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  1. Oops! I bought more plants. Lol. Things looked a bit empty today. They are still having a blast and now have some more places to hide. As promised, another video.
  2. Thank you! They have gotten huge! They look tiny in the new tank though. Atlas has almost doubled in size since I got the new food to try. P-body is growing slower but I think maybe moors just take longer to grow (or maybe she is female and smaller?).
  3. Here is the first video...many more to come I am sure. This is about 10 minutes after we got them moved over. They seemed to be a little scared so we put some food in and suddenly they were ok. Food is the way to a fish's heart. Lol. I'll post some more later. This link might work better.
  4. That cartoon is amazing! The fish are having fun in the currents for the moment. I will probably wait a couple water changes and then take the smaller filter off and put the old media in the new one too just in case. We have room since we don't use the carbon part.
  5. Got the fish successfully transferred over to the new tank. Both filters being on will take some getting used to. They are loud! So far, the fish seem very happy and are exploring. I will post pictures/video soon.
  6. That makes a lot of sense! We lowered the water level a bit and turned the bubbles up and it has helped a lot! Thanks! Getting the new tank ready to move them over! Got the filter in the mail today. SO EXCITED!
  7. What kind of rocks are they? Pictures? I have been toying with putting some of my rock collection in my tank but as a geologist I worry WAY too much about what they could do to the water chemistry.
  8. How warm does the water get? I am rather strictly against adding ice to the water, as this will cool the water only temporarily, and then it will go back up. These temperature fluctuations stress fish even more than a stable higher temperature. During summer, my tanks go up to the low and mid 80s, and the fish are fine as the temperature is stable. Just think of ponds outside, they are not cool during the summer either, yet the fish are alright. But to answer your question: yes, a larger tank will keep a more stable temperature than a smaller one. I try to keep the temp around 76-77. If it gets higher than that, they start hanging out near the surface or swimming around really fast. I heard not to let it get above 80, but usually it doesn't get that high before I catch it (that may not be correct info because I think I got it out of either the literature that came with the test kit or a book from the library). When I put ice in, the temp usually only goes down by 1-2 degrees F. I do add a drop of Prime when I add ice just in case too. Is there a better way to keep it cooler? I don't want to do anything that makes it worse. I broke down and turned the AC on today but hoping I don't have to do that as much with the new tank.
  9. Kind of an unrelated question...will the larger tank help keep the temperature down? I am really hoping so. I have put 8 ice cube trays full into the tank today because my water keeps getting too hot. I am happy about warmer weather but so far my fish are not. Lol.
  10. As long as I can fit them both on the back of the tank, that is my plan. My AC70 is coming in the mail (stupid slow shipping!) so I will hopefully know soon.
  11. I love the name Cheeto for a goldfish! Adorable fish. Your black moor looks very similar to mine. I love watching mine eat peas too. They are never sure about them until they have a bite and then its a feeding frenzy. Lol.
  12. I like it! It would have freaked me out if it happened to my fish though too. Lol. I have noticed that my orange fish has gotten brighter-organge/almost red since I started feeding Saki Hikari. It seemed to happen overnight. My black moor has stayed pretty dark but I am wondering if she will change too later. Beautiful fish!
  13. Make sure you have room for two filters on the back of your tank seeing it's only 20 inches. You might find yourself having to buy one big one. The down side on having only one is if it breaks then you don't have a "back up" filter. But, with that said, On my 34g tank I only have one filter that is huge for the tank. On my 55g I have two large filters. Good luck on your search. EDIT: ha ha if you buy one big filter to meet your gph you will have your 150gph as a back up. if you can't fit both on the back of your tank. I wasn't worried about this until I read your post and did some measuring. 20 inches is smaller than it seems. Lol. I think I will have to go with one larger one, but will have the old one as a good emergency backup.
