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  1. The poo that's currently floating around is very thin and stringy, pale yellow.
  2. His belly is fine, tis just his 'chest' area that's soft, where the red is. Not really soft. Just..... It's a similar sort of squishy as a firm wen actually. I have salt, metro, pimafix and/or melafix, a tiny bit of prazi, and furan 2. Pond params 0, 0, <5 pH: 7 Temp: 7C 750L running since January ish. 4 large oranda, one small oranda, one tiny shubunkin.
  3. Test Results; QT Tank - 0,0,0 give or take. Tis uncycled, doing at least once daily waterchanges Tap - 0,0,0 Tank and tap pH 7.2 Other Required Info: Test-kit - API drops Water temperature - 21C Tank - QT tank of 60L running 2 weeks. Filter - AC 200 Waterchanges - At least once daily, 100% Last changed 100% yesterday How many fish in the tank and their size - One oranda, Doc. 4.5inch exc. tail. Additives or conditioners - Prime Feeding - Feeding him mixed pellets (hikari, NLS) by hand an hour or two before I do waterchanges New fish - No. Medications - No. Entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank - Salted and prazi'd October last year. Furan 2 treatment for suspected bacterial infection September last year Unusual findings on the fish - Red wound from contact with air, the red area is also soft to touch. Unusual behavior - Floating upside down. If turned the right way up he'll swim happily for a few seconds then flip over again. More info! Doc was put out in the pond February 16 with my other orandas (that's the end of summer ish here btw) Now it's winter and when I checked on them during a bad cold spell I spotted Doc upside down, not at the surface as he is now. I was concerned he was having issues with the cold so I brought him inside into QT, matched the QT tank water temp to the pond's and let it adjust to room temp. That was 2 weeks ago. He has become more active since then and will eat happily when food is stuffed in his face, but it's the red that's bothering me. I've been applying vaseline to the exposed part of his belly once a day, but not sure it's helping. He doesn't seem able to flip himself the right way up, but he's not exactly trying - he's always been one for sitting at the bottom not doing anything till feeding. I doubt his floating is constipation related since it's unlikely they were eating much in the pond and the level of floatiness hasn't changed since I brought him in, but I'll be feeding peas just in case. The redness/squishiness at the moment is my bigger concern and reason for posting. What's the normal procedure for persistent floaters? Is it worth attempting a sling or will that cause more problems? His fins are streaky from me grabbing him to apply the vaseline/feed him, aaaand the black on his pectoral fin is unrelated and has been there a long time.
  4. Yes it does. I can't put rocks on mine because the bubbles get bigger, and much louder and it annoys me. I have a suction cup as close to the disk as possible, it keeps it mostly flat but gunk will gather under it.
  5. I asked this last year some time. I asked about these ones http://www.exo-terra.com/en/products/hanging_rainforest_plants.php, which are for reptiles and was pretty much told they weren't worth it. :/ Here's the old thread, http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/102040-reptile-decorations-for-aquariums/?hl=shukura#entry1269481
  6. Mine are all on sponges and clothes. Doesn't help lol. Just stopped them running away. The best air pump I own is a Boyu s1000. I got it second hand so no idea how old it is (though it looks ancient), but it hums very quietly and works extremely well. Never had any issues with it at all. I'm sure there're better ones out there but I'm yet to find one here. I have this air pump and although I like it, it's not silent. I have it sitting on some bubble wrap. Part of the problem is the noise from the air diffusers/bubble discs themselves. Very good point. O: I find that simple airstones like these http://www.amazon.com/Marina-1-Inch-Cylinder-Stone-4-Pack/dp/B0002AQHC8/ref=sr_1_1?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1371376144&sr=1-1&keywords=airstone make a lot more noise than the bubble wands or the air disks.
  7. For the record the other Aqua one air pumps aren't great either. The 'precision' range hum loudly and after a while start rattling. The 'stellar advance' ones start off mostly silent and get louder in a couple of months. Mines a year old and hums a bit, but it doesn't rattle, though it has a habit of losing oomph if it doesn't get a break every so often. Basically the cheaper the aqua one airpump, the more annoying it is.
  8. Okay in this one, I doubt the duckling is feeding the koi. They always drink after eating. Always. Unlike the swan vid were the swans are actively searching out the koi to feed. The whole time I'm thinking those koi could eat that duckling. Not helped by the recommended video list at the end where it has 'Heron eats duckling'. Everything eats duckling >_>
  9. Ahdgkjkjdsfhg I love your tank. So much. Words cannot express. Your fish are all so gorgeous *O*
  10. WOW! Now THAT is one amazing fish!! Simply stunning! Welcome to Kokos! :DD
  11. This sounds like an excellent idea to me!
  12. Double anal fins are preferred in fancy goldfish.
  13. I didn't even know they existed for a long time. I've never seen them for sale in NZ, even in the fantail tanks. Just because they don't get mentioned as much as the others doesn't mean they don't have fans. I'm hoping to breed some of my own in the future. I second the request for more pics from you.
  14. Sunsun and aquatop are the same thing. Here's a review from last year on one of the models, http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/102055-aquatop-cf500uv-filter-review/ I have 2 sunsun canisters, (one does 1000l/ph and the other 1400l/ph with UV) and I have no complaints. To get rid of algae on the glass, you scrub it.
  15. Having 2 filters is a good idea in case one decides not to work for whatever reason, then you still have a backup running. If it were me I'd be looking at an Aquaclear 110 HOB, which have a great turnover and plenty of space for media, and some sort of canister. I have Sunsun brand canisters on my tanks, they're cheap, big and work well.
  16. I just use algae pad/sponges on my tanks. Those magnetic ones frankly scare me. Seems too easy to get a stone trapped in it and scratch the glass. Same goes for metal scrapers. D: Also they don't seem like they be any good against green dot and black brush algae which require a lot of scrubbing.
  17. What Alex said. Basically they'll fit the breed standard, and have perfect symmetrical fins, double anal fins, and have good balance. Usually LFS fish are the breeder's 'rejects', though to someone who's not familiar with the breed standards they'll just look like any other fish.
  18. I have a mini one, but it's T5. It lasted a year before it got water in it and the starter started playing up. If you're wanting plants you'd be best off with T5s. I have these on my tanks http://www.aquaticsupplies.com.au/hagen-glo-t5-ho-hanging-linear-flourescent-lighting-fixture-double-36-2-x-39w.html but have never had much luck with plants as my goldies shred them straight away. They're brilliantly bright and never had issues with them.
  19. Una I think you'll find NZ is worse. If Aus is anything like they are here, which I expect they will be to some extent, you'd have to find a quarantine facility where they'd have to stay for a very long time until they were sure they weren't carrying any nasties. I have been told it's very expensive as well. But that's NZ and we can't even get Aquabid fish transhipped here. Hopefully Aus isn't quite so strict! Good luck on your move!
  20. You can buy tank backing, which is sort of a plastic-y sheet that you glue on with backing adhesive (I think you can use other stuff as well to make it stick smoothly) or you can simply paint the outside of the back pane your chosen colour. Personally I haven't had much luck with tank backing. It tends to curl off at the corners in a few months and then just looks tacky.
  21. If it were me with the new tanks I'd be looking into a fully planted aquascape for a tropical community. Or! a plain riverbed type design for 2 shubs <3 But that's me.
  22. Genetically is will be an oranda/lionhead/ranchu, visually it isn't. Works for labelling birds, don't see why it shouldn't apply to fish as well
  23. Pics or it didn't happen! Seriously though, that's so awesome! Lucky you!
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