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  1. Thanks XD Well the moor got ich, which I have NEVER had, ever. So that was annoying, but I seem to have cured that and all is okay for the moment. They're moving into my 40gal today for a while to let them grow before they head for the pond.
  2. This is something I have indeed been keeping in mind! I'm going to be making sure everything is safe, don't you worry.
  3. Hahah yup I shall certainly give it a go!! I don't expect it to go perfectly and I do expect it to get tricky when the fish are added. If all else fails I can move the fish out and get some more suitable ADA fish ;D I have a few months to research plants and layouts while I wait for money to happen.
  4. That pic's off google and mine wouldn't be anything like that amazing, but still, I'd like to try. Thanks heaps for the input and for fuelling my idea ;DD
  5. Hi guys. I've got this grand idea to start an aquascape in my 40gal for 2 bubble eyes. Somehow it's got into my head that because bubble eyes are a bit handicapped, they're not going to be as destructive as an oranda or ryu. If someone could let me know if that is the case or not, I would be most grateful. Obviously I'm going to be limited with the hard materials I can use, but was thinking something like this where everything has plants for padding. ;D
  6. Redcap died today, and the moor and orange fan don't look that good. 3 hours after a water change and start of round 4 prazi + salt, doubt that's a coincidence. QT is going on hold and tank's getting multiple fish-less water changes. Seriously pissed off and wondering why I even bothered. x____X
  7. Thanks guys!!! I love me some long flowing tail ;D Thanks! It took me several weeks and much messing around to get it sitting well, and it's still wonky Why can't you put yours in? Hahahaa he's a bit of a bossy britches, that okay? It's 200 gal, so not too big really. It's a local made brandless product from a town just 30mins away. I found it on trademe (like craigslist). Very helpful, I know.
  8. Thanks guys! Great to be back! O:
  9. Er.... lots? I counted. I have 18!! O: They sneak up on you, don't they They do that!! I think my days of having photos of all my fish in my sig are over ;DD
  10. Er.... lots? I counted. I have 18!! O:
  11. Sorry it's a bit untidy ;D Haven't had time to cut the weeds back. It WAS full of duckweed too, but seems the kiddies were hungry.
  12. He is certainly stunning! I can indeed! I thought I'd taken one, but apparently not.
  13. Tiny baby Lucifer! Whom I bought on a whim from the LFS hoping he'd be a comet. No such luck. Still a cutie! And it'll be nice to have a common to see how giant they really get. Henry!! I was a little anxious putting Henry out as she's pretty (for lack of a better word) dumb, and I could see her getting into trouble. But no, she's doing just fine. <3 Ghost. Grew too fast to stay inside any longer. As it turns out though she loves pond life, all that algae to eat! Omnomnom She has the coolest tail ever. Sadly couldn't get a clear photo, but the top 2 lobes on her tail have crossed and fused, then twisted so she has both a comet tail and a fan tail. And last but not least, the baby! I didn't know my fish had even spawned til I saw this little flash of white one day. I have no idea who the parents are, though my guess would be one of the chus and maybe Fili?? I would have guessed Ghost, but she wasn't out til later. It still amazes me that of all the fry that there might have been, the one the survives has a perfect split tail... And that's everyone!! Thank you, VERY MUCH, for looking.
  14. Where to even begin... I've been away from Koko's for a while after losing my orandas, been focusing on my birds and ducks instead. But I'm back now, so this is just a general update for all my current fish, excluding the new babies I don't know whether to include the before&after / growth etc here or on a new thread... D; I only have one inside tank running at the moment, which is my 200L/40gal. Only two fish in there at the moment - Tywin the veiltail and Ben the black moor. Unfortunately I have a stubborn green dot algae issue and can't take in-tank photos just at the moment... The fish weren't happy about the little tank I had to put them in. Tywin: Ben: The rest of my fish live in my 750L/200gal pond, which is doing very well now it's got itself probably established. Hoping to get a waterfall or fountain set up for the opposite side to the filter, as well as a few marginal plants for more nitrate control. When I have money and time that is. So we have, my ranchu Sei and Minke, Sam and Dean's baby Damon (oranda), Fili the shub, Ghost the fantail/comet mess, Arry the pearlscale, Luci the common, Henry the blue tele, and a little mystery fantailed baby who has no name. First off, Damon. I am SO so glad I kept HER (!!), especially since her parents are gone now. She's super cute and has Dean's amazing tail. <3 Minke. She's doing really well. and I'm very happy with how she's turning out. Finally getting a wen ;D Sei. It was touch and go for a while there - she didn't seem to like tank life very much, but she's thriving in the pond Arry is the most recent fish to go out to the pond. After the initial settling down period, she seems to be doing just fine. Fili! When I bought Fili and the the rest of his group, I didn't actually want any shubs and before they arrived was even considering euthing them! D; But luckily I fell in love with him as soon as I opened the box, and here we are today. He grew a wen, really really cute. <3 I'll continue with the rest in a new post
  15. So exciting!! They are so gorgeous. <3
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