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    My first blog entry! I figured I should make use of it ;D
    First off I'm gunna introduce my fishies, tank by tank (as it stands now anyway)... I will later do a weigh in and measurement entry.
    So, let's kick it of with my biggest inside tank, my 200L/52 gal.

    Filtered by one AC110, a Sunsun/Aquatop 1000 l/ph and a small UV filter that isn't running the UV most of the time.
    Barebottom (as gravel seems to cause me issues) with plastic plants. I gave up on the live plants after a mega outbreak of black brush algae, ew.
    My nitrate busting plants in the top there consist of 4 peace lilies, a lucky bamboo, and two other marginal plants that I don't know the name of.
    Now the current residents,
    Henry, the oldest of my fish. I've had her since September 2010. From the 60L tank and 6 fish days... She's a tough wee cookie and has been through all sorts.
    She's ridiculously hard to photograph, being blue she doesn't stand out from many backgrounds and she has a habit of turning away when you try to take photos. Make it a mission.

    Derpy face <3

    Next is Damon. He's an oranda I bred and raised myself, though he (probably actually a she) hasn't grown so well as he could have. He is from a small batch of eggs that hatched February 2012, from Sam and Dean, a pair of my older orandas.
    He's very prone to ammonia burns. Any ammonia in the tank at all and he starts going black... The black on his fins in these pics have since cleared up.

    And Minke, the biggest of my 3 ranchu. She and her sisters arrived May 2012. They're now 18 months old.

    The next smallest chu is Sei. She's cute as a button but so derpy. <3

    And last up, little Pod. Now Pod is a bit special. She has a deformed mouth, a missing pectoral, and the other pectoral is badly kinked and despite my best efforts she will not grow, even when kept in a breeder box to make sure she was getting food. But she does well enough and loves zooming across the tank as much as the others.

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