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  1. Here are my three fish called Paul, Goober and Floyd Paul Goober Paul & Goober Goober & Floyd I think that Paul is stunted from not having the best start but he/she seems to be doing alright. Goober is growing fast! he has doubled in size over the last two months and was much smaller than Paul when i got him. I got Floyd about a month ago now, he's filled out quite a bit and not has gold scales showing on his belly
  2. Well the pictures arent very good because you can hardly see them but here they are
  3. Thanks for that its been a big help. At first i thought my plants were dying and polluting the water because apart from the very tops where the plants are freshly grown they rest of the leaves are really dark/brown, it was only when i went to take them out of the tank i noticed it was the brow algae covering the plant I think ill take out all of the ornaments for a good clean and give the inside of the tank a wipe. I asked about the cleaner fish as that's what the pet shop recommends to get if you have algae growing in your thank but thought to ask here first as you all seem to know how to keep fish properly rather than just keep them alive.
  4. I don't think they're anything to drool over quite yet! I only noticed them today and they weren't there yesterday so im sure they will develop a bit more over the next few days. Ill try and snap a few pictures on my phone later on anyway
  5. To be honest i didn't really know anything about keeping goldfish when i got them so the setup isnt ideal but so far the fish seem really healthy and active. Its a 64 Liter aquarium about 2 and a half foot long with an aquarium light that stays on for around 12hrs (possibly more). It has an elite stingray 15 filter with a flow rate of 300 liters per hour and a bubble stone. There are also a few live plants. The tank is kept at room temp The tank has been set up for about 2 months now and wasn't cycled to begin with. (I took advice from the pet shop where they say set your tank up for a few days to set the water settle and come to room temp then you can add fish). After finding this site i now know this was the wrong thing to do but its a bit too late to do anything about it I have two common single tail goldfish and a black moor goldfish. The black moor is still only a baby and the single tail I bought from the pet shop has started to grow quite quickly! The other single tail was from a friend who kept it in a bowl without a filter or anything its less than a year old but in comparison to the other its developing much much slower. Ive noticed the shape of its mouth is different from the other fish so could this be because of how it has been looked after in the past? As ive already said ive not had any problems with the water before this week and the brown stuff is growing quite quickly. Should i clean everything and keep doing water changes/hoovering the gravel or is this part of the tanks cycle and i should just let it happen. (I know the commons will need a bigger tank so i plan to put one or both in the garden pond once it gets a bit warmer outside)
  6. I didnt really know much about goldfish when i got mine so was worried when i noticed white spots around the head of my goldfish, however after a bit of looking out i found out that he was a male and the white spots are actually breeding spots. As my fish has got bigger he now has the spots on the front of his front fins. Is this normal or should i be worried? The fish seems very healthy and is growing quite quickly!
  7. My tank seems to be getting a bit cloudy lately and i have noticed a brown algae/slime on the decorations, plants and now the glass. The water in the aquarium was crystal clear untill last week when i hoovered the gravel for the first time. I thought it would be something to do with disturbing all the bits on the bottom when cleaning but the brown stuff seems to be getting worse. Ive removed a plant that looked like it was on its way out to make sure its not that but ive got a feeling the brown stuff is not growing in the tank. What could the brown stuff be and what should i be doing to help.... Should i just keep doing doily water changes to see if this helps? Should i take all the decorations out and clean them? Could it be due to over feeding? Should i clean some of the filter media? (the filter has been running from new for approx two months) Should i keep hoovering the gravel when making water changes? Another possibility is to add a 'sucker fish' The petshop recommend these for helping with algae but im not sure if its a good idea or not.
  8. I've got bloodworms and pellets aswell so they are getting a bit of a mix, it just seems that they like flakes more than any of the others. The Love Fish flakes are really big so rather than just floating them on the top i push them slightly under the water and the current brakes them up a bit and blows them round the tank meaning the fish dont really need to go to the top to eat them. Ive actually got two single tail fish and they are the biggest so they eat most. with my moor only been quite small using flakes means it has the chance to get some before the big boys hoover everything up.
  9. has anyone used the Love Fish brand before? i usually use aquarian flakes but thought id try something different. the aquarian flakes are pretty small and lots of different colours whereas the Love Fish flakes are massive and brown. Ive fed my fish with them and they seemd to eat a bit but they didnt seem that crazy for them. Saying that i had served them their first helping of frozen bloodworm a few hours before so they are probably confused by all this new food!
  10. Ill try and get some pellets from the pet shop tomorrow and possibly some krill if they sell it. ive tried feeding them some pealed peas but they didn't seem interested one bit
  11. I got a tub of Tetra - Tetramin TROPICAL fish food with my tank but i have common goldfish and a black moor. Will the tropical food be alright for my goldfish or should i just throw it away. Ive been told by the store it would be alright to use the only difference is the tropical food is more expensive because contains more vitamins etc that the tropical fish need and goldfish dont.
  12. Ahh right thanks for this..... Looks like i could have a male and female!
  13. Here's a short video of my three fish, i've not got a clue if they are male / female so from this video can anyone tell? The black one has been in the tank for only a day and looks right at home and the two goldfish have been in this tank for about 3 weeks now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKL0P9Dv0W4&feature=youtu.be Any feedback about the tank and fishes health is welcome
  14. Yesterday i bought a Black Moor and put it in my tank with two common Goldfish. My Goldfish were always chasing each other round the tank and now the new fish is in they have stopped. My question is, is having three fish in the tank better than having two? The black moor seems right at home and took no time to settle in at all!
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