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  1. I seem to have gotten the upper hand of the ich infection in my tanks. I did quarantine Brain, Hershey and the unnamed Ryukin. I ultimatey lost both Hershey and the Ryukin but Brain has survived. He will remain in quarantine for 2 more weeks and I'm still salting the quarantine tank and the main 100g tank. Still vacuuming daily which is a grueling schedule for me. However, all fishies are perky and back to theor normal selves. I see NO SPOTs at all and I am very hopefull that the tank will recover. I'm going to continue treating for 2 additional weeks. Better safe than sorry! Thank you all for all your help and knowledge and encouragement! I could not have done this without you! FishyMom
  2. Okay, I'm already plotting for my next paycheck. I'm planning on buying AquaClear filters for my 100 gallon tank. Would you folks give me your recommendations of what size(s) to get. I was planning on two 70's. Would that be sufficient? I've already read extensive here about how to stock it, so I feel confident I have an understanding - Sponge - Fluff - Biomax or Fluval - Toss carbon in drawer and save for when medicating fishies. One other question,I read an article about how to seed a filter, would that apply to a AquaClear as well? Trying do things right! Thanks, FishyMom
  3. No matter what, I am treating the large tank. I never intended to not treat it. My thinking and I admit it could be flawed is to move Hershey to remove at least the sickest and most contageous fish and treat both tanks. I fully understood that I needed to treat the large tank either way. I've already added the requisite salt to the tank. I'm sorry I'm just so worried for these guys and I'm on small amount worried that all the fishes will get infected. And trust me there is no small amount of guilt that I may have unintentionally brought this all on myself. I will do a 50% swap tomorrow and add more salt to replace what I remove and add in the next dose. Again, thank you...I'm following your instructions to the letter. FishyMom
  4. Okay I am now back from Petco and victorious. I had the water tested and my amonia still came up 0.25, my pH was 8.0, Nitrate 0.10 and Nitrite 0.1. I understand that my Nitrite should be lower which means I'm overfeading da fishies. I have possession of the 10 gallon quarantine tank. Should I seriously NOT move Hershey? My thinking being that though I have several unhappy fish, I do not have any other who visibly have ich. Your thoughts folks? BTW, I did pick up up the Prime, which I intend on adding with my next water swap! Again, thank you all folks! FishyMom
  5. Let me try too clarify things since all of you are being SO HELPFUL and I seem to be confusing you all The 100g tank is new to me and is an upgrade. There is an combination of existing fish with new fish...the new additions being Hershey the 4" Chocolate Ryunkin who is my visibly sick fishy, the loach who is not sick, and the panda telescope. They were quarantined for 2 weeks. I realized I made 2 mistakes. 1) I forgot that I had not quarantined the fish long enough in my excitement of adding fish to the tank. 2) I did not realize that I should have cycled the tank before adding fish to it all. I still have my 20g tank, but I have 2 comets in there so I cannot use it for quarantine purposes. However, I do have access to a small tank that I could quarantine Hershey to though seeing as at this point the big tank is contanimnated and I have to treat it anyway, I don't know that quarantining him there will help. Could you folks give me advice on this? I will move him in a heartbeat if you think it is advisable. I will locate and buy Prime immediately. I believe I can swing that. When I get back I will likely start researching asking questions about what filters to buy for my 100g tank. I believe that 2 like 50g tank filter are better than one 100g filter. I'll then take the filter from the 100g tank, decontaminate it to within an inch it's life and put it on the 20g. I think. Again, I cannot thank you all enough for your help! FishyMom
  6. I am needing to treat my tank with salt. When I was given the tank I was told it was a 120 gallon tank. However, a friend of mine took the measurements and said that it actually came out to 87 gallons which is an odd number to me, unless this tank originally was a custom tank. Its' like 30 years old so it is plausible. My measurements are 16" wide - 23" tall - 63" long. Does anyone know how to reliably convert that into gallons? The difference between 87 and 120 is signficant when salt treating a tank. Thanks! FishyMom
  7. I'm really tight financially until at least Monday but let me see about getting the API master kit...I believe I know the one you folks are referring to. I was planning on investing in a better filter with my 5/20 paycheck. I also want to say and I don't want anyone to take this wrong, but I do test my water regularly and I have NEVER gotten a ZERO amonia reading. However, my fishies have behaved healthy and happy and have been growing. API is the only test kit I can get here and I'm wondering if maybe I'm just not interpreting it incorrectly. However, having said that, I can see about getting my water tested for Nitrites/Nitrates. I'l be heading out to the look into it after my conference call here in a few minutes. Meanwhile, here is a photograph of Hershey I managed to snap last night. Thank you all. FishyMom
  8. If someone can walk me through it, I can post a photo of Hershey who is the most obviously ill goldfish. Fishymom
