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  1. Rupert died, we couldn't convince him to eat anything but thanks for the suggestion Helen. Gosh this sucks. Thanks everyone
  2. We are organizing an ice cream tub to out him in we tried the local superstore for clove oil we could treat him if possible but he looks real bad ill mention he has had issues with tumours growing on him they come and go frequently could a Tumor have grown inside him? He won't eat or poop
  3. Ok I'm overseas my husband is looking after my fish he said suddenly Rupert's taken a turn for the worst he was totally fine a couple days ago said he kept to himself but now he's upside down barely breathing and if he's not pokeing Bunkin away the Bunkin is eating him alive they tried to get clove oil at the store it doesn't exist as far as they know we have no where to put Rupert as the quantine tank is housing some tenporaries who have who knows what diseases but Cody didn't cross contaminate we don't know what to