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  1. Super cute!! Congrats! Are they off trademe? I agree with Alex in regard to feeding.
  2. Better safe than sorry. I do all my perfume spraying, nails etc in the bathroom and have a very strict no aerosols within 10 metres on my tanks. It's just not worth the risk.
  3. Trumpet snail. They stay about that size. XD
  4. Hmmm. I don't know. I doubt she'd go hunting for them but if she encountered one she'd try eat it. But regardless, I'm yet to see freshwater shrimp for sale anywhere. Same with nerites ): So unfair.
  5. We have nutrafin in NZ. I will never use it again. The flakes (even soaked) caused floatiness in fish that had never been floaty before and the pellets weren't much better. I love Hikari pellets <3
  6. Hi guys. I've been having a shuffle around putting fish in the pond and my blue tele Henry is now living in the 30gal on her own. I'm a bit concerned about this as she's not exactly good at finding all the food and I worry the small amount I feed her is going to sit there and rot. But anyway, my question is; in this size tank, is it okay for me to have a clean up team? If so, what would work?
  7. Cyperus helferi. I sadly failed to keep mine from disintegrating, but still my fav!
  8. So. I made the decision to euth him. He only lasted a couple of days in the pond before he got stuck on his side on the shallow bit. When I fished him out he'd pineconed again and hasn't responded to treatment at all this time. ): Thanks for all you help <3
  9. Nothing's changing. D: I did witness Doc diving the the bottom to try eat some poo (lol), so maybe he wouldn't do too bad upside down? My big question now is, would it be safe for my other fish to put him back in either the 200L or back out in the pond?
  10. I spy breeding stars on his pecs, looks like a boy to me! He's super super cute!! Lucky you!! Those cheeks are amazing
  11. Hikari Oranda Gold does indeed float, and Hikari Lionhead pellets sink. I feed hikari lionhead, oranda gold and purple saki. I have no complaints.
  12. Umm. He LOOKS better, like he doesn't seem as dull, colour-wise, and he's trying to swim more. But no change in the C or upsidedownness.
  13. I did a complete waterchange before I posted. I'll do another when I get home.
  14. So it's been 8 days since the last post. I can't say it's looking good. Though the dropsy signs have all gone, he's C-ing very slightly now and doesn't seem to be using his right pectoral (on the inner side of the C) very much at all. ): He keeps it flared while the left fin does the work. I was hoping to just move him into the inside tank where it's warm and clean and see how he does as an upside-down fish, but that was before he started bending. He's still keen to eat but I dunno what to do now. ):
  15. My favourite characters from TV shows, movies and/or games! Sam, Dean, Lucifer - Supernatural Doc and Jack - (Actually Captain Jack and The Doctor) Doctor Who. Damon - Vampire diaries Tywin, Ghost, Benjen, Arry - Game of Thrones Henry - Silent Hill, the Room. Fili - The Hobbit The only exceptions so far have been my chus who are named Whale names - Minke, Pod and Sei
  16. Twas for a position at a pet store as fish specialist. She asked what I'd advise for a parent wanting to get a fish for their child. And I told her my opinion on that. She didn't like it. Apparently caring about the animals is not something you need to work in a pet store these days.
  17. I don't think so. Thankies~ Yesss he is! I hope I don't. 8D Haha my friends horse that is staying with me is called Luci, I don't need 2 of them, it'll get confusing! Can't wait to see how he turns out. xD Ta, lol. I don't have much patience for people and could see myself getting yelled at for not selling fish to someone I didn't like. I figured best to get my thoughts out there in the interview than risk raging at someone later.
  18. Thank you! I love them too hahah they've really stuck ;D I love telling Tywin off for chasing Ben... "TYWIN LANNISTER, you stop that behaviour right now!!"
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