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  1. Beautiful Fish, so bright and really nice fresh looking tank too
  2. Thank you Yafashelli, my fellow Whovian I bought a Air Curtain yesterday so I'll have to get some pic's of it. They are quite neat looking and funny watching the Fishes swimming in n out of bubbles.
  3. Your Teles are stunning gorgeous, love the white and Calico!!.
  4. Aww, I really like Silvers Colouring, its cool looking. Loving your white Lionhead too.
  5. Wow your Tele' is gorgeous. Lovin' his shape and finns. .
  6. Thank you so much every one. I love him. Just wish his cheeks wouldnt grow so much, lol.
  7. You fish look very nice, lovely bright colouring. I really like the look of your tank too
  8. Thank you Katie Thanks a lot Koko
  9. Beautiful Fish, very nice indeed!.
  10. I have named him Tank now, due to his size not as in Fish tank and I have had him since the beginning of 2012 ...... When I got him 4th January 2012 about 2 1/2 " long. And then on the 4th December 2012 And then today 29th June 2013 He's a bit of a pain because I have to trim his Cheek Wen right down every couple of weeks because its soooo big and grows straight over his eyes. The poor lad, But I do love him!!.
  11. Ah yeah thats what I thought, No worries. Thanks Guys
  12. Ok so maybe not Force hence the " marks but maybe help along sounds better, LoL.... I was thinking along the lines of a food of some kind. Iv always fed my Goldies on Hikari Oranda and some Lionhead. Maybe some natural sun light may do it, but then hes just gona have to go back in the main tank so may change back again anyways
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