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  1. I was wondering this myself. My tiny ranchu and baby oranda zoom everywhere. They never stop moving. But my big oranda seem to prefer floating along with the current all day and only get really active at feeding times.
  2. I'd just like to point out that we're not trying to be mean here, just trying to help you do what's best for your fish (and you as well, as sick fish are not fun) Cindi beat me to it, but this is Jack; He is only two years old and has spent his life in large tanks and has grown accordingly. He wouldn't even fit in a 5 gal. Cool vid!!
  3. Omigosh so tiny and very very cute!
  4. Woot! Finished work for the day. Time to play some assassins creed.
  5. Monday! Gotta sort out a brooding box for my soon to hatch ducklings!!
  6. Happy thanksgiving all you american people (and anyone else who might happen to celebrate it).
  7. There's so many pretty ones this week. I love number 19 and the black tele who has now gone. It's times like this I wish I lived in the states. *O*
  8. Aquaclears are excellent hobs. AC 110's are best if your tank is big and sturdy enough to support the weight of it, otherwise AC 70s do the job too. As for canisters, the cheapest decent one available to us in NZ is the Sunsun range (available on trademe) which come in 1000, 1400 and 2000 lph and vary in price for $70-200. Eheims are great but significantly more expensive.
  9. Pro-gold is not available to me, but I've had good results with Hikari oranda gold + saki (purple bag). I feed omega one too because it's cheap but I haven't seen much growth feeding it. I feed a mixture of everything these days xD
  10. Yup lol. I gave up on them when I started finding them in my all my filters. Now I just wipe the algae off the plants.
  11. To my knowledge nerite snails are not available in New Zealand. Ramshorn snails do the same job, but be warned they breed like crazy. You can get them on trademe.
  12. Thanks for letting us know it got through customs. I'd be getting some right now if it didn't stain white fish yellow. :\ but at least I know the option is there now.
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