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  1. Gravel vacuumed a huge amount of poop from the temp Goldie tank. Last night was blueberry treat night
  2. Went to petsmart and bought a new filter cartridge for my tank that had ick and a new UVB bulb for Spunky my bearded dragon. Walked away with lizard treats and a breeder net for my mollies in addition xD
  3. Dnalex, i guess i can see where your coming from there. I more just assume that if someone is asking all these questions then they are actively learning what they need to know to understand the needs of the animal. Being that i'm one of those types of people who does heavy research on the subjects, i know from personal experiences that in animal keeping, book knowledge is just as good as practical knowledge. The only cases I've found that its hard to compare book to practical knowledge is in the cases of behavior and some diseases, being that a veteran owner has the benefit of solving multiple problems in various ways that a research can not replicate.
  4. Well, :x despite the general rule, i think a 15 gallon would be fine for a single fancy on the following basis: ____________ Water changes more often! (like 75% every week with a lot of plants and twice that without a lot of plants) Don't add any decoration that takes away from swimming space unless its just plants! The tank must be long. Finally, the filter should be for a 30-40 gallon tank *based on knowledge from QTing one med size goldie and one small goldie. _________________ From what i noticed, goldies aren't as picky about space as much as they are just stressed and upset with water quality or being homed in tanks that obviously won't let them grow to full potential (bowls x_x). I think if you can ask yourself if your ready to accept all this added on work to keeping them, and that you can swear that you won't attempt to add a second one then it should be fine, but please know its not ideal! *cringes for future reprimanding opinions*
  5. :0 oh man i can already guess on how fat your otos are xD, i know from my fiances tank (really bad green algae in a ten gallon) two of these little guys ate it up spotless.
  6. Lol I can't tell you how many times that I thought my ottos were dead. I have so many good binding spots that sometimes I don't see them for days I'm glad I'm not the only oto nut
  7. :0 you actually have problems of ornaments getting dirty? lol people without tank cleaner fish are silly ;P just pickin
  8. So Jazz the telescope calico fantail and Dobby the orange/white fantail, are being spoiled with food variety. I've been feeding api algae wafers, goldfish flakes, api veggie flakes, and betta protien foods. 1 week ago I got some hikari spriunlia brine shrimp, and the two went wild. Jazz in particular I noticed this week has developed twice the amount of color! He/she now has splotches of blue hues, red and black overlay, random pools of light orange, and the black spots are deep black rather than grey. Dobby developed slightly darker orange, but the Calico is the main attraction lol. Needless to say I was quite happy with the change and thought I'd share the amazing effects of spriunlia brine shrimp. :3
  9. I usually get some fancy house/hut/cave because out of 4 bettas in planted tanks 3 loved to just chill or explore their little house. They even go so far as to get territorial over their home if with other fish.
  10. I just love raiseing little fry, i would probably explode around 100 of them. On the subject of culling, thats why i will never breed anything but livebearers. Theres never to many and any screwups normally die naturally. (btw for me color varation is not a screw up so i never put any down based on that.)
  11. Sadly the Mollie who was pregnant in her 5th week died due to the combined stress of medication, ich, and troublesome pregnancy. The otos are unhappy with clamped fins, but I think thats due to ich on their bodies. The med I got was something with able use in half dosage. The ich is receding in 80 degree water with the meds nicely tho, but I will miss Sweetie the lyre tail creamsicle.
  12. I've posted elsewhere and I will say again, there is no need to fear bleach. Bleach if bought in a pure form, i.e not splash less or scented, is only a special form of salt NaCl and Oxygen. When arranged in the form of NaOCl this substance is caustic and breaks down organic materials along with itself. Once it dries or has had sufficient time in water all that will be left is NaCl or salt because the O or oxygen has left the compound and thus renders it as benign salt. I love chemistry lol
  13. I would try getting fancies from ANYWHERE but Walmart, they harbor so much disease and carry so many nasties from crappy care from both Walmart and the stocking company. Not to mention, the atrocities they partake in animal abuse in their fish aisle. Try going somewhere reputable, like a family owned pet store or a very well managed petsmart or petco
  14. I love one of my LPS they have a policy with their goldfish, "as long as it swims and competes for foods we won't put it down" I found about this when I saw a goldfish who spent most of it's time at the bottom and I mentioned it was sick and they informed me that when they received the fish it was missing one of it's fins and simply was hiding from some mean goldies. He still would eat and compete and I almost wanted the gimpy lol, but the fish I wanted in my tank would be good swimmers rather than things like celestials.
  15. bleach (NaOCl) breaks down into oxygen (O^2) and salts (NaCl). As long as it the bleach left behind 100% dries out in the PP will and cannot not react with it because all thats left is salt lol.
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