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  1. *waves* I'm over here - but actually living in the UK now. Haven't been on Kokos since we sold our tank over a year ago! Just thought I would pop in and say hello Sevare
  2. Yes, that's a great idea! I might post a before and after pic some time this weekend Have a great weekend everyone!!
  3. things are still good! fishlips is looking awesome!
  4. It is awesome huh? Baytril is in the post today too
  5. very happy Although she still acts like a wierdo. Today she swam in between the glass and a plant and got stuck, head down, bottom in the air and just sat there.
  6. Just a quick update... After 6 days of antibiotic food (Baytril and Chloramphenicol) ...Not a single scale is sticking out YAY YAY YAY!!!! No more bloody patches either Fishlips is still doing the crazy "I think I'll just swim upside down for a while" thing...and she does have some black marks where the bloody spots were. I've checked the water - everything fine I'll keep her on the antibiotics for a total of 2 weeks I think - does this sound right?
  7. Thanks for the well wishes David. I'll guess we'll see how Fishlips goes, I will continue to treat her. There is no way I couldn't try to heal her.
  8. Thanks Jen! Fishlips is so perky now that it's hard to get a good view of how much her scales are sticking out! I think the "bad" side looks a little better today, but there are some black marks on the base of her tail fin. I wonder if the meds have caused this? I just did a 30% water change last week. Sev PS: HAPPY FRIDAY!!
  9. Will do! And I'll post your Baytril today
  10. Whoops - I tried to edit my previous post to add pictures but I was too slow! Here's Fishlip's bad side: And her good side:
  11. Just a quick update on Fishlips... So I have been feeding her food with the antibiotic Baytril in it. Today, she looks better and worse. On one side the scales aren't sticking out so much (not at all in one area!), but the other side looks slightly worse with a few more (small) bloody patches. My plan for the moment is to give her Baytril food in the morning, and Chloramphenicol food in the evening...unless someone has a better suggestion? Fishlips does appear more perky though and her poops are healthy (short pieces of thick food-coloured poop). She hasn't lost her appetite either (the little fatty )
  12. The bloody patch is gone now (yay) but apart from that, no real change. Scales are sticking out, but she's still swimming around and eating as much as usual
  13. Change of plans - Fishlips got too stressed when I weighed her prior to injection so I decided to just give her some oral medication. Unfortunately we can't medicated food here in Australia. BUT I do work in medical research so was able to nab some Baytril AND Chloramphenicol. On JenW's suggestion I will make up a new batch of food containing both antibiotics. *fingers crossed*
  14. I have decided to give Fishlips an injection of Chloramphenicol (I had some here at work). Found quite a few websites detailing how much to use for koi and goldfish. so 50ug/g, IP....will try it when I get home.
  15. ok, so I have worked out that Gentamycin could be a bad idea - as Fishlips most likely as kidney problems. Penicillin and Ampicillin treat mainly gram-positive bacteria... I'm going with Chloramphenicol....more broad spectrum - inhibits protein synthesis Ooops - I haven't done much work today but research fish-related things...
  16. Yes - I can do that - good idea! I just have to work out which one I'll try first....
  17. Thanks Daust... Unfortunately we can't get a lot of meds in Australia And as work is crazy at the moment, I thought I'd ask about the antibiotics I use here..
  18. Hi guys, Poor Fishlips looks like she has a bacterial infection. I can get some gentamycin, streptomycin or penicillin from work today but has anyone tried these on goldfish before? And would you know the dosage? That's all I'll be able to access today Hoping someone can help..
  19. Thanks guys - you are all so sweet I have gentamycin, penicillin and streptomycin at work - has anyone used these for goldfish? Why I didn't think about this before, I don't know!!! Jen - I'll find out if I can use the above before hassling you with postage etc, but thankyou so much. And Fishlips is looking worse today And it's such bad timing....work is CRAZY
  20. I'll have a looky and see what's available..thanks for your help. What kind of active ingredients do you think I should be looking for?
  21. I just noticed a bloody patch on Fishlips I'm going to treat with Myxazin as it's an antibacterial safe for the pleco and live plants.
  22. Hi again, Fishlips has been missing scales in that spot for > 1 year. With her swimming - it's not erratic, or weak - she swims at normal speeds etc, but just upside down at times! To the best of my knowledge we can't get any medicated food here in Australia. The only treatment I have left is Myxazin by Waterlife. I have no idea what's in it, but it says it's for bacterial infections. Should I just give it a go? It says it's safe for plants (we have live plants) and both tropical/cold-water fish and is probably the most expensive medication I've ever purchased!
  23. PS - here is a pic Hi yazooo, her scales are definitely sticking out her gills are a dark pink/red
  24. Hi Jen How have you been? Congrats of the KGW award! Yes, haven't had time for the internet for a while...I wrote the PhD thesis, I travelled Europe, I've done a lot of things... No redness in the body, haven't seen any abnormal poop but I'll look more often from now on. I treated the Ich with Multi-Cure (after removing all the plants and treating them on their own with Myxazin). Had to do 2 treatments (at half dose 'cos of the Pleco)...~30% water changes before/between/after treatments. I'm guessing the scales are only slightly raised....(I have never seen a gold fish pine-cone in the flesh before) - the scales are not sticking out at right angles or anything. And all the other inhabitants are fine, and have been for >6 months (apart from Ich once which I spotted as soon as 1 or 2 spots appeared). I hope she's ok...
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