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  1. Got back from Home Depot and Lowes and all they had was the lemon scented stuff. Now I really don't know what to do.
  2. I called home depot but the guy didn't understand what I wanted. I guess I'll drive down to lowes after dinner.
  3. My tank is all set up and ready to go and I cannot find clear ammonia anywhere. I went to every grocery and pharmacy in my area and no one carries the stuff. Is there another alternative?
  4. Distilled also works well if u don't have an RO setup at home.
  5. Whatever you go with what I will recommend is this salt: http://www.marinedepot.com/D_D_H2Ocean_Magnesium_Pro_PLUS_Salt_Mix_Salt_Mix_for_Aquarium_Water-D_D_H2Ocean-DD2211-FISM-vi.html It is the best salt I have ever used. Leaves 0 residue when you let it sit for 24 hours and the parameters are exact.
  6. Half the comments I read people complained about bowing and scratching easily. I bought a 30 long AGA today and just finished applying black contact paper on the back. Can't wait to get my AC's on Tues so I can start the fishless cycle.
  7. I spent the majority of the day researching acrylic tanks and filter options so ended up going with a totally different route. Since filtration is key and that seaclear tank can be hit or miss I went ahead and ordered 2 AC70's from amazon since the price was great and I'm going to hunt for an AGA 36x12x16 tank tomorrow. Thanks everyone for the help.
  8. When I had my saltwater tank I would soak the food of my Ocellaris with the inside of 4mg gelcaps of astaxanthin and their colors really popped. Anyone tried this out on goldfish with the same effect?
  9. Thanks everyone for the replies. I think what I am going to do is go with one fluval 305 to start the cycle and then add a second one later on and reduce the flow on both. I know I could go for 2 hob for pretty much the price of one canister but i prefer the cleaner look that canisters provide.
  10. So 2 smaller canisters one on each side would be better?
  11. This will be my first acrylic tank. I am about to buy the tank and canister. I prefer to do fishless cycles so it's going to be a good 60 days or so before I get any fish in there. I might put the island and silk plants at around the 30 day mark. have to plan out how I want to do the island setup but I might do something with some little pots so the sand doesnt go all over the place.
  12. Hi everyone first time posting but not my first time when it comes to aquariums. Have had a freshwater in the past and most recently a saltwater that did not survive a move 1.5 years ago which really bummed me out for a while but I now I am ready to get back into the hobby. This time I want to try goldfish and an acrylic tank. I have done all the great reading that's posted here and other sources and I think I have narrowed down equipment but would like some opinions. For tank I checked out the Seaclear acrylic 30gal with 36x12x16 dimensions. I am a big fan of shallow tanks and I think 2-3 goldfish would love a 3ft long tank. For filtration I want to go with a canister more specifically a Fluval 306. As far as tank setup I want to go with a bare bottom with 2 islands on the far corners of the tank made of black caribsea natural sand. For plants I want to go with silk because I don't want to mess with live ones right now. As far as lighting goes I found some nice ikea LED lamps that provide plenty of lighting for a non planted tank. Looking forward to hearing from some of you.
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