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  1. Strange coincidence... the petsmart near my place (Mason OH), has one too. It is comparatively big too (4 to 5 inch appx not counting the tail). I would have bought it if i had space. Too bad!
  2. May be the medium ones dont absorb water soon enough, so pre-soaking doesnt expand them much and they expand in the fish's stomach. I am thinking about trying the small ones as well, even though my fishes should be able to eat the medium ones.
  3. The dummy is obviously me! I have a goldfish with some swim issues (starts floating to the top a few minutes after eating commercial food) and then after a couple of hours is ok. I was using the tetra pellets and have soaked them for different times with same results. I have switched to feeding frozen bloodworms , freeze dried shrimp, and fresh veggies with decent results(not happy with growth, but the floaty behaviour has been under control). I want to buy omega one pellets (i have read that those are better than the tetra pellets) and give it a try. These are available in stores near me (don't really want to spend on shipping for pro-gold, hikari etc). I have 2 goldfish, about 2.5 inches (without tail). 1> Should i buy small, medium, large pellets? 2> How many times a day should i feed? 3> How many pellets per feeding? 4> How long to soak? FYI i keep the tank at appx 76 degrees farenheit (if that is a factor). Thank you
  4. I love goldfish but not enough to stare at a goldfishes rear end for 12 hours
  5. @Oerba Yun Fang " We go visit her every time we go to that store, which is about weekly" I go to the local stores (at least once every fortnight), just to check out fish. I know i am not buying anything (no space). Just go there to check out the new stock and check out what i would buy if i had the space. After my son was born 2 years ago, i use him as an excuse (he like seeing fish). My wife and friends (and i am sure the folks at the store) think this is a little wierd. There is a joke amongst my friends, i would probably pay rent and move into one of these stores if they let me Its good to know others here visit their stores once a week and that behaviour is normal.
  6. The design=>water flowing from bottom to top (as opposed to say whispers ex where water flows from back to front), causes the rising of thse basket. The other thing i dont like is the very little space between the top of the media and the top of the filter, which leaves very little room for error. If the had more space then water would not overflow from the back. Having said that i can see why ACs are popular , with the variety in choice of filter media and using sponges for biological filteration (in addition to the ceramic rings).
  7. Have heard a few goldfish myths/facts would love clarification on 1> The size of a goldfishess stomach is about the size of the eye. One should feed food about the size of the eye. Is this true? 2>Food passes through a goldfish in 10 mins? Is this true? Does this mean that a goldfish has room in its stomach for food in 10 mins? Thank you+
  8. AC filters need a lot more maintinence than other filters (in my opinion). If the sponge has too much gunk, water does not flow through the sponge but pushes the sponge and basket up. There is a danger of water flowing out the back of the filter and onto the floor. So one should really religiously rinse the filter media as recommended in the instruction.
  9. Saw this in my local walmart http://www.walmart.com/ip/Tetra-Sun-Dried-Gammarus-Baby-Shrimp-10-g/10312987?ci_sku=10312987&ci_src=14110944&sourceid=1500000000000003260550 It said that this is good for goldfish digestion and since i have a ryukin which has floating issues after eating, thought id give it a try. Am trying to switch to as natural food as possible. Have bought some bloodworms (frozen) and now this (in addition to feeding blanched veggies like spinach, peas and lettuce). Just feed them the baby shrimp and they seemed to like it.. Now to wait for about 15 mins to see if the fish floats.. Anybody have experience feeding sun dried shrimp to goldfish.
  10. How about these ... Ryukin Oranda.. best of both the worlds... only need to put a veiltail on it now. I just died and went to heaven (or could be hell, coz im also feeling a lot of envy)
  11. Might want to watch your back when this lady is around.... One of these days she might totally lose it and bring in a gun to work!! Cows, Sheep and pigs are raised (generally) for butchering and consumption, but oscars and silver dollars (one's own pets for that matter).. psycho
  12. If you wait too long and it still doesnt work, you might not get a chance to exhange for another ranchu (which might be more peaceful). Most LFS/stores should let you exchange (if fish is aggresive), provided you take it back within reasonable ttime. You might want to consider that as well.
