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  1. I don't know a lot about this stuff as I am relatively new at fish keeping. Your nitrate number seems high to me though. Maybe a water change would at least help get that down. It also looks like his fin may be damaged like mine was (you can look at my thread--"Fish with a Spreading tail problem?" to see what I did). I hope one of the more experienced people on the site can help you more. Good luck!
  2. Her tail seems to be growing back! I'll try to post a video when we do a water change tomorrow night. And I am still working on getting the salt. Its been a rough week! Just thought I'd post a quick update.
  3. Just finished doing a 50% water change. Took a reading with the strips just before and numbers were: Nitrate: 10, Nitrite: 0, GH:140, KH:90, pH: 7.4, and Ammonia: 0. I also got a better video of the brown spots so you can see them. I am hoping they mean she is healing, but they make me a bit nervous. I forgot to buy the salt at the store tonight, but I will do my best to get it tomorrow or the next day (Tuesday or Wednesday). I knew I was forgetting something! I'll let you know as soon as I can get the salt.
  4. Update: Here is a new video. She is still acting ok, but is getting some brown coloring on her body near her tail. Is this normal/good? Planning on doing another water change tonight but her tank parameters have not changed. Ammonia is still at 0, pH is still around 7.4-7.5. I'll do a reading tonight before I do the water change and update if I can. Let me know what you think about the brown color...is there anything I should do to help with that? Just noticed that the video doesn't show the brown too well either...I'll see if I can post another one tonight.
  5. I was a bit worried about that too. I am glad its working so far. I'm keeping my eye on the pH as it seems to have varied a bit the past few days, but all in the 7.2-7.6 range and I think 7.4 is normal, so I think its just the test strips. I will try to post a video tomorrow evening. I can't wait to see her all better too!
  6. Here are the water test numbers from her tank before the water change this afternoon. Nitrate-10, Nitrite-0, GH-120, KH-80-90 (hard to tell), pH 7.3, and Ammonia-0. She seems to be eating well and happy so far. I will keep you posted about water quality and then hopefully I can learn to put some salt in later. I think we are getting groceries tomorrow so I will hopefully grab the salt then. So far so good. Thanks!
  7. I will look for the salt and pick it up soon. I may need help figuring out how to get the percentage right. As a science major, I am sure I should know how to do so, but I don't want to do it wrong. Now that the tank is a bit cleaner overall, water changes shouldn't be as hard. Do you think 50% changes daily would be a good goal for this week?
  8. If it helps at all, my fish did this too when I put her in a tank so I could clean out her normal tank. She sat there very still and it freaked me out! I think she was just scared though because she seems fine now. I hope they start acting normal soon! My fish does seem to really like the dark too, so you might try that.
  9. Update: We scrubbed down the tank really really well when we got home tonight. Everything but the gravel came out and got a good scrubbing. We put her in the tub with the filter media after I did a slight water change in that to match temperatures. Got the gravel stirred up and vacuumed out pretty good I think too. We put her back in the tank and put the old filter media back in. I checked the water with my strips and the only thing that changed at all was the pH. It went from about 7.4 to 7.5-7.6. Can't wait till I have the water drop test kit so I can get better numbers. The ammonia level is still at 0. I will do a reading first thing in the morning and post numbers so I can make sure they are ok still. She seems happy and a little confused, but swimming around pretty well and definitely eating well. We took a quick video too when we put her back in the tank. I will post water stats in the morning. Thanks so much for helping!
  10. We put the last packet of medicine in last night. I didn't get to check on her long this morning, but she seemed pretty happy. I am planning on doing a throrough cleaning of the tank tonight. Do you have any advice on what exactly we need to make sure is clean and how to clean it all out? I know to use only water. Thought I may use a new toothbrush to get some of the whitish algae off of the volcano and cave ornaments. Do you have any ideas on how to clean out the filter before we put the old media back in? Also, is there a good way to get the gravel cleaned out? I will post a video too tonight so you can make sure she looks ok. Her tail kind of has a black tinge on the end now, but that may be a good thing. I am not sure.
