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  1. Thanks Koko. Trying out a few things over the next 5-6 months to see if i can get them to grow big (like a lot of the other members on this forum). Hope it works.
  2. I have seen some growth over the last year or so (so keeping my fingers crossed). They're geting more plump (as compared to the increase in length). Maybe i can post a more current pic (as opposed to a few (5) months old above).But i do think the issue with commercial food meant i had to reduce feeding. My plan is to increase the amount and the temp and water changes over the next 6 mos and see if that makes an difference. If they grew to 3 inches (when i bought them), they have the genetics. So if there is something wrong its with me... Need to try a few things and get everything right. Have corrected the space issue, the food issue and will also fix the temperature issue. Will post in a few months and keep my fingers crossed. BTW mine are a petsmart find too. Had to go through a few petsmarts before i found these. Hate buying fish from a chain(would have liked a LFS). Live near cincinnati, ohio, dont know if there are any LFS which sell some of the nice ones we see on sites like goldfishconnection etc. The shipping on the ones from these sites is really too much for me (since i only wanted one or two fish).
  3. They have had a problem with commercial food. Have been feeding tetra flakes and then switched to pellets (always pre soak for 15 - 20 mins). The first fish had swimming problems. In the past 3-4 months started preparing gel based food. Also feed them egg whites (boiled), and shrimp as treats. This seems to have resolved the buoyancy issues. So now can feed more often and more quantity. This coupled with weekly 30% changes, i am hoping will help in growth. I have seen people post growth rates of 2 to 3 inches per year. I havent had that kind of growth (so am bummed out about that). But i am hoping with the gel based food (and the upgrade to 29 gallons), i'll see better results. Also want to go for a slightly higher protein diet to promote the hump. Am also considering getting a heater, to keep temperature a little higher at 74-76(heard growth is higher at slighlty higher temps). Currently in winter it falls to 68-70. Currently going through this forum for tips on how to make goldfish grow (fast). All suggestions to do that are highly appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the comments. The worst thing about having 2 fancy goldfish in a 29 gallon is having to fight the temptation to get a 3rd. I know i am just about at the limit for even 2.
  5. Hi, My 2 Ryukins. Appx 3 inches long. Have had them for a year in a 20 gallon long. Pictures were taken a few months ago. Now have them in a 29 gallon tank. Thank you for looking.
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