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  1. Thank you! I'm bummed out, part of me wants to add a black moor, but with a black background that's probably a bad idea unless I want a camouflage fish... Thank you so much Heidi!!!
  2. Thank you so much! Honestly I have no green thumb whatsoever... I cant even keep succulents alive in my room and they are the most low-maintenance plants ever. I usually get Fluval Aquascape cloth plants. They're a bit pricey and 25 dollars a pop, but they're medium sized and last for a long time. That and they look natural to boot! (Not tacky at all!) :heart Thank you so much Susanne Thanks Chelsea! I'm excited!
  3. Thank you!! I got really lucky with that! Chalk it up to high shutter speed! I thought so too! I almost missed Peaches at the LFS because she was in the top tank, and I'm a short person. I actually had to ask to step on a ladder to see!
  4. I bought the same plant! So yes, it is the same one, just a newer one (my old one fell apart when I scrubbed it to get that algae off! But it lasted for 2 years, so I'd say for a cloth object to survive in water that long, it's probably a good run! I thought so too! The biggest one, Avocado is about 3.5 inches long minus the tail, so they definitely have some time to grow :-)
  5. Aww thank you so much! :-) I've been so excited for this! Thank you so much!!!! I'm glad you enjoyed them! By the way, just for you! Awww thank you! I'm up to a 60 gallon now! Not a huge upgrade from my last, but it's a nice one. I managed to score a tall tank for an amazing price, and thankfully these guys are very little so I have time for my final upgrade which I'm planning on next year! I hate having to keep painting all these tanks though!!!! Hopefully the next tank will be the last one!
  6. I had the chance to upgrade my tank so after a while of set up, here we go! Introducing the gang. Clementine Peaches Avocado (because he's my special survivor boy... formally known as Clyde. He's grown 1/4 inch of fin!!!!) Strawberry Bonus pic: three stooges.
  7. Really? That's so cute!!! I got my clyde with another Ryukin, I had named her bonnie
  8. Oh thank goodness. I'm so glad that that's all I need to be doing at this point in time! Thank you so much!!!! Oh darn! At least I know it'll grow with some patience. Thank you so much! This is reassuring
  9. This is a 45 gallon tank actually I'm using liquid. And thankfully the tank is cured and no more fish have suffered Now I'm just wondering what I can do to get some more tail regrowth! I feel bad for poor clyde
  10. I am so positive. The flukes issue started almost immediately after the introduction of a third fish from a different LFS which I think I didn't end up leaving in quarantine long enough. I had to disassemble the hospital tank after 15 days due to a leak that destroyed the table it was on and with no place to put the fish, it went in the community tank. I had classic signs, flashing, gill redness and diminishing fins on all three fish. I thought I had a tail biter at first until I realized what it was. The tank was treated (and is still being treated now) with 40 tsp of salt and rounds of prazi. My newest fish just went through a 30 day quarantine and were added in, and now the community tank is being treated one last time for good measure because I'm not taking any more chances. EDIT: forgot to mention I also bumped up my tank temp to 80F doing 5 day water changes of 90% too
  11. I'm going to put this out there right away that mods, if this is in the wrong place please feel free to move it! I'm not quite sure where to put this one. (Not sure if it even belongs in D&D or anything) Hi everyone! I'm looking for some advice. A while back my tank came down with the most medication resistant flukes I have ever had the displeasure of meeting! Needless to say, by the time I got everything under control I had one fish with the most severely eaten fins I have ever seen. Clyde is healthy now, gets around well and I'm seeing signs of fin growth (the new fin is actually see through!) My question is what can I do to help speed up this regrowth process if there is anything at all. So far, the only growth I'm seeing is on the caudal fin, his pectorals and dorsal haven't seen any healing. I'm actually in the process of re-adding prazi to my tank (round three). any advice is helpful and totally welcome!
  12. I'm starting to wonder if maybe you have a defective test... Did you buy it recently? If you did, might not be a bad idea to go back with it and explain your situation maybe they'll let you swap it out for a new one...
  13. Thanks Chai! I wasn't expecting the change to be so quick
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