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  1. No, but I can really quick. Everything else seems fine though. pH is reading the same at around 7.4 and nitrites are zero. Isn't the water in there essentially tap water since we replaced it all? I did another reading after we did the 100% water change and cleaned everything. The water has Prime in it too now, but that is it.
  2. Nitrites are at 0ppm. I am wondering if the ammonia test isn't working because there should be none in the new water right? Now I am scared to add her back into the tank but she's been out of it for a while and seems restless. What should I do?
  3. We only got it open once after trying with a pair of the softest tweezers I could find in about 5 minutes of trying. It isn't like its glued shut, she just doesn't want to open it and I don't think we're good at trying to force it open. We tried lifting just her head out of the water but she would either try to jump away or just stare at us. She has opened her mouth on her own a little, but just not to eat that I know of. Hopefully the new non-gravel bottom will let us see what she is and isn't eating. I am getting some ammonia reading with completely fresh water that has been treated with the right amount of Seachem Prime in the tank. Do you think maybe the test isn't working correctly? It says its at 1 ppm.
  4. Her poop looks brown, kinda stringy and a little bubbly/knotted I think with a slight black spot on one of the ends. I may have gotten a video of some of it. I will post it if I did. Is it ok that she hasn't eaten for 3 days (that I have seen) and may not for a little bit? How much/often should we feed her? I think we may have been overfeeding her based on all the gunk that was in the gravel. I have pellets and flakes and some deshelled peas, so I can try any of those. We are almost ready to put her in the cleaned tank. Hope it goes ok! I'll post videos soon.
  5. Ok. Thanks! Should I watch out for anything since we are I guess getting rid of the cycle now? Also, the gravel is all gone...we are lining it with glass marbles essentially that we cleaned really well. Her gills look ok to me. As soon as we get the tank set up, I will post a video of her so maybe you can see if I am missing something. Her normal behavior is opening her mouth often...she liked to get air from the top and let bubbles come out of her mouth near the bottom of the tank and she would open and close her mouth when we were going to feed her/or standing nearby the tank. Now, she barely opens it, if it all and isn't eating food that I can see. I did see her poop twice since I've been home tonight though (4 hours or so) so maybe thats a good sign?
  6. As we are deep cleaning the tank, we are seeing a lot of orange-ish algae floating around...not sure if that helps....
  7. Ok...update. I got some the API Freshwater Test Drops finally! Also we got her to open her mouth for more than 2 seconds! We can't see any kind of obstruction in it! This is good news except she is still not eating any food. Its like she goes after it, but doesn't open her mouth to get it. Several pieces bounced off her nose even. I realized the ammonia may be kinda high when we tested with the new drops. Tank parameters are below. At the moment, we are cleaning out the tank. We are going to remove the gravel since there is food built up in it and we needed to do a thorough cleaning anyway and we got glass (rounded) bead like things that are much bigger than her to put in. Hoping this is ok since the cycle seems to be messed up anyway. I am also replacing only one part of my filter media as the white algae/film seems to be getting worse and we haven't replaced it ever. Let me know what else to do/if something is not a good idea! Thanks! Tank parameters: * Ammonia Level: 0.1-0.2 (Think I may have found my problem! ) Can this explain her condition? (I am going to retest and hope I read it wrong.) * Nitrite Level: near 0 ppm * Nitrate level: 25 ppm-30ppm * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines): 7.4 * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) ( I will test later if I can) * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API Freshwater Master Test Kit Drops * Water temperature? 78 F * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 10 gallon tank, running since November 2011 * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? Aquaclear 50 (not sure exactly the size) * How often do you change the water and how much? At least once to twice a week (40% water change), Last water change was 4 days ago I think. --> If you need the rest of the questions, let me know and I'll get them filled out if I can. (The medication given to her near the beginning of this thread was all the medication we have ever given her and we have never salted the tank although I do have salt on hand that is safe if we should do so.
  8. My boyfriend thought he saw something dark but its hard to tell...just visually. I will see if he can pull her up to have her open her mouth to check. If we do see something, what should we do? Her gills looked fine last night and this morning. They may be slightly redder than normal, but I don't usually look at them too closely, so that may be my imagination. I am at school unfortunately, but will post updates as often as I get a chance to. Thanks for replying!
  9. Youtube link should work now finally! Phew! Sometimes technology works against me. Hope this works. I will check back in the morning before school if I can. Thanks for looking!
  10. Sorry...having trouble uploading the video...it is too long to e-mail/youtube/post like we usually do. I'll get one up as soon as I can. I am wondering if this will work...here goes nothing! Nono/photo.php?v=3199898511024
  11. It is really hard to get her to open her mouth so we can see. I haven't seen anything in it, but her mouth doesn't stay open long enough for us to check really. My boyfriend read a post about TB in fish and he's worried it could be that, so he doesn't want to try to pick her up without gloves (which we don't have on hand tonight). He is working on a video now that I can upload. She seems really frustrated that she can't eat the food she is nosing. Do vets help with fish "choking"? I guess we could try to get it out if we could find it, but I don't want to hurt her if that is what it is. I'll post the video as soon as I can get it uploaded.
