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  1. one of my goldfish was, at least, temporarily stunted due to what I'm ashamed to admit as my neglect. he lived in what is equivalent of a 4 gallon plastic tank, with no filtration, rarely fed, rarely had his water changed, and yet he struggled on. he lived in such conditions for 1½ years, before I realised just how bad it was (I had that mindset of "oh it's just a goldfish, it'll die soon" like many fish-ignorant people); it was the fact that he survived "for so long", longer than someone who only believed goldfish lived a year max would have expected. when he was first purchased, he was around 1", with a tail maybe ¾ of an inch. after living in abysmal conditions, he stayed around 1.5" in body length, with around 1-2" of tail length on top of that. eventually he was upgraded to a 42g with 3 juvenile tankmates, was fed properly with clean water, he grew a little though the juveniles who had the better start in life quickly overtook him. the things I noticed that were different about him were that he was less agile at swimming, and that he seemed a little differently proportioned to the juveniles (bigger eyes, chunkier body, longer fins). however I believe his quality of life was fine from that point onwards, even if he wasn't a great swimmer; he definitely managed to push the others out of the way for food and was never left hungry. eventually he succumbed to something that even Alex could not help me with - he bottom-sat for no discernable reason, we treated him for flukes, we gave him salt dips, hydrogen peroxide dips, to no avail. I believe it must have been something internal, which could have been attributed to his not-so-great start in life. in the end he got so bad I had to euthanise him at the age of 2½ years.
  2. some great pics there, Alex! I remember when you first posted about Momo, and now look at that wen!
  3. I can do both! I think I'll actually try to do a scatchboard for the black and white one. Maybe sepia charcoal for the other one? that sounds great to me! I've just realised though the first one's picture doesn't show his colouring that well - his front half and bum half are basically the colour of his head, there is just a white band around his middle. thank you once again, you're brilliant.
  4. haha I know that feeling, the first time I tried it basically was just watery jelly and I had to chuck the lot. second time lucky though!
  5. ahh your lineart is so pretty! do you reckon I could request one of each of my hamsters (I've 2)? I'm not sure on what kind of style, though probably not the digital vectoring. just choose what you think would look best (if you feel you can do hamsters, that is!), and I don't mind if they are two different styles either. thank yoouuu.
  6. when I kept goldies, I used Saki Hikari purple bag, which they loved. then I moved onto making my own gel recipe and they loved that even more!
  7. I wouldn't use a stand that the tank doesn't fit on entirely as it puts stress on the tank and I'd be worried about it cracking. would your nightstand have been able to hold what, 200+lbs (factoring in substrate, decor etc as well) anyway? for anything over 10 gallons, I prefer using stands made specially for aquariums, as that way you know they can hold the weight.
  8. how absolutely stunning, all of them. I lovelovelove Sakuras, never really see them here.
  9. if that's supposed to be like a hang-on canister, then the only one I can think of that I've seen available here is this one: http://www.allpondsolutions.co.uk/aquarium-1/aquarium-filters/external-filters/aquarium-external-filter-150-l-h.html
  10. I don't want to beat a dead horse here but honestly, like everyone else has said, it would not be a good idea to try to accommodate for another fish, especially when you can't even do that for your existing fish. I understand how tempting it is to just "get one more fish", god knows that's why so many of us have ended up with multiple tanks (myself included), but really, you have to know when enough is enough. I sneakily brought home a 15 gallon whilst my parents were away for 14 days, but I only did that because I paid for it all myself, I set it up, and I am taking sole responsibility for it. also I knew I could get away with it because my mum is a fish-lover, but if they'd told me to get rid of it, as much as it would have been a disappointment, I would have done so, because I am living in their house, so it's their rules. after living away from home for 5 years, I believe I've matured enough to understand that they may have their own reasons for not wanting certain things, and I accept it because I am living under their roof. I've wanted a cat since I could remember but I didn't sneak out to get one instead of the 15g because I know my parents despise cats and it would be unfair to both them and to the cat that I inevitably would have to rehome. their reasons may not make sense to you, or they may not have a very good reason in your eyes, but still, if they say no, then it's a no. and since your mum doesn't want anything bigger than your 55g, and you are already overstocked, I would think of rehoming some of your existing stock so that the rest don't get stunted, purely because of your (and I don't mean to be mean) selfishness. remember, they are living creatures and they deserve a good, long life too! I know how attached you can get to a fish, I was very attached to my goldfish, but I knew when to let go; I had to rehome all but one of them, and the other I had to make the very hard decision to euthanise. that entire week was incredibly heartbreaking, and I still miss them and wonder how they're doing in their new pond, but I take consolation in that I did the right thing.
  11. I assume this raffle is only available to those in the States/North America, right? either way, nice one, Ashlee, it's very kind of you to donate!
