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  1. Gotta admit looking at your tank and fish makes me feel like going back to angels!!!
  2. Alex is a boy What he said.... (srry)!!!
  3. Gold and Marble you have correct. Stripy is actually called a Silver angelfish (yes they have stripes, but they are called silver). The one you call silver i think is a blue (or a shade of blue).. not sure what that is called. I have always liked silver (stripy), they are closest to the wild varieties. You got bad advice (in my opinion) about adding more fish to reduce aggression. The idea behind that is that the aggression will be distributed amongst more fish. That would work to some extent if the space was more. Most people get 4 to 6 fish in a 30 gallon and once they get a pair they end up giving away the rest. Each breeding pair need 15 gallons (a tall tank is preferable). That is if you dont intend on leaving the fry in with the parents (for 2 weeks.. after 2 weeks you need to take them out). If you keep the fry in i think you should give a pair a full 20 or 30 gallons. Put a piece of slate in which you can remove if you want , else they will spawn on the sword you have in there or sometimes even on the wall of the tank. I love goldfish but what goldfishes will never give is the joy of fry raising that cichlids like angelfish provide. Its a real joy. You are going to have eggs and fry and soon, so might as well prepare for it. But it will get bothersome soon. They spawn once very 2-3 weeks for 3-4 years. The fry dont do well without fresh baby brine shrimp and lots of water changes. But if you are willing to go through that, its a great experience. All the best
  4. Nice fish!!!! Have heard of people find cats or dogs at their door step, this is a first.
  5. Only males wont work. Even only females will be an issue once they start laying eggs. Best to give away everything else other than the pair. Once they start laying eggs (once every 2 weeks), you are going to run out of space anyways. If you dont like the pair you could try putting in the 2 fish (male-female of course) you would like to pair. They generally will spawn, but sometimes if they dont like each other it might get a bit rough. Its a wonderful thing seeing angels raise young. It will be worth the heartache of giving a few fish away.
  6. Kind of looks like this http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://i54.tinypic.com/314bept.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.cichlid-forum.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php%3Ft%3D225286%26sid%3D2c892a6136e5313a524bf608b524151c&h=600&w=800&sz=87&tbnid=s-v0daGg5DEDDM:&tbnh=91&tbnw=121&zoom=1&docid=cUXyVjgyjDU2FM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=BR1ST8O9G8n00gH-i4DfDQ&ved=0CEwQ9QEwDQ&dur=2500
  7. Found this on the web Propagating: healthy plants frequently send out a "runner" or stalk with a tiny plantlet growing at nodes along its length. Sometimes this floats toward the surface. You can either root this as attached or wait til the plant is large enough (about 10 leaves), detach and plant as before. Now i am torn between removing it and leaving it in as is. I got the swords for $1.88 (look healthy), have about 12-14 leaves) about 10 inches tall from a petsmart i generally don't go to... think its a great deal.
  8. Definetly not roots....i think it might be a flower or runner stem (few leaves are sprouting out every few inches).. maybe i can post pictures after some time....
  9. There were these vines growing from my Echinodorus bleberi. What are these... i dont really like the look of those, do i cut them off.... is this how they propogate? Thank you
  10. I bought a few amazon swords and dwarf harigrass from petsmart. They came in a black plastic pot (the pot has gaps in it). Also there is some kind of fibrous material around the roots. Am i supposed to plant this in with the pot, or remove the pot and leave in the fiber, or remove both and plant directly into the gravel? Thank you
  11. I'll stay away if there is a chance of the goldfish eating them (and worse causing the waer to get dirty). Thanks for the responses.
  12. petsmart has a few for $6. Will my goldfish eat them? Do they have any special requirements?
  13. I'll take size and good growth over color anyday!!!
  14. Anybody has any experience with melon swords. Can it grow in gravel? Does it need supplements? Does it grow in moderate light? How tall does it grow? Thank you
  15. I had kept angels in the past and have noticed some swimming at a slight angle from time to time(especially in juvies). I dont think its anything to worry about as long as the angle is not too acute and it doesnt do this always.
  16. How many great fish is this girl allowed to keep????? Life just aint fair!!!!!
  17. Love those ryukins in the 2nd video.
  18. This may controversial... but here goes. If the water is clear (visually), tank not overstocked, regular water changes (nitrates under control), ammonia and nitrites, under control, does additional filteration really matter. Does a cannister filter costing a lot (as compared to HOB's) really add value if the parameters are under control? Its not like one can get -ve ammonia or -ve nitrites with additional filteration. Maybe if somebody wants some leeway with overstocking or water changes these filters might add value. Isn't it a matter of math (ammonia, nitrites)?
  19. amazing and scary at the same time.
  20. There should be a law against one person having so many awesome fish, while the rest of us can have only a few .. couldnt find emoticon for green with envy...
  21. I have read on other forums that pool filter sand is better than playsand. Playsand compacts more and can lead to buildup of harmful gasses (ammonia etc). I have read people recommend this. http://www.walmart.c...v_fb_revshr_001 Its also probably a cheaper option than TMS. Disclaimer: I haven't used it myself, so not sure if this will work. But plan on trying it someday when I switch from gravel. Since pool filter is suppposed to be safe for people (no chemicals, i think it should be safe for fishes).
  22. Dont think its a Ranchu.... i really dont know the difference between lionchu and lion head.
  23. I have a 29 gallon, with two medium sized goldfish and my tanks parameters have been good and stable for more than a year. I have 2 hob filters. Would buying a cannister filter add any value. We all buy our filters for biological filteration. The filter takes care of ammonia and nitrites. There is nothing that can be done about nitrates (other than water changes). So why do people spend on expensive filteration, when good parameters can be achieved using simple HOBs (or even good sponge filters for that mattter). There must be some benefits ( i am not suggesting otherwise), can somebody suggest some.
  24. Yikes!!! Even the gouramis can be a bit nippy, there must be some kind of fish truce in that tank. Probably fish are more scared of the owner than each other, so called a truce
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