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  1. What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? Tetra quiet filter for 35 to 40 galoon FYI... Thats rated at 240 GPH (thats 8x) (If its the Ex series). I have a 29 gallon tank, 2 tetra whisper Ex filters (rated at 160 GPH and 110 GPH each)=> total 270 GPH.... almost 9.3X the tank size... Will 2 filters (total of appx 10X) instead of one be ok?
  2. Hi, I have heard of treating praziquantel as a preventative against flukes. Jungle has a anti-parasite food product, which they clai has praziquantel. My fish aren't showing any signs yet, but was wondering will this be a good product as a prevention against flukes. This seems to be a cheap"er" option to buying praziquantel from the web. But is it as effecctive. I wanted to put a link on ebay to this product so folks could look at it (but wasnt sure if the rules of the forum prohibited that). Thank you
  3. Labrador retrievers are the most popular dog breed in the US/ Europe. Would love to know what the most popular goldfish type is? Mine are Ryukins... would love to know what other people prefer (what their first choice would be).
  4. Thanks... am having a lot of trouble with commercial food (even if i add some to my gel food). So want to cut out all commercial food, and add multvitamins to my gel food instead of commercial food. I have most of the other things covered.
  5. Hi, I have read on various posts/ sites folks add multivitamins to their gel based food. Is that over the counter multi vitamins which people use??? How much should be added? Thank you
  6. Hi, Do amazon sword plants do ok in gravel. Do they need a special substrate? Can they do without any special plant additives (worried about adding any chemicals to my tank). The tank does have sufficient light (at least 12 hours a day). Thank you
  7. Is there anything special (food) you give or plan to give your Ryukins to develop the hump (high protein diet etc)?
  8. @mikroll Can't see the last picture any more ...... can you share that again plz,
  9. @mikroll Nice comparison pics.... I was almost sure it was a male..... but the last pic you have (heart shape vent vs elongated) kind of clears my doubt. So like you said 2 nice females it is..... (operative word being nice ). Thanks for taking the tie to post these pics. One more question... do females sometimes chase each others (breeding behaviour). I have noticed that behaviour in my fish last summer.
  10. Let me try to get close ups of the female's (fish 1) vent and close ups of pectoral fins for both...
  11. Will try that over the next few months (50% changes twice a week)... once i see the results.. twice a week will (i am sure) become a routine... Thanks for the advice
  12. Thanks ... had got both from the same tank at petsmart .. hoping the one in question is a boy (and the other a girl)... Will wait for some of the other folks with more experience with GF than me (Koko etc), to also take a look and let me know. Maybe tomorrow will post a few pics of the other one (one or two.... hope i havent exceeded number of pics i am allowed to post per topic).
  13. My wife actually asked me that...... My fish were probably going "that pervert with the camera is back again"
  14. Hi, Can you folks take a look at the following pics (second fish.. one not very clear ..at least to me). I somehow feel the vent on this one is different than the one we are all sure is a female.. Took me a loooong time to get these pics.. so appreciate your opinions..
  15. Great fishes. If you don't mind can i ask you where you bought them from? Not a lot of stores around where i stay cincinnati ohio. Wish the local Jacks or petsmart would carry such quality fish.
  16. When i orginally got my 2 ryukins, i saw one bump into the others rear...... a few months later i had seen the other fish do the same to the first one. Do females some time bump each other if males are not around ?... (me confused) I am both a little dissapointed (wanted the second one to be male).. but also a bit relieved... dont have the space or setup for fry... hate when fry have to be culled. Is there a picture comparision of pectoral fins on this forum where i can look at to see how a males pectoral fin looks like. Thanks for all the information.
  17. When i orginally got my 2 ryukins, i saw one bump into the others rear...... a few months later i had seen the other fish do the same to the first one. Do females some time bump each other if males are not around ?... (me confused)
  18. "Another thought is the male pectoral fins will be pointy, while the female's pectoral fins will have a rounded shape.Normally, fish become of age around 2 years old" That was a quote from the pinned sexing goldfish (the topic was started by Koko, another member had posted the comment above). Was hoping that could help in the identification. But the member had indicated that this was just a theory. Getting my camera to get pics of the vents.. Since my Ryukins dont have short tails its not going to be easy.
  19. The 2nd and 3rd picture are the same fish. Was hoping he was a male . Doesn't matter, like them both either way. I do agree the first looks like a female. Will try to get a picture of the vent soon. Thank you
  20. Hi, Needed help identifying male vs female. I have tried to take pictures of the vent (without luck). Will try a bit later. I dont think either have any breeding stars. I read a post saying the shape of the pectoral fin could be a good indicator. So posting those and hoping folks can help. Also have some side views of the vent. Thank you for looking. Fish 1 Shows pectoral fin and i think a convex vent (female?) Fish 2 (Pectoral fins only.. wasnt co-operating on the vent pics) Lack of convex vent (male?)
  21. Thanks for the suggestion. Had started out with soaking for a few minutes, but the moment the first one ate more than 2 medium sized pellets it would start having swimming issues. So started soaking for 15-20 mins. But your suggestion does make sense. I have switched to creating my own gel based food. Unflavoured gelatin, wheat germ, peas, lettuce, shrimp, tilapia, garlic powder (thinner to counter the gelatin), some presoaked flakes and some presoaked pellets (soaked in the gel), mixed with a lot of care and love. Make a weeks worth of food. Egg white (boiled) as a treat once a week or so. My wife is angry that i never cook for her (thats bcoz i am not a good cook), but i cook up stuff for the fishes
  22. Beautiful fish. Gotta try the white background thing myself (nice idea)!!
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