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  1. Lol why is it on my days off I wake up at a sensible time but days when I should be working I oversleep...
  2. Lol with small fish, they move much too fast to see the vent shape. You'd be there hours. I've never had any luck using vents to tell. Breeding stars is safest. I'm sure some fish at the LFS will have them showing.
  3. I have fish only 1 1/2 inches long excluding tail and they have breeding stars already, making them boys. But as they're so small it can be hard to spot. This is one of my older (and much bigger) boys proudly showing off his breeding stars. Some fish have more than others and they change often. Just because a fish doesn't have stars, doesn't automatically make it a female. You'll notice as well that Dean has very thick pectoral fins.
  4. Wooow gorgeous fishies!! The orandas have beautiful fins <3 The darker ranchu is just soo so cute So much wiggle!
  5. Ohhh I'm not sure about that!! You might have to send me your ryu first. Thank you~~ Me too! Little bit different from my usual red and white orandas He does seem to be the favourite. Just too cute for his own good. xD
  6. Thanks so much guys!! Thanks!!! I love watching fishies grow so definitely looking forward to seeing how they turn out Imma just squeeze Ghost in the current one... He'll fit I'm sure of it! He's only very tiny after all It's exciting for sure! Though getting one fish at a time stops you picking favourites straight away I only juuuust have space for them, It'll be easier when the Shubs are big enough for the pond.
  7. Being unemployed is bad for my sleeping habits...
  8. Thank you! I did ask the guy there if they were from long bodied stock, hoping they would be similar to watonai, as that particular store breeds their own fish. He said the parents are quite round bodied, sooo I guess I'll have to wait and see.
  9. Thanks!! Thank you so much!!!! Arry is indeed a character. <3 Thanks! I took about 100 photos just of him, only 4 or 5 were in focus. Thanks~ <3 Thanks so much!!
  10. AND then! There's the other guy. I went to the LFS a week later to get bloodworms and spent half an hour staring at the tank of white fantails. They were so cute! I wanted a comet, but they looked a bit ill whereas the fans were happy and friendly. I finally made up my mind and came home with one. I picked the happiest one with the longest body and longest fins, as well as adorable markings. He was super happy and tried eat my finger through the bag. By the time I got home I was completely smitten. This is Ghost! The apple of my eye. And that is all! Thanks for looking! No more new fish for me til next year (with any luck...)
  11. The shubunkins~ I've never ever had single tails before so these guys were a huge surprise for me! I can't get over how fast they are, and so agile! Fili! Definitely a boy. He has breeding stars everywhere! He's got a really strange tail that annoys me because I can't work out what's up with it. But he's so cute I forgive him haha And Kili! I love everything about this fish. <3 And a few group shots! These are Saki-hikari pellets they're eating. They look huge next to the tiny fish. From the day they arrived.
  12. With my big fish going out into the pond I suddenly found myself with a lot more space in my tanks. I told myself I was going to go to the LFSs and get fish that I actually got to see before I bought them for once, since all my others came from online auctions. Buuut I didn't get that far. While doing my usually sweep of fish auctions I found one for 5 fish - 2 shubunkins, 1 pearlscale, 1 veiltail and a black moor. I put a watch on it out of curiosity to see how high the price would go. With 2 mins left, the bidding was only at $35. I put a bid on, thinking someone would outbid me. It didn't happen. I spent a couple of days fretting over my impulse buy, but when they arrived on the 27th of February I was so so glad I got them. <3 They're SO tiny I couldn't believe it. And so cute. My naming themes this year are Game of Thrones and The Hobbit. The black moor! Benjen! I'm super happy with him(/her). He has massive eyes and I've always wanted a moor with giant bouncy eyes lol He's got long fins and will be a good match for Henry when he grows up. The Veil, Tywin! Slowly gaining more white... The pearlscale, Arry! Originally thought to be a girl, turned out he has breeding stars already. I am in love with this fish. I'm gunna put the others in a new post.
  13. Wooow! Nice!! I love his current black markings xD The rings around his eyes are particularly interesting.
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