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  1. is the video working now? I guess im having technical difficulties. I can take another tomorrow when I get back home if this one didn't work
  2. Yes she (I think) came in last week. Due to shipping she was extremely stressed and bottom sat for about four days. I was waiting for her to be more active before I took a video of her. I do have a question though. The fish was listed as a veil tail tele, but doesn't have a fork in the caudal tail fins. wouldn't that make it a butterfly as well? Im not sure. is their a term for un forked tails? either way I will be purchasing more dandies because I am completely addicted to them now. Saving my pennies for the next one lol. Making plans to upgrade my tank too. If they spawn Im selling the babies to get back some of the money this is costing lol. http://s1142.photobucket.com/albums/n611/thatrandoguy/?action=view&current=IMG_1176_zpsadf71271.mp4
  3. I've had a very stressful year so I decided to treat myself for my birthday (which I never do.) Happy Birthday to me Happy birthday to me :nana
  4. Please refer to this tank as the ranchu ranch. Really cute babies
  5. wow. I just cant believe some people. Clearly anyone who isn't happy with their product is a thief and a fraud. I think I would have to do more than just a feedback with this jerk. I would contact ebay and let them know that how nasty and what a fraud HE is. I bet if you contacted ebay and told them of his rudeness, harassment and multiple lies (as you can read in the negative feedback) they would eventually do something about it. Im thinking about placing an order just to see how I'm treated. Because if he even gets 1/4 as nasty to me as he did you he will regret it for the rest of his life. He may be mean but I can be a whole lot more mean than that. Ill send someones soul to hell in a heartbeat and not think twice about it when it comes to problems like this.
  6. They are blue christmas lights from wal mart. The ice strand ones. They cost about seven bucks and are safe for outdoor use so I figured they could go behind the tank.
  7. Lol I know what you mean. Its in my bedroom and kinda bright, so what I do is put the babies to bed a little early by turning off the big light. then when I'm ready for bed I unplug the back lights after calming down and watching them for a little bit of course lol.
  8. Thanks the filter helps a lot with covering up the wires making it blend a little better.
  9. The background in my tank needed a change so I thought I'd try an idea I had. But I cant decide if it looks really cool or just kinda trashy... Please give me your opinion. I strung some LED behind a light filter and got a pretty cool effect I think. It cost about ten dollars all together. Not all the lights touch the filter directly to add a little depth. Kinda reminds me of fairy orbs Overhead light on. Close up with overhead light. Overhead light off.
  10. The fish isn't in quarantine because I have decided to treat my whole tank because its needed anyway (pretty sure I have flukes). Eggs could be a very good possibility too. I have had constipated fish in the past and this guy seems to be acting like a normal fish would. No floaty problems or head tilting. Over all is a very healthy fish. Poop looks normal too. Ill be off the the pet store this week to get all my medications.
  11. Thank you! I went on this trip planning on going to a bigger city to bring back a better quality goldfish than the ones that are available in my area. Took my bucket and air pump with me the whole way lol.
  12. It appears to be a bit bumpy. Its just not too large of a wen. Maybe a pearl oranda cross? I thought that would end up as a crown pearlscale lol.
  13. I got this fish today on a vacation and I traveled with it for six hours to get it home lol. I cant figure out what this fish is. It looks kind of like a pearl scale because its very round but it does not have the bumpy scales. It also has a small wen and kind of resembles a fantail. Please let me know what breed I may have because im quite confused.
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