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  1. How Do I Dirt A Tank Correctly? And When I Add Plants To The Tank Wont Dirt Come Up?
  2. Thanks Guys Very Helpful. Another Question Is Whats A Really Good Gel Recipe?
  3. Ive Been Feed My Fish Wardleys Crumbles And Now Im Give Them Sinking Pellets Of Shrimp. Every time I Give The Veggies With A Clip On The Tank They Wont Touch It. I Had A Anubis Plant They Wont Even Look At It. And I Need Help With A Diet For Them And A Good Goldfish Food.
  4. I Checked GoldFishConnection And Their Are No Goldfish For Auction
  5. Hello Koko Forum, My Birthday Is Coming Up And Im Trying To Get The Perfect Goldfish. I Live On Long Island And All My LFS Have Small And Low Grade Goldies. I Want A Big Healthy, Active, Beatiful One. Im Looking For Some Site Or Anyone That Lives On Long Island To Recommend A Place. Thanks For Viewing.
  6. My Tank Stays At 65 Always. It Just My Enviroment.
  7. all i have is a 37g and black gravel and some anubias and bamboos
  8. im really bored of my tank im getting a new filter and while im there i want to have an idea because i want to remodel my whole tank. But I cant think of any thing. One thing i do know is i dont want bare bottom. If You guys could help or give me any ideas
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