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  1. He is so cute and he already likes to get attention lol. He is about 2.25 inches total and I picked him because I saw how cute he was and also because his wen is already pretty big for his size and I thought his fins were nicely sized too. His wen is proportionately twice as big as my step moms red capped oranda.
  2. Tell me what you guys think ^^ I named him Kim. He is only about 2.25 inches total including fins.
  3. Good to know. I was worried a little about leaving it in for to long. I think this wednesday I'll invest in a veggie clip.
  4. Hello all! Sorry my first topic was rambley lol. Anyway, I want to get my goldies to start eating some fresher food. I have them on Hikari pellets and I soak them in warm water for about 10 minutes before I put them in because some of my fish are to small to eat them whole. I put veggies in there sometimes and they never really seem interested in it. They just look at it and are like, "whatever" and swim away lol. Any ideas? A veggie clip? Cook them more? Thank you in advance. P.S.- how do I put a display picture? It says I'm not allowed to mess with my settings. Is it in there I guess?
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