  14. Thanks! I can't wait to see it up and running either. I wondered if there was any benefit in saving the old water. I will obviously watch the water quality like a hawk no matter what. I am going to need some refills for my test kit. Lol. What size filter should I aim for? I was thinking one rated for at least a 50 gallon. Do I need more than that? I can't find the one you mentioned unless AC70 means AquaClear 70 in which case I think I can get that one. (Is is this one? http://www.amazon.com/AquaClear-70-Power-Filter-Includes/dp/B000260FUW ) I have a handful of glass gems in the bottom of the tank (found that much nicer/easier to keep clean than gravel. I like the bare bottom look too, but Atlas my fantail LOVES to move the stones around at night. He rearranges things constantly. I will move those over as well as the ornaments we have in the tank without cleaning them in case they have some good bacteria on them. So, when moving day arrives for them, I should just dump old tank water into the new tank and fill it the rest of the way with fresh dechlorinated water? And move all gravel/ornaments over as well? I think I can hopefully fit my old filter on the back with the new one. I will take measurements as soon as I buy the new one. If not, will transferring just filter media work ok? I have a sponge and a biobag in the filter now so I could safely take one piece of it out and start the new filter too if that would be better before moving them over. It does! I wasn't sure I'd like it, but it looks very nice now that I have it cleaned out. It has a glass top too so it should be nice.
  15. Thanks! I will start looking at larger filters. I figured as much, but wanted to make sure before I spent more money. Lol.
  16. I am happy to report that I finally saved up enough money to upgrade my goldfish tank! I have a black moor and a fantail in a 10 gallon that I have had set up for approximately a year. Some of you may remember Atlas and P-body from earlier posts. It is cycled (after many months of trial and error and help from you all!). The new tank I bought is this one: http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4449731 It is a 27 gallon cube. I was nervous about the surface area being ok for them but it was the same as the rectangular 30 gallon I was considering (as long as I calculated correctly). It is 20x18x20. This one will also camouflage much better into a corner of my apartment. I am moving ahead with the "Don't ask permission, ask forgiveness later" theory and am hoping my landlord just won't notice I upgraded 20 gallons. My questions are: What do I need to do to transfer them over safely and not lose my cycle? What differences will I notice with the larger tank (I am hoping you say less water changes necessary and easier to control temperature)? Do I need larger filtration? (My current filter is rated for 150 gph and is rated for 30 gallon.) Is there anything else I will need? My current plan is to empty the water out of their current tank into the new one when we do a normal water change (~90%) and put a bubbler in so the water moves a bit until we have more "dirty" water to put in. Any advice would be appreciated! I am very excited to finally be able to upgrade. I will post a video later on to show progress once I know what to do. Thanks!
  17. I keep seeing the smell mentioned. I think I'll wait for a warmer day, open all the windows, and make it when we can leave if need be. They love the Hikari and I've been putting peas and green beans in every now and then for veggies, so they are pretty happy. I can't wait to see what they will do in a bigger tank. They never stop moving.
  18. They love the Saki-Hikari (purple bag) food so far. We soak the pellets for 5 minutes and then give them a pinch a couple times a day. Haven't gotten to make the Solient Green yet, but looking forward to it.
  19. Got another new video of them. They have grown quite a bit!
  20. Yep! I can't wait until to get them a bigger tank! Lol...sadly no. They are very active most of the day.
  21. And just because they are too cute...here is a video of them saying hi.
  22. Food arrived today! Yay! I think I might be more excited than the fish. They have been doing pretty well the past few days and love green beans. I do not love cutting them up into tiny pieces, but its worth it if it helps them. Any suggestions on starting to introduce the Saki-Hikari Fancy Goldfish food (purple bag)? I think I am going to start with that and maybe make some of the Repashy Solient Green tomorrow or the next day if I have time and start trying that. Do I need to soak the pellets in tank water before I put them in and if so, for how long? Thanks for all the suggestions. Keep them coming!
  23. Ok. I am fasting the fish today to help P-body, but I have new food coming. I will try some green beans tomorrow morning to see if those help. Are canned ones that I cook in the microwave with tank water ok? I ordered some Solient Green and some Saki-Hikari from Tastyworms today and will hopefully get it soon. Any thoughts on a good feeding schedule to introduce this to them? (Right now, normal feeding schedule is one frozen cube every other night and peas/bloodworms every other day.)
  24. Thanks! Should I also fast the other fish who is not having problems for a day just in case? Also, if I do green beans, are canned green beans (cooked first) cut into tiny pieces ok?
  25. Another quick question...pretty sure since I typed "my fish haven't had any floaty trouble yet", that set me up to have some. I noticed my black moor hanging out near the top a lot this morning and she seems to be having trouble staying down. They do tend to gulp air a bit after they eat usually and it was worse than usual yesterday. I might try a quick water change this afternoon and see if that helps. Any thoughts on what kind of food might help? I was thinking peas. I also have some fresh spinach I could try and I wouldn't mind running out to grab something. I am probably going to order the solient green food this evening...waiting on money. Any advice would be appreciated.
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