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  1. one of my goldfish was, at least, temporarily stunted due to what I'm ashamed to admit as my neglect. he lived in what is equivalent of a 4 gallon plastic tank, with no filtration, rarely fed, rarely had his water changed, and yet he struggled on. he lived in such conditions for 1½ years, before I realised just how bad it was (I had that mindset of "oh it's just a goldfish, it'll die soon" like many fish-ignorant people); it was the fact that he survived "for so long", longer than someone who only believed goldfish lived a year max would have expected. when he was first purchased, he was around 1", with a tail maybe ¾ of an inch. after living in abysmal conditions, he stayed around 1.5" in body length, with around 1-2" of tail length on top of that. eventually he was upgraded to a 42g with 3 juvenile tankmates, was fed properly with clean water, he grew a little though the juveniles who had the better start in life quickly overtook him. the things I noticed that were different about him were that he was less agile at swimming, and that he seemed a little differently proportioned to the juveniles (bigger eyes, chunkier body, longer fins). however I believe his quality of life was fine from that point onwards, even if he wasn't a great swimmer; he definitely managed to push the others out of the way for food and was never left hungry. eventually he succumbed to something that even Alex could not help me with - he bottom-sat for no discernable reason, we treated him for flukes, we gave him salt dips, hydrogen peroxide dips, to no avail. I believe it must have been something internal, which could have been attributed to his not-so-great start in life. in the end he got so bad I had to euthanise him at the age of 2½ years.
  2. congrats on your new fish! I am curious though, as you said you got your tank at the same time as your betta - how did you cycle your tank?
  3. some great pics there, Alex! I remember when you first posted about Momo, and now look at that wen!
  4. haha I know that feeling, the first time I tried it basically was just watery jelly and I had to chuck the lot. second time lucky though!
  5. thank you both! I'm really liking how it's turning out.
  6. when I kept goldies, I used Saki Hikari purple bag, which they loved. then I moved onto making my own gel recipe and they loved that even more!
  7. sorry for the lack of updates, I've been rather busy recently! 6 weeks on from when I first got them, the lamprologus stappersi are doing just fine. the setup is pretty much the same, except I have added some plants! originally I was planning on trying vallis again now that I'm no longer having to dose ammonia which probably killed the first lot, but the LFS guy couldn't tell the difference between vallis and cyperus helferi so I got one pot of each lol. I don't blame him since I couldn't tell the difference in the holding tank myself, and I was thinking of trying cyperus helferi anyway as I heard it was less prone to melts, unlike vallis. tank currently the Gent! sadly there is still no pitter patter of little fins, though the pair are still getting bigger so perhaps they're not fully mature enough to breed yet. they've been feeding well on NLS Thera A, frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp, and live bloodworms! getting greedier by the day.
  8. I added some MTS (Malaysian trumpet snails) yesterday to help turn over the sand as I felt the stappersi weren't doing enough to keep it from going anaerobic. there was a total of 6 as I know they can be prolific breeders, all of which were alive when they went in. the stappersi seemed curious about them, assuming they were edible, and pecked away, but eventually gave up as the MTS closed their trap doors. I assumed that, by evening, they'd all have dug their way into the sand and I'd just not see them much after that. however, this morning I have found 5 uncovered snails, none of which seem to moving. could they be dead from being harrassed too much by the stappersi? I've tried googling it but nothing comes up other than "did my MTS eat my shellies' fry?" so that's no help. I wouldn't have thought the stappersi would be able to eat them because of their trapdoors. all shells are intact, but no sign of movement since I discovered them uncovered at 11am. I'm glad there's one "missing" though, as that suggests that one has escaped that fate and is busy digging around somewhere. anyway, have some pictures of Gent Stapps with sand on his head. look at those sand-digging jaws!
  9. some strange behaviour has been happening... the two of them have not been aggressive to each other at all for the entire time they've been in their tank. then today I noticed that Gent Stapps had chased Lady Stapps to a crevice in the rocks on the left. apparently he really likes the left side of the tank now, when he had been perfectly happy with the centre and the right side up until today. but then I watched the interaction a little longer and it seemed like she didn't want to back down or leave, and he wasn't going to be more aggressive than flaring and telling her who's boss, kind of like a domestic lol. eventually what happened was that Lady decided she would stay in the crevice by that shell rather than seek out another shell - I left one in a secluded-ish area just in case there were scuffles at the beginning, but she didn't retreat there. as I watched more, they just flared at each other, didn't bite or nip, and just hung around with each other instead. I don't feel like this is breeding behaviour, at least not yet, as Lady has not been swishing by the entrance of any shells, that I've noticed anyway. some snaps: just hanging?? why that shell?! that crevice to the left of the pic is where Lady goes, not because she is scared but rather because she didn't want to leave the area just flaring beside each other, possibly to try to ward my big face off, idk?
  10. I wouldn't use a stand that the tank doesn't fit on entirely as it puts stress on the tank and I'd be worried about it cracking. would your nightstand have been able to hold what, 200+lbs (factoring in substrate, decor etc as well) anyway? for anything over 10 gallons, I prefer using stands made specially for aquariums, as that way you know they can hold the weight.
  11. very well said, Narny! couldn't have put it betta(!) myself.
  12. how absolutely stunning, all of them. I lovelovelove Sakuras, never really see them here.
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