  13. GFC is great too.. but the fishes on goldfishnet.com (at least the ones they have on auction now) are amazing. The ryukins look like all fishes are made from the same great mold with different colors on them. Went out and bought the lottery ticket (coz i know what i am doing if i win).
  14. Can i get rocks like those in home depot/lowes. Tried to find that on their website, but couldnt. Also would these have any checmicals which would make them dangerous to fish.
  15. There are a couple of sites i go to drool at all the nice fish i can't afford. But this one has the best fishes hands down.
  16. I got your (and my) dream fish (albeit a bit smaller right now.. working on the size). My dream fish are my fishes but at least 3 inches bigger. I know there are a lot of things used to judge quality in shows, but to me what makes goldfishes endearing are the size and the personality. Apart from increasing the size on my fishes i would have loved if we could have Ryukins with veiltails. I understand true veiltails dont have the hump of ryukins (or am i wrong here). If wrong can we have pictures.
  17. Hi, Do i have to add unflavored gelatin? is falvoured gelatin ok (which flavor)? I add=> peas, spinach, carrots, fish (tilapia), shrimp, wheat germ, garlic, gelatin, mens multivitamins. Is there anything else folks would recommend i add to it (in case i am missing something crucial). Thanks
  18. Few questions: How do you put in the floss/ biomax (the filter does not have a box like the AC's do)? Also where do you buy the floss from? Do you use the AC biomax in the EX? Thank you
  19. My bad... should've known that a forum thats been around for so long would have had this covered.
  20. @Koko=> Is there a topic on this site which lists all the various goldfish types. I havent seen any other site list all different types of goldfish. They generally list the commonly known types. Having a topic which lists all the rare types (maybe even with pictires and info for each type) would really be great thing.
  21. The filter is $52 in petsmart, petco, I saw some dealers selling it on amazon for $35 (i personally am a little shy about buying electrical/eectronic things from amazon, ebay... but i understand the whole world does that). I have seen the motor being sold for around $23 on the web (ebay, amazon). (havent seen anything for the motor by itself on the petsmart , petco website). If you are going to buy the motor on the web, the price difference is not much ($12 appx). Again i personally dont like to buy electrical things from indivdual dealers on the web (amazon/ebay). Hope that helps you make a decision. On that topic, i used to have AC filters. Liked the fact that you can add pretty much anything to the basket (especially sponges). So one day did something very stupid, added 3 sponges in there (since the biomax thing was very old). Got up the next morning to see water dripping out from the back on to my carpet... Lost appx 2 gallons of water. Thank God i got up early that day else my apartment would have been a mess. There was some room in the basket inspite of the 3 sponges , but very little room (aparently not enough). Also after the sponges clog a bit i saw that the basket has a tendency to rise up in the cavity and push the lid off. So the filter requires continuous maintainence. The AC also does not self prime. I have seen it does prime most of the time, but if your filter is off for a long time (power failure), there is no guarantee it will prime. Switched to Tetra Whisper Ex series after that (they advertize it as self priming and it does , since the motor is in the water), they have a sleek look (though more of the filter is in the water than AC), sturdy construction, lots of room between the filter media and the top of the filter (so water wont overlflow). Even though there is no flexibility with the media, i can sleep soundly knowing that water wont overflow from the back.
  22. Single tailed Ryukin, Sabao, SVR, HQ TVR.. first time i heard of these... can you share any pictures/links.. would love to learn more.
  23. I wanted to make a black background for my 29 gallon tank. Any ideas what material i can use and where i can buy it from? Saw some pics from members with tanks having black backgrounds.. looked very cool. Thank you
  24. Thanks for the link Koko.. appreciate it.
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