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  1. Hi again

    These are the latest parameters and recap of the whole situation

    Ammonia: 0ppm

    NO2: 0ppm

    NO3: 15ppm

    Goldfish is male (checked and possitive about that-he is an adult)

    7cm size without tail.

    Has no raised scales.

    Had him in quarantine for 2 weeks now and being treated with salt and Fluke Solve.

    Also created madicated food with Metronidazole 250mg, Amoxicillin 500mg, Ultrabiotics and feeding it twice a day. He has a very big appetite and is very active.

    I know for sure he had Ich (salt took care of that), Fish lice (i think he only had 1 and i killed it), fish is alone in tank, and he probably had parasites for sure as the rest of the goldfish at the pet shop had (i continue treating with Fluke Solve).

    It's been two weeks and he seems the same, active and very hungry. I have him in a dark room and only feeding him medicated food. There have not been any changes.

    He looks very normal and active. I will post new photos but the have not been any changes.

    What do you think it might be?


    Liver fat?

    Birth defect?

  2. I like your Lionheads a lot.

    Have in mind they seem to be babies and their colours haven't developed yet. Expect a sudden change of colours. They usually will show their actual colour at the age of 6 months (or earlier) and will keep that colour for some time and even have colour changes way later on.

  3. I have a Calico telescope that almost lost all of his black spots after 10 months (this last two weeks his colour changed- there was a suddent temperature decrease also). 8 months ago i had it breed with a female and had babies so i know he was already an adult.. They are full of surprizes!

  4. Hey Fang.

    Anubias is my favourite water plant. I will definitely buy 1 set. Hopefully having 20 Anubias in my tank will reduce the NO3 the tab water already contains.

    I will also start putting Pothos plant to grow roots in the water but... last time i placed a Pothos plant with roots in my tank it triggered breeding on my goldfish (they were swimming in the roots), so had it removed and added spawning mops.

    Did you pay any extra tax?

    Because you ordered from abroad.

  5. I would say it is a Lionhead.

    Ranchus have a sudden tilt of the tail and an arched back. Lionheads have almost straight backs and not a tilted tail.

    It seems it doesn't have a straight spine but it's nothing to worry about. I have a ranchu with its spine not straight.

    These types of goldfish are really nice to look from above :)

    Also note that not all Lionheads necessarily have to have a headgrowth.

    Your's has a really vibrant colour.

  6. Ok i now have both Amoxicillin and Metronidazole.

    I will smash it separately and await instructions of HOW MUCH to use.

    I have looked at your "Agar gel food 2" recipe you have (very smart, thumbs up).

    But i have no idea where to buy Agar (i will check a healthy food store). Is there a different name for AGAR?

    Can i force the fish to take the powdered medication with some smashed fish food? They seem to like a lot Tetra Golden Japan food and Frozen Daphnia.

  7. He looks the same, normal swimming, fins are in great condition Ich has completely gone (as you saw on the photos), scales are flat/normal, he looks very healthy, swims all the time.

    Forgot to mention he had green poop so i'm pretty sure he ate a leaf from the Anubias. Poop was normal, not string, no bubbles of air in it, solid, not long poop.

    Maybe i'm worried for no reason and it's just a birth defect.

    I think the tumour/bloated side went a bit down... i might be wrong.

    Is it possible it was caused by Parasites or Worms and now is slowly healing on its own?

    Fluke Solve has praziquel so it should handle the parasites and worms and also used 0.1% salt for the other parasites.

    I will take some more photos on the next water change to compare.

    I'm pretty sure he had parasites because the other fish in the tank they were keeping him at the pet shop had Ich (all of them), fish with ripped fins, fish bottom sitting, also saw 3 fish with raised scales (dropsy). I even saw a fish lice jumping off him when i was taking the photos and killed the fish lice (so i guess the others at the pet shop also had fish lice).

  8. I have some left over pills of Amoxicillin (doctors here give them as if they are candy). I will get the box and inform you what it says on it.

    Please have in mind i've been treating the fish with salt (it had Ich now Ich is gone) and also Fluke-Solve medication ( http://www.fish-treatment.co.uk/fluke-solve-aquarium.html ). I used PraziPro before but run out.

    Do i have to do a big water change in order to add the new medications? or can i use them all together? I don't use Carbon by the way for obvious reasons.

  9. Yes, remember that because this is an internal issue, the fish will have to ingest the meds for maximum effectiveness. It can be medicated food, OR antibiotics that can be added to gel food. Look for broad spectrum types of meds, such as metronidazole, although I'm not 100% confident that metronidazole alone will suffice in this case.

    If you have a question about a med choice while searching, please ask.

    They don't sell any meds for fish with metronidazole, but they told me i could get it from the pharmacies, but don't know how much of it to give a fish or how. Maybe i could try making a gel food with it, any links with instructions?

    I could order it online but it will take 10 days to receive it from the UK ( the post services are very slow here :( ). I could wait to receive it because the fish still looks healthy. Yesterday i gave it a mashed boiled pea, it ate it like a pig (didn't fed it for 4 days but i think he ate the new leaves that where growing from my anubias plants). I have a little frozen daphnia i could give it.

  10. As promised here are some more clear photos.



    These are the best i could shoot.. Also have in mind that it's a bit hard to see the fish clear as it is a Calico.

    By seeing it close the fish doesn't have raised scales.

    I have checked its bottom and it seems like a male. The collon seems to go in a bit and the come out a bit. I know how a female looks like because i had a female and male have babies before.

    I was hoping it would be a female as i have mostly males :(

    It's been 5 days and the fish looks very healthy.

    Please note i haven't fed it for 4 days, but he had green poop (he probably bit off a plant?).

    The fish swims normally and Ich has completely dissapeared. He doesn't show any signs of illnes.

    I'm starting to believe it's a birth defect.

    What do you guys think? Liver fat? Toumor? I have no idea...

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