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    6(pearlscale, ryukin, calico fantail, Lionhead, Oranda and a Telescope eye butterfly tail)
  1. I also bought another AquaClear 70 for the 44gal so thats 600gph of filtration power.
  2. It is a 44gallon. All my water peramiteres are right on. I think the driftwood does make the water slightly tan, but not nearly as bad in person as the pictures. Also I bought a new 75 gallon tank today hoping to move my goldies over before they get to big. Right now they have plenty of room and I stay on my water changes to keep everything safe as possible. Stand Is still underconstruction. Just couldn't see spending $250 for the flimsy stand the LFS had. When what I have so far cost me $26 and will only be another $25 for a sheet of plywood. Here some more of current tank a little further out and from the top.
  3. Sorry havent been very active. My first child was born 1/29/2012 at 3:39am so last few weeks have been a handful. But anywyas I recently purchased a Lionhead, an Oranda with butterfly tail, and a Telescope eye with butterfly tail. Thought I'd show them off. Pics arent the best but good enough. As you can tell to their is 9 cardinal tetras and 5 white cloud minnows in there also, but only because the 20gal tanks filter went down and was my only option. Until it can be replaced.
  4. Very nice you have a nice find. Thanks for more pics
  5. I got bloodworms and they just let them sink to the bottom and basically ignore them. They do eat them eventually but seems like they make more of a mess for me the the fish actually like them.
  6. I have 3 about to be 4, and had 2 others several years back. I plan on trying to breed the 4 I have so Id say that I will be getting more(hopefully)
  7. At fist I didnt care for the pom poms but I think I am starting to like them the more photos I look at. Looks like you have very happy healthy fish. Keep up the good work.
  8. I have kinda given up on naming my fish, I have X and KB, Crankypants was named by my bf, and the moor and ranchu are just called 'moor' and 'ranchu' because I am a name ninja like that... Thanks guys I can never think of good names so I always end waiting long periods of time before I name them. About 5 years ago I had a fantail and a black moor. Well they didnt get named for about 6months. Then one day it came to me 'tank(moor) and Doug(fantail) The moor would slam into everything, and Doug was just fat So we named him after Doug from king of queens. Your tank and fish is gorgeous. You must be very pleased by it, as I know I am.
  9. Looks like you have some healthy looking fish. A beautiful pair, and nice and plump. Could you share some side profiles?
  10. Your tank looks good. Nice clear water, but that panda is amazing. Did you get it from your LFS or did you order it online? I would like to get one, but my lfs never has them.
  11. For my substrate I did roughly 1.5ibs per gallon. It gave me about 2-3" of plain black gravel in the tank. Then I bought different types of bulbs from walmart. It came with 4 varieties. They have been in the tank for 9 days and have already grew to 1-3". Only other thing I did was apply Aqueon aquarium plant food. But will be adding simple DIY co2 that can be found on youtube under DIY CO2. help this helps. Good luck
  12. My secondary filter will be bought Saturday. LFS has a sale Marinelands emperor 400 for $49.99.
  13. Thinking of doing a really fine black rock for bottom, and now probably potted java fern and duckweed. Didn't get the tele today, they are still quarantined one of the 4 fish in the lfs tank has lice, so I have to wait prolly atleast 4 days I would think. Once I get I will be doing my own quarantine. But the one im getting looks good and is the most active. I know cuz i watched him swim for an hour today
  14. I have the yeast setup right now. When tax time comes around I may go the other route so I can regulate it, but now its the cheap way
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