  12. Hi. I've got a new problem it seems. Pucca is not eating for the second day in a row...she goes after the food and seems to want it, hits it with her nose and then it gets away from her. Usually she scavenges and finds it in the gravel, but she just seems to "nose" it there too. I fed her peas which she usually gobbles before they (the pieces) make it to the bottom of the tank, and she hasn't gotten one of them in her mouth. I have seen her open and close her mouth a few times, so she can open it, but she can't seem to eat. Does anyone know what is wrong? I am worried she may have eaten a piece of gravel or something, but I don't see one in there. She was occasionally picking gravel up in her mouth while scavenging for food, but she always spit them out. She seems to be getting a little frantic because she can't eat the peas. I will post a video if possible tomorrow. I am looking online to see if there are vets in the area that would help with her, but I'm not sure anyone will. If anyone knows what could be going on, let me know please. I will get tank parameters up soon, but I am out of test strips. I know the ammonia level is 0 ppm because I have a meter for that in the tank. Thanks in advance for any help.
  13. Thanks! She really hates being videotaped with Josh's phone. Not sure why. We just did a water change too because I came home and the water temp had climbed to 80, so I think she is a bit skittish from that too. Do you have any thoughts on the algae? You can see the orange algae in the video a little even though the pictures didn't work.
  14. Hey. Sorry for the long time between updates! Two months and I am free from school and can have more fun with my goldfish. Pucca is still doing pretty well. Her tail is still white but seems even bigger and I think she is growing/has grown a bit since I last posted. I am posting some photos and a video below. I am a little concerned that we still don't seem to have any green algae (at least visible) in the tank and we do see some "whitish" algae, especially on the filter. I tried searching the forums to see what this could be and I found the term "biofilm" quite a bit but I want to make sure that is all it is. We also have some orange algae on the bubble tubing coming out of the volcano. I have tried wiping it off but it keeps coming back. Is this bad or normal? The first picture shows the orange algae. (It won't let me post either picture...its from a cell phone so it shouldn't be too large. Any ideas?) This second picture is of the white filmy stuff "growing" on the filter. It may be time to change part of the filter media but I was worried that might mess up the cycle. Any thoughts? And finally, a video of Pucca.
  15. It was definitely more orange than white (maybe white at the very end). She has some orange color near her body on the tail now, so I am wondering if that will spread. We'll see.
  16. Just thought you might like an update. Sorry I haven't gotten this up sooner, but school has been crazy! She seems to be much happier and her tail is growing fast. Tank parameters still look good. Here is a video I took earlier today after a water change.
  17. You're very right. It can become supersaturated in salt so that the water cannot dissolve any more salt after a certain concentration. Maybe I did learn something in Chemisry...
  18. It is...I had no idea fish could grow that fast!
  19. Ok...no time for a long update, but here is a video of her progress. I think she is healing quite well so far. I'll try to post updated water parameters and another video this weekend.
  20. I'm rooting for your fish! And you...the salt bath sounds interesting. It is amazing to think that goldfish can have some of the same problems humans can with food. Good luck!
  21. Thanks everyone! I am very happy she is on the mend. Her tail was about double-triple the length it is right now and orange. I will post videos to keep you updated as healing continues. And I am glad I have the salt now just in case. It is good to be prepared. Thanks for providing me with such good information, advice, and encouragement. I am learning so much!
  22. Ok. Finally got the water change done. She was very happy about it. Took the video right afterward, so that is why the water looks a bit cloudy and she is chasing everything that floats in case it is food. The water parameters still look pretty good (pre-water change): Nitrates: 20 (needed a water change!), Nitrite: 0, GH: 100, KH-100-110, pH:7.3, Ammonia: 0. Still waiting on money to get the better water test kit so still using the strips for now. The video is below. I hope she is healing. Let me know what you think.
  23. Ok. I got the salt! Your description made it very easy to find...and it was cheap! Yay! I read the post on the other forum about salting and will wait for confirmation, but I plan on adding 10 tsp of the salt to my 10 gallon aquarium to salt it to 0.1%. Is that right? We do have a lot of ornaments and some gravel though so I didn't know if maybe I should do 8 or 9 instead. Also, are normal kitchen measuring spoons ok to use for the tsp measurement? Using a normal spoon makes me sorta nervous since they are not really uniform sizes. Can I dissolve the salt in room temperature water that has been treated with seachem prime or do I need to boil it to dissolve it and then treat it? I am planning on doing a water change in a few minutes and will take a video to show everyone the progress she has made in healing! She is now starting to "eat" and then thankfully spit out rocks from the bottom of the tank. Is that something I should worry about or pretty normal fish behavior? Just wondering.
  24. I am so glad I am not the only one that wants to take half the fish at PetSmart home every time we are in there...my 10 gallon tank is going to be a lot bigger as soon as I can. I would love to have a koi pond someday even, but I have to master keeping one goldfish in a tank first.
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