  11. Yay! I am glad to hear she is better. I was hoping so. I steam cooked the pea and it was pretty soft but I will try smaller pieces (I pulled it into two last night). Is the algae normal (don't know if you could see it in the video or not)? And do you think her tail will grow back eventually. I hope so for her sake, but she does seem to be swimming ok, so maybe it isn't crucial that it does. Thanks for checking in on it.
  12. By the way, we also used the strips to test the water again (I am hoping I can get the drop test kit soon) and water seems to be staying pretty constant. pH is the same at 7.4. The only thing that seemed slightly lower was the KH (alkalinity number). It was around 100-110 instead of 120 which was the reading I took on 1/8/12. (It was around 100 when we got it tested at PetSmart too though on Saturday.) Ammonia is still at 0ppm and nitrate was around 5ppm (before the water change). Thought the numbers might be useful.
  13. Update: I figured out that this is Day 4 of treatment, not 5. I forgot you use two packets for the first dose, so my counting was off. She still seems to be doing well. I did try feeding her a pea tonight and she went for it really quick and I think spit it out a little later, but I think she might like it if I try again. She is still eating flakes that we put in too. She seems pretty active as well. Her tail has a slight gray/black tinge on the end now. Not sure if that is good or bad, or if it has been like that and I just now noticed it. I took the volcano out last night when we did the water change and scrubbed it off well. There is a lot (already) of whitish colored algae I am guessing all over it today. I don't know if that is good or bad, so I thought I'd point it out. I think Josh tried to get a shot of it in the video. We also saw some orange colored algae/maybe food residue on the airline and cleaned it off. Did another almost total water change tonight and added a packet of medicine. I am putting a video below too so hopefully you can tell if there looks like there is improvement or if we need to continue treatment after tomorrow.
  14. Hi. Sorry I couldn't update last night. Had my first day back to college yesterday and it was pretty hectic. We did do almost a 100% water change...our vaccuum won't let us do a total one, but got as much water out as we could and got the next packet of medicine in. I think I only have one dose left for tomorrow which will be 5 days I think. She still seems to be doing ok. Swimming around pretty normally. She seems extra hungry and is eating anything she can find on the bottom and when she is fed. Think the medicine is making her hungry or maybe we just aren't feeding her enough? I am going to try to get some sinking pellets next time we are at the store until I can figure out other food. I will try to post a video tonight when I get home. I thought that the tail looked a little less red and irritated last night and she still has the spot on her side but it doesn't look as bad either. Do you think her tail will regrow? Just wondering. I will update tonight as soon as I can Thanks for the advice! How do you make your gel food? I keep hearing about peas and that sounds kinda fun to try to feed her.
  15. Thanks! I hope so! What kind of food do you use?
  16. Thanks! I love bats too, but no one will let me have one as a pet. Lol. The gravel vaccuum is a manual one as far as I know. Its just a long thin tube with about a foot long slightly larger tube that uses suction to pull things out. Thanks for the encouragement. I put some food into the media tub yesterday and broke it up a little. Should I put more in? I will look for a mesh bag too. Also, this may be a side question, but do you think sinking goldfish food is better than the flakes? It seems to me like she is not able to get the flakes off the top sometimes and then doesn't eat them. I don't know what is better. I have always used flakes in the past, but that is because I didn't know other food was available.