  12. I love me some Eheim. I'm pretty sure, bar two (and one came with a tank), all of my filters have been Eheims. they're just so trusty and silent and great quality, and have never failed me. food-wise, my favourite so far is NLS.
  13. I always see cutie goldies I want when I go to the LFS and it makes me sad because I know I can't even one. that one sure is adorable!
  14. I have used Fluke-Solve (still have quite a lot of it) once and did not have good experiences with my goldfish. I have also recently discovered Cedapraz, but on the site where I accidently stumbled on it, it's £175.95 for 100g! that seems... mental. considering I could get 100g of Fluke-Solve for £52 on Vetark.
  15. oh no! well fingers crossed the other one survives. <3
  16. I'm so sorry for your loss. she was so beautiful.
  17. we also love our rocks!... apparently a bit too much, which is why we can't nick them from natural sources anymore.
  18. both my bettas and my cichlids are on NLS. my betta actually ignored frozen brine shrimp in favour of his pellets, though he can never turn down a bloodworm. my cichlids found the 1mm Thera A pellets easier to eat than bloodworms as they have tiny mouths.
  19. 4prettyfish - I assume both of them jumped, although only one body was recovered. I still have not found what I assume to be Mrs Occie. she is definitely not in the shells or behind/under rocks as I have turned the entire tank upside down just to check, and if she was still in there, I assume I'd have seen some sign of her by now Shelly - stirring up the sand is to prevent anaerobic pockets forming, but if you leave it too long between stirring then they can release hydrogen sulphide, which is detrimental to fish. lamprologus ocellatus are very sensitive so I assume they would be affected pretty badly, particularly as they live pretty much on the sand bed. it is recommended to only stir up your sand whilst/just before doing a water change so I think you'll be fine.
  20. thank you for your condolences, everyone. over on another forum, we figure the culprit is most likely from when I stirred the sand, as there was a very very low possibility of outside contaminents or toxins entering the tank. I will be testing the tank this evening as I have done an 80% change and if all is well, I will collect another pair tomorrow, and won't be stirring the sand again! apparently their natural digging is enough to suffice.
  21. to be honest, the vinegar test and the bubbling underwater thing is just to find out whether the rock is inert or not. if it isn't then it is likely to raise your water's hardness and therefore pH. in the case of people wanting African cichlids, this is actually an effect people look for in decorative stones. boiling the rocks removes anything that might be an outside contaminent from the natural source you got them from - if you let them dry out completely, it's very unlikely anything that would affect your fish would have survived. in fact, boiling some rocks can be downright dangerous; any that have air pockets in them can cause them to explode. I would say the best way to prepare a natural stone would be to let it dry out for a few days somewhere warm, give it a gentle scrub with a new toothbrush in tap water, then soaking it in dechlorinated water overnight whilst testing the pH/hardness of the water before and after (bearing in mind you will need to know if your tap water rises or drops as it is). if there is no change then it will be safe and won't alter your water chemistry. I don't know about Canada but in the UK it is actually illegal to nick rocks and pebbles from nature! I mean they probably wouldn't do anything if you are caught picking up a pebble or two but if you're taking a significant amount, there might be problems. for this reason in the UK at least it is probably a better idea to buy a 20kg bag of pond-safe pebbles for £7 at the garden centre. those rocks should be fine as is, you may just want to rinse debris off them and teste to see if they raise hardness.
  22. I woke up this morning and could not find them, in their shells or behind rocks or anything. I got my sister to come and search with me, and we found one very dried up corpse. still haven't found the other one. last night they were breathing fast and looking lethargic - I could not find what was wrong as my results were 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and 20 nitrate (from tap). I did a 50% water change anyway. this morning I did another test, 0.25 ammonia, 0.25 nitrite and 20 nitrate - this was probably enough to push them to jump, but I have no reason why they would rise overnight in the first place. I'm really gutted, guys. really gutted.
  23. that's looking great! the goldies must think it's some sort of special occasion, to get such a feast haha. ps. if you end up having to trim/get rid of any of the vallis, I'd be happy to take some off your hands!
  24. this is making me so sad. when I saw on fb, I was horrified. I'm so sorry for your loss, MK. RIP baby Roos.
  25. Ive looked at this deal too..as long as you know no media is included and comes with an european plug yes it's not the + version. it does come with media but not the full set - just one white pad, white blue pad and one carbon pad. that was fine with me as I had loads of ceramic rings/bio balls leftover from when I had a Rena XP2, plus I wanted to test out a nitrate-removing product (I went with JBL Nitratex), wanted some sintered glass media to try, and had plenty filter floss to boot. I will however say that it would be best to buy some double tap connectors to use in conjunction with the offer (£23~ incl. delivery from Charterhouse Aquatics was cheapest I found), unless you don't mind a bit of mess/hassle when cleaning it. so overall it would cost more like £60 if you get the Amazon deal + double tap connectors + extra media. which is still at least £15 cheaper compared to just buying the + version from anywhere.
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