  9. Okay, back from class now and re-tested water and have answered all the questions I should have had I not been in such a rush! Ammonia Level - 0.25 Nitrite Level - Cannot Test Nitrate level - Cannot Test Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) - 7.6 at least (My test kit maxes out there) Ph Level, Tap: 7.6 (again my text kit maxes out there (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) Other Required Info: Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API Water temperature? 72 Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 100 galllons - 2 weeks What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? Cascade 300 How often do you change the water and how much? 20% every other day - 90% swap today. How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? Today did a 80-90% water swamp How many fish in the tank and their size? 4" Ryunkin, 4" Oranda, two 3" Ryukins, 3" Black Moor, 2-1/2" Black/Orange Telescope, 2" pearlscale, 1-1/2" Panda Telescope, 4 inch golden loach What kind of water additives or conditioners? Aqueon Water Conditioner What do you feed your fish and how often? Aqueon Gold Fish flakes in morning, Aqueon Granules evening, Blood Worms on Saturday Any new fish added to the tank? Yes mom "surprised" me while I was gone and added a black Ranchu and an albino pleco and flat our added it to the tank, despite my having a small quarantine tank. Both of those fish died myteriously and I am suspicious they may be the source of the infection as I've had no problems with my tanks until now. I have advised her under no circumstances is she to add fish to the main tank. <sigh> Any medications added to the tank? None yet, I'm going to start adding salt shortly, I found the recipe here, List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. See above. Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? Definitive white spots all over the body of the chocolate ryunkin, suspicous spot(s) on the Oranda. Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? I've got 2-3 fish hanging out at the bottom. Oranda just floating at the top very lethargic. I can't figure out how too add an image here of Hershey, but I'm dead positive it's ich. Thanks, FishyMom
  10. After searching the forum here and looking at the posted photos, I'm positive I have ich going on in my 100 gallon tank. I understand to treat prazi and salt. I don't have any prazi and even if I ordered it today it won't arrive for several days...so my immediate option is salting the tank. I have Mediterranean Sea Salt which IIRC will work Question is how much do I add to the tank to raise it to the recommended level and how long do I keep them in the salt water. Oh I did do a BIG water swap...about 80%. The kiddos do seem perkier right now, except for the one who is worst, which is Hershey my chocolate Ryunkin and he has it the worse. Any other suggestions? FishyMom
  11. Hi folks!!! I've been recently given what I was told was a 120 gallon tank. TOTALLY old school, i.e., chrome banding on all edges and chrome top. This tank is at least 30 years old if a day! However, one does not look a gift tank in the mouth. The tank dimensions are 16"w x 22"t x 63"L. A friend said that it actually calculated out to 87 gallons which sounds like an odd number to me but maybe this was originally custom made I cleaned and rinsed the tank to within an inch of it's life with vinegar and baking soda to remove the deposits, filled it with water and let it sit and cycle for a week before I added my fishies Right now it is bare bottom with 3 large rocks that it came with. The former owner also gave me all "gravel" which looks lke the large stones used in landscaping as ground cover. Having said THAT, here's my question. It is my desire to turn this into a planted aquarium and I REALLY want to do black sand. However, the chrome banding is 2 inches all around, i.e., top, sides and bottom. Which means if I even want the sand to be visible I would have to bring it to the level of the chrome banding. I was thinking of using the original stone first as a bottom layer/filler and then adding the sand on top? Is this feasible? Anyone have any suggestions? Or am I just SOL? Thanks a bunch! FishyMom
  12. Hi I have a gold pearlscale. Well at least it was yesterday...today I got whiplash when I did a double take at feeding time. Goldie has black markings and they were NOT there yesterday. There is now black in her dorsal fin, at the base of the dorsal fin and on both sides. Now IIRC I thought I read that black is a fugitive color in goldfish and could disappear but I don't remember reading anything about new colors popping up. I've had Goldie now for about 3 months and she was about an inch and a half long when I got her. She has since almost doubled her size. Can anyone let me know if this has happened to them. Thanks! FishyMom
  13. OMG!!! How could I have forgotten about the spray bottle! Doh! However, I also love the plastic tape idea and will implement it! Thanks everyone for the ideas!!! I'm so glad I joined!!!
  14. New goldfishymom here. I'm just wanting to ask all those with more fish experience than I, which is basically everyone on the forum....how long do you keep your fish tank light on? I was just told by a friend that I should turn it off like when I go to bed or else I'm going to have neurotic goldfish. Is there a rule of thumb or something? I have a timer I can plug the light in. I just need some guidelines. Thanks! Fishymom/Mayra
  15. So do any goldfish parents here have cats too? I have my tank set next to a room divider with a like 6 inch wide ledge. They have taken to hopping up on that ledge, knocking off the filter lid and drinking the tank water from the filter! Has anyone else experienced that! I've scolded them and given them severe stink eye, but needless to say, cats taht they are, they are unfazed! <sigh> Mayra
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