  17. Update: We just did as much of a water change as we could (~90% or so) and I am going to clean out her smaller tank, so we can do a 100% tomorrow if possible which will be better. When I added the new water, things got pretty cloudy so it seems like we need to get some more "mess" out tomorrow if possible. I wish our gravel vaccuum had a bit more suction. I matched the temps as close as possible using my finger to gauge and I think it only dropped about 1 or 2 degrees if any. I fed her because she seemed really really hungry and was eating anything that floated by her when the water was filling back up the rest of the way. I put the second packet of medicine in and added a little more water because I wanted to make sure it mixed in ok. Re-covered the tank with towels too. I had Josh take a wider shot on the end of this video so you can see the tank set up. The volcano is my favorite part. The light is back off now too, just turned it on so we could take the video. There are less white spots on her tail I think, but the spot on her side looks about the same once I saw her in the light. Let me know what you think. Here is the link to the video (which I will hopefully do right this time):
  18. Me too! I usually end up with the crazy pets. I am just happy I didn't do the dishes that day. I will change the water before I add medicine. I was actually just wondering if I should. Thanks!
  19. Fish update: She ate a bit when I fed her this morning and is still swimming around. I have a bubble stone in the bucket with the filter media in it, so that should be well aerated now too. I am going to add the next packet of medicine this evening. There appears to be fewer white spots on her tail and the spot on her side looks a little less irritated. Hopefully that means it is working. I will try to post a video tonight if I can, or tomorrow to show you the progress.
  20. Just got home and checked on her. She is swimming around a little near the bottom and I think I might have woken her up, so I put the towels back over her. I got a bubbler for the other container too, so I will try to get that set up as soon as possible and change the water in it often to hopefully perserve the cycle. I am going to try to feed her in a minute too since this is when I normally would. I will ask someone at PetSmart about the SeaChem next time I am there. I was hurrying to get the medicine today so it is highly possible I missed it. I will keep you updated. I think the treatment is 5 days (according to the package). Thanks again so much!
  21. I looked for SeaChem at PetSmart today and didn't see it, but I will look when I find a bubble wand tonight. The filter media is removed (I put an unused one in her tank) and in a separate 4 gallon tub with some food. I turned the lights off in her tank and covered it with towels so its nice and dark. I am going to watch the temperature and make sure the towels don't make it go up to much, but I don't think they will. I did a 50% water change after I changed the filter media because it stirred up all sorts of stuff and I figured a clean tank to add medicine to was good. She is swimming around and looks a bit confused at the darkness but not reacting badly to the medicine. I will keep you posted later tonight. I also removed a plastic plant we had in the tank because I have read on some other posts that those can be bad for goldfish fins. I hope the medicine works quickly and she heals soon! Anything I should specifically watch out for with the medicine in the tank? Will she act normal most likely? Also, can I feed her like normal?
  22. Ok. I am going to put the filter media in a separate tub...I will put spares in in the mean time. Is that ok? I am going to buy another bubble wand when I go out to get some food in a few minutes, to put in with the filter media, so I can keep hers in the tank. I'll go ahead and put the medicine in and cover the tank with a towel. Should I put the night setting of the light on (sort of looks black lightish?), or keep all lights off completely? I will let you know how she (not sure she is a she, but her name is a girl's name and I don't know how to tell) is doing later this evening. Thanks so much! Sorry...for dechlorinated water...can I use the Aquasafe (normally use for water changes) to dechlorinate normal tap water or do I need to go buy some distilled water or something?
  23. I will get a testing kit as soon as I can afford it. I may have to wait Monday to buy it. I do have a small ammonia tester now and it says its under 0.2ppm. I think they had plenty of them at PetSmart though, so hopefully they won't sell out. I am planning on changing the water tonight to help because I've been told that never hurts. Sorry to ask so many questions.
  24. Is there any way to treat her in her tank? I can go get a container if need be and ammonia maybe (any ideas on where I can get that?). I am also not sure how to do 100% water changes. We usually don't do more than 80% with her in the tank still. Also, do I feed her like normal? I have two things in the filter that can preserve the cycle so we can clean out her normal tank when the antibiotic are done and keep the cycle going I think. There is a sponge and a bag with small pellets in it. I can try to post more info on those later. How dark would the tank need to be if I can keep her in there. I can keep her light off, but she is near the kitchen and living room and it may be harder to keep those dark. Let me know if any of that is a possibility. Thanks!
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