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  1. I fed 'em...just like I do every morning and every evening...but judging by how they reacted, this is the first time they've ever seen food It's somewhat hilarious. They completely freak out when it's dinner time. You'd think I starve the poor things, hahaha
  2. I've had a Fluval 306 going in my 29gallon goldfish tank now for a couple weeks. Needless to say, the outlet of the filter was basically a water cannon! It made about 25% of the tank unusable by the fish unless they wanted to constantly fight the current. (Occasionally they'd play in it, but mostly avoided any area I pointed the outflow at) So, I thought I'd try out a spray bar. I just installed the Fluval Spray Bar and the little guys are swimming all around the tank and no longer avoiding the area. They've spent the past hour exploring and seem pretty excited. Hopefully it's not premature, but I'm gonna go ahead and say that the spray bar was a good upgrade. Now, if I could just get them to poop closer to the intake...
  3. Thanks guys! Now all I have to do is get a handle on what type of plants I wanna stick in here, and I'll be set. I wish I had a better camera than the one on my cell phone though. They're all cuties, but the orange one sorta makes me laugh because he looks like he's smiling. lol. I'm fairly certain fish don't smile, but whatever. He's cute. haha.
  4. First, I need to thank everyone who posts on this site. Your contributions have been great fun to read and have helped me finally set up a tank. So, here's the new fishies: George (red cap oranda), Gracie (orange oranda), and Penelope (calico fantail). The original plan was to only have two, George and Gracie, but my daughter fell in love with the calico and so Penelope will be living here until my daughter gets her own tank I guess Oh, and it's a 29gallon acrylic with a Fluval 306, a Tetra Whisper 40, a few silk plants (that will probably be swapped for real plants in the future) and a couple handfuls of river rocks. (Incidentally, I'll be ordering a spray bar because that outlet jet is a water cannon, haha. But, at the moment they seem to be enjoying playing in the wash)
  5. So I was all set and ready to run a Eheim Ecco Pro and an AC70, and then I started thinking, "what about running dual canisters?" I'm really attracted to the idea of 2 canisters, but thought maybe I'd see how other people felt about that. Am I correct in assuming they'd be quieter and require less maintenance? The only drawback I see is that they cost more. Any other cons to this idea? Thanks for your input,
  6. @shamu - I just want to clarify, are you saying you'd use 2 AC50's and a canister, too? Three filters? That seems like a whole bunch of filtration! hahaha. Also, I'm assuming that most people are in agreement that the carbon isn't needed in any of the filters, including the canisters?
  7. Thanks everyone. Already getting some good advice! Nice! So, after reading these responses I've spent the morning reading up on canister filters and watching YouTube clips about filters. hahaha. Exciting, right? Anyway, I think I'm convinced. Canister filters aren't that scary now that I've done a little homework. So I think I'll take the advice and go with the Eheim Ecco Pro 2236 and the Aqua Clear 70. Also, I really appreciate the info about the silk plants over plastic. I had totally overlooked that. Silk it is! I'm still in the air about using a bubbler or not. (pun intended I like the way they look, but I'm not sure it's necessary if I use a spray bar and 2 filters. Do the goldfish actually like the bubbles? I plan on doing a fishless cycle, so I imagine I'll have lots of time to play with the filter intakes to get an efficient but tame current. Am I forgetting anything else? One final question: I had assumed an Oranda and a Black Moor would make good tank mates. Right? thanks for all the help!
  8. I've been wanting to start keeping fancy goldfish for a while now and I've been a lurker on this site for a bit. That said, I've been trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to do and I thought maybe I could get some insight from some of the experts here. I'm really interested in setting it up right the first time, as I really don't like the thought of tormenting some poor fish by making silly choices. Here's what I've been thinking about: Tank: 36 gallon (I'm leaning towards a bare bottom tank) Fish: 1 Black Moor and 1 Oranda Decorations: a few plastic plants and probably some smooth river rocks I'm not sure about filtration though. I like the idea of using two filters in order to accomplish the job, but I'm stil confused about which models or types are good for a novice like myself. Also not sure about what type of bubbler to use. Am I missing anything else? What do you guys think? Thank you for your time and thanks to everyone who contributes to this site. So much great info and awesome fishies!!
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