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  1. She is acting a little better today. I am hoping maybe she ate one of the flakes we put in this morning. Gotta keep trying. Tank parameters tonight: Temp: 79F pH: 7.4 Ammonia: 0.25 ppm Nitrite: 0.75-1.00 (its a bright purple but not dark...I wish the drops would turn it different colors instead of shades of purple!) Nitrate: 10 ppm What kind of water change should we do tonight? I was thinking 90%, but I'll wait to see what you think. And we'll see if we can get her to eat a little...
  2. She is acting kind of weird to me. I am not sure exactly what bottom sitting is, but she hung out down there after the water change and just looked, for lack of a better word, exhausted. She is looking a little better now a few minutes after the water change. Do you think the higher temperature (~80F) would cause her to act strange? The tank is back to 78F which is normal now after both water changes.
  3. Tank parameters tonight: Temp: 80F (not sure how it got that warm...trying to take it down a degree or so each water change) pH: 7.4 Ammonia: 0.25 ppm Nitrites: 2.0 ppm Nitrates: 20 ppm We are doing back to back 90% water changes right now. Hoping they help. She is acting really skittish today and was not happy with hand-feeding so I don't think she ate anything. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Should we do another HP dip while waiting on the Prazi or anything? It says its on its way but it will still be a few days...
  4. Thanks! Hopefully she'll be better soon but if it means water changes for a month, I'm up for it! I am amazed she has made it this far, especially since she started out as a fish I won at a carnival. Just goes to show that love, care and education can keep any fish alive.
  5. Will do. When I do the back-to-back's tomorrow, should I shoot for 90% again each time? I should still add salt and double Prime too right tonight? Thanks for walking me through this every night by the way...I think it is helping. Its a slow process, but I am learning a lot and maybe starting to get the hang of some of it.
  6. I hope it kills them all! Prazi is being shipped though so I'll let you know as soon as I get it. I think my boyfriend had some small success in hand-feeding her today...she still isn't opening her mouth well but she is becoming more comfortable for being held and trying. He thinks she got a small amount in her mouth during a struggle, so maybe she ate a little tonight! We tried putting flakes in the tank too and she seemed to be going after them more aggressively today which I thought was a good sign maybe, although she still isn't able to eat them. Tank parameters: Temp: 78 F pH: 7.4 (Yay! It went back to what it normally is!) Ammonia: 0.5 ppm Nirtite: 1-2 ppm (closer to 1 though I think) Nitrate: 10 ppm What kind of water change should we do? I've been adding 5 mL of Cycle each night after the first 3 (per directions on the bottle), but should I add a little more to help get things jump started?
  7. If it is similar to what happened to my fish's tail, it comes back quick! I think in a couple weeks-maybe a month at most, my fish's tail was longer than it ever was before. Hope your fish gets better soon!
  8. Ok! Phew! Double 90% water changes are done and everything is added! She is swimming around and seems to be in good spirits...maybe a little twitchy. I'm going to crush up some small flakes and see if I can get her to eat one or two of those at least tonight and we'll try to hand feed her tomorrow. It seems to stress her out, so we decided to not do it tonight. Hopefully all that will help the nitrites to go down! Did the HP dip kill the flukes (if that is what she has) or just slow them down? Just curious. I will post videos tomorrow...getting tired.
  9. Ok. Thanks. That is what I figured...nitrites are SO high. I am thinking a 90% change. And I'll add double the Prime, salt, and Cycle? That sound good?
  10. Ok...we did the HP dip...10 seconds exactly. She wasn't happy, but she's back in the tank swimming around so I guess it went ok. The inside of her gills looks a little darker than I remember it being before the dip (it looked more red) if that helps. I'll try to post a video soon. I also ordered the Prazi, so hopefully it will get here soon! Tank parameters are: Temp: 77F pH: 7.7 (it was really hard to read this time...between 7.6 and 7.9 for sure) Ammonia: 0.35-0.40 ppm Nirtites: 2 (maybe as high as 3) ppm Nirtates: 5 ppm Should I do a water change, how much, and what should I put in now?
  11. Ok. I'll post parameters tomorrow night and we'll do the dip then and report to you how it goes. Only about 10 seconds in the dip right?
