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  1. I'm already doing 2 50% water changes a week on my 75 Gallon goldfish tank and I have kept many other types of tropical fish that do not require this much maintenance and I was just wondering if there are other breeds of fish that would require this much maintenance?

    Thats a hell of alot of water! Is that to keep nitrates under control I presume? Have you considered biological means to keep nitrate down?

    its actually because I haven't seen much growth in my goldfish, I use to do one water change a week but other members suggested me to do 2 water changes a week instead ahha
  2. Here is just a little trick I use when I wait for my tank to drain and don't want my fish getting sucked into the syphon hose. Draining can take a while so I usually just leave it and come back in a bit but to make sure my fish are safe I put a fish net around the opening of the syphon to act as a barrier so the fish would not be sucked in. Another method I use for a smaller syphon hose are the magnetic algae scrapers. I use these to secure the hose in place (around the corner of the tank) and block off enough of the opening so the fish could not be harmed.

    These are some images of what I mean:

    The green net is hooked onto the opening of my canopy, I basically used the canopy feeding lid to clip onto the net handle so it would stay in place.




    Hope that helped some people! Have a great day :P

  3. @ shellbell - No the bottom is not painted :o its just because the lights in the room are turned off and the lights in the aquarium are on so it looks as if it was painted :P But its just on a metal stand and barebottom.

    @ ShawneeRiver - I think I see a little growth on my Blue Oranda and my Ryukin but then again It was right after feeding time so I still have no idea if they grew or not since i see them everyday haha.

    But I had my Ranchu the longest I guess? Since the Summer and then the rest i slowly quarantined after. It was sad that my first Tiger telescope died though :S

  4. When I first had the ranchu, he was kept in a 20 Gallon Tank and was then moved into the 75 gallon main tank. I usually only feed about once or twice a day and I do a 50% water change every 5 days. And about a month ago my ranchu showed red streaks but that was taken care of after a large water change.

  5. I have had my ranchu for about a year now and I have seen no growth what so ever. This might be due to the food that I use to feed my fish but I started introducing Hikari Lionhead sinking pellets and I was wondering if my fish has any chance of growing larger? Or has my fish already been stunted and there is no opportunity for growth?

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