastyworms when I can since they sponsor Kokos, but I'm sure you can google it too . The food does cost a bit more but I think it's totally worth it! The food packet usually makes quite a bit of food and it lasts about 6 months frozen. Its super easy to make too. There are instructions on the package but it really just involves putting the powdered food in a container, adding water (and stirring until combined!), and throwing it in the microwave for a bit. Not long, just like a minute or so. But yes, super easy! I bought an order of it a few months ago (back in November) and I still have some from the first batch . I found it lasts quite some time, especially if you give them some variety of fresh foods . They don't take too long to thaw either, which is good for me since I always forget until the last minute lol. I hope this helped some! Yes! Very helpful! I was hoping it would last for a while if we froze it. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! That schedule seems doable. I think my fish are a bit younger, so I'm not sure I could feed them that much yet (I'll post a video so you guys can help me judge and weigh if I can get a scale soon), but I may be wrong. Mine love the blood worms too. The frozen cubes of them gross me out a bit but they gobble them right up. I didn't see much growth in mine either until I looked at a video I posted when I first bought them on here. They are much bigger.
  3. Thanks! I am thinking a scale would be a good thing to have just in case. Your moor is beautiful by the way. I like the name Bubble too. Mine is P-body.
  4. My fish would definitely gobble up anything I put in the tank, so I would have to measure it out. They try to eat my hands when I'm cleaning the tank. Lol. Where did you find the Hikari saki? I keep seeing posts about it as well, but I can't ever find it to order it. Is it a pellet food?
  5. Wow! Thanks everyone. I really appreciate all the advice. The only way to get the Repashy SG is from the website (Tastyworms I think?)? I am hesitant to order either since they cost a lot more than the food I'm currently buying, but I do want them to have a healthy diet. How do you make the Solient Green? Is it fairly easy? I do like the convenience of grabbing a frozen cube out of the freezer. Also, about how long does an order of it last? So far (knock on wood), neither fish has any floaty problems. I think this is partially due to the fact that since I rescued them from whatever they were being fed at the LFS, they have never had normal goldfish flakes or pellets. I have tried to feed them fresh food when possible and the frozen cubes/bloodworms the rest of the time. We did find these little "Tank Nibblers" that I thought were awesome because they stick to the side of the tank underwater so it kept mine from gulping air so much at the surface. I haven't been able to find them at the store recently though and I'm not sure they are made with very healthy things anyway. Thanks so much for the help! The fish are appreciative too since they are always "hungry".
  6. Hello everyone. I have a black moor (slightly under 1 inch long) and a orange fantail (about 1 inch long). I have been buying frozen cubed food from my LFS to feed them and also supplementing with blood worms on occasion and peas every now and then as well. I have heard such good things about Pro-Gold and would like to try it, but I am wondering how much work it is to feed it to them (do I need a scale? Other food to mix it in?). I also keep hearing about Solient Green (Repashy?) and am considering getting both. Does anyone have any suggestions/advice? I also want to make sure I am feeding them enough food each day.
  7. Hello again after a long absence. I've got a quick water quality question. I've been sick for over a week now and the water change kept getting put off. We are doing a 90% today. I tested the water and we have a bit of a nitrite spike...0.25 ppm or so. The pH looks fine (7.4) and the Ammonia is still reading 0 ppm. Our nitrates were high as well (80ppm) but I expected that since we weren't able to get to the change quick enough. I'm just wondering if we should add some salt to help with the nitrites or leave it alone and change it again in a day or two to finish getting them out. The fish just seem happy to get some new water at the moment and aren't acting weird at all if that helps.
  8. Ok. Sounds good. Right now they are swimming together and (if fish can do so) looking at me like I'm crazy. Silly fish make me worry too much! I saw a colander on sale today...I'll grab it when I'm at the store tomorrow. Thanks!
  9. I had no idea! I'd be interested to see what their fry looked like. Lol. I guess I won't get as upset if its normal behavior then when it happens. Atlas won't hurt P-body with his "chasing" right? I don't see any damage to her so far and I think other than being a bit skittish, she is doing fine.