  12. I'll do 90%. I wasn't able to get HP... I don't know why it is to hard to make it to the store, but it just keeps not happening. I am getting a ride to school tomorrow and I am going to ask her to take me by, so hopefully by tomorrow night I should have that. If I do, we should just do what you posted before right? (1 part HP to 9 parts tank water?) Also, out of curiosity, is it good or bad that the nitrites are higher?
  13. Tank parameters tonight: Temperature:78 F pH: 7.4 Nirtites: 2.0 ppm Nitrates: 20 ppm Ammonia: 0.25 ppm Should I do a water change tonight? And if I do, should I add Cycle, salt?
  14. Ok. I was leaning toward them, so I'll order some. Do I need a huge bottle or just a small one?
  15. I will keep trying. I was just really hoping she would eat today after the happy moment this morning. We will make her better somehow! I will post parameters before I do anything tomorrow and wait to see what you think before we do one. Do you know of a reputable site to order PraziPro from? I have found several that sell it, but I'm not sure which one to do or who has fast shipping, etc.
  16. We did about a 70%. We're already done. Maybe I can do another one tomorrow morning to help. Would that be good? I think we put about a tsp of salt in. Thanks for checking on the eating thing. I don't know what we're doing wrong. I took a video, so I'll try to post that if that would be helpful.
  17. Ok...trying to hand feed her again. She will sit at the surface in my boyfriend's hand calmly, but will not open her mouth for the syringe. She has occasionally opened her mouth to yawn I guess as she is swimming (maybe once or twice an hour), so it will open, but the hand-feeding isn't going well. Any other tips? We weren't able to get the hydrogen peroxide today, but I will get it first thing tomorrow. Water parameters before the water change: Ammonia: 0.25ppm Nirtite: 2.0ppm Nitrate: 20ppm pH: 7.4 Temp--78F The Nitrites seem really high. We are going to do a 50-60% water change, add prime, 0.5 tsp of salt, and the full dose of the nutrafin cycle. Does that sound ok? Should we do more?
  18. Small bit of good news! When I got up and walked by the tank this morning, she was swimming laps in the front like she used to do right before we'd feed her and going up to the top. I decided to try putting a few small flakes in to see what would happen and she went after them like crazy and actually ate at least half of a flake (didn't open her mouth as wide as she used to do eat), but I know she ate a bit of one at least! Progress maybe!
  19. Got it! I'll update parameters tomorrow before I do anything else (probably be tomorrow afternoon/evening before I can get anything bought and get home). Thanks!
  20. So double dose of prime for the whole tank (~10 gallon dose?) and should I add a bit more salt too? We did slightly less than 1 tsp last night I think when we did the 90% water change. And I will add the full dose of Cycle right? I am hoping feeding will go better tomorrow since she got more and more comfortable with him holding her today. We'll see. It makes me sad...
  21. I had a similar problem, not with a piece of wood, but with everything in my fishtank that wasn't a fish. I think I may have been overfeeding my fish and the excess food built up and caused that. It is clearish white in color and didn't really move unless the filter was coming out near it? I could never figure out exactly what it was, but I did a thorough cleaning off it and my tank and filter (unfortunately lost my cycle in the process) and its gone now. I'm interested to see if anyone knows what it is for sure...
  22. Tank Parameters: Temp: 78 F pH: 7.4-7.5 Ammonia: 0.35 ppm (maybe as low as 0.25, but looks darker to me) Nitrites: 0.25-0.35ppm (hard to tell, not 0.50ppm but above 0.25ppm) Nitrates: 10 ppm Should I go ahead and do a water change then? Also, she has pooped today at least once that we saw...it was really long, mostly clear and floated until it got wrapped around a plant...don't know if that is helpful. If she is pooping, does that mean she is somehow getting some food?
  23. I will post parameters before I do one. Working on homework so the water change hasn't happened yet. I don't think I have any hydrogen peroxide but I could probably get some tomorrow...
  24. Is the Prazi something I have to order online? I looked at one of my LFS today and didn't see any. My boyfriend spent about an hour getting Pucca comfortable with his hand in the tank and then a half hour with the syringe trying to hand feed her, but he couldn't get her to open her mouth to get it in. I tried putting some pieces of pea in the tank earlier too and she rooted around for a bit but didn't get any. I am going to try putting some bloodworms in the tank tonight after we do the water change. I'll post parameters after I change it. I should put more Cycle in tonight since we're doing a large water change right? She seems to rub against the gravel siphon when its in the water too if that helps in figuring out what it is. What is an HP dip?
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