  10. Is that really what is happening? Lol. I wondered but I am not sure about their sexes. So I shouldn't be worried? We just may end up with more fish? Can they breed even though they are different types? Ok...I think that's my question quota for the afternoon.
  11. Hey! Its been too long. I guess that is a good thing because we haven't had problems for a bit. I finally got a new video. Unfortunately, its of what I am assuming is problem behavior. Atlas (orange) seems to be chasing/nipping at P-body (black). We caught a quick video of it but it went on for about 15 minutes. We had just fed them a cube of the frozen food we sometimes give them. Josh broke it up to see if that would help and it seemed to, but I didn't know if there was any other possible explanation. They seem to be getting along ok tonight but P-body is definitely a bit skittish.
  12. Quick update. Fish are still doing well. They are growing fairly fast. We are doing 2 water changes a week and more if we can get to them. I need to post a new video soon! I can't wait until the weather gets colder and we can get the water temp down a bit. Its hovering around 79F but they are much happier when we get it down a bit with the water changes.
  13. Ok. We are both exhausted after camping, so water change will have to wait till morning. Both fish are happy to see us. It seems Atlas lost all his black coloring while we were gone. Lol. Tricky little fish. Fed them some peas tonight and they were excited.
  14. Hey. We did a big (90%) water change tonight...it had been a few days. I don't think we did enough water changing this week because the parameters were a bit off tonight...pH: 7.4 (normal), Ammonia: 0.25ppm (might be a bit lower), Nitrites: 0.15?ppm (slightly purple, probably barely anything), and Nitrates: 40-50 ppm. Hoping the water change will hold until we get back and can do another one Wed night. We added 2.5 tsp of salt to take them off it slowly and won't add more as long as the nitrites are gone when I test Wednesday. We fed them well today and will put a little food in tomorrow but I think a day or two of fasting might do them good. Also, I am glad they won't eat each other. Sometimes they nip at each other, but usually stop fairly quickly and they may just be playing around. Lol.
  15. Mixed or not, I love him! I will post updated pics after they grow a bit and maybe that will help.
  16. Sorry...just now saw this. P-body usually hovers behind a plant where she thinks no one can see her. She is becoming more outgoing now too as she gets used to everything.
  17. Just a quick bit of advice...I too used Tetrasafe at first and it went ok for a while. I switched to Prime and it is amazing. I find mine at PetSmart. A small bottle will last quite a while even though it doesn't seem like it will. Good luck! You're in good hands on this forum.
  18. Ok. Sounds good. We have gotten pretty fast at water changes so we will do them often. I do have another question though. We are going camping next week and will be gone for 2-3 days. Do you know of any food that is safe/healthy for them that we could leave in the tank so they don't eat each other? I might be able to have a neighbor drop some food in but I'm not sure that will happen/be a good plan.
  19. YAY! That is exciting news. I will still probably water change Thursday night or Friday morning. Should I replace the salt? They are both doing well...very active and hungry. I will post another video soon. With the two fish in the tank, how often do you think we should change the water? I was thinking 50% (at least--normally once we start, we do 90% since we're doing it anyway) twice a week.
  20. I am so sorry your fish died. It is heartbreaking. It sounds to me like you did all you could to help.
  21. Quick update: Today was the end of Dose 4 for the Prazi, so we did a 90% water change, added back in 2x prime, and salt but no Prazi. Should I let them have a couple days before I put the next dose? I was thinking Thursday or Friday. Water parameters still look good: one test tube spilled so I didn't get to test the pH this time, but Ammonia and Nitrites were at 0ppm and Nitrates were at 30ppm.
  22. Coming from someone that had a fish with mouth issues, I hope yours heals quickly! If not, there are a lot of ways you can help feed the fish. If you need any advice, let me know. Good luck!
  23. Cool. I didn't know. She does look a bit different than other fantails I had seen. Thanks.
  24. What is a fantail mix? I've never heard of that. The orange one (Atlas) is very spunky...super energetic. The moor (P-body) hides a lot more but is adorable too.
  25. I like the calicos too. I would love to have two tanks so I could get a few more fish. I need a few tank upgrades too...I am going to have to be very convincing to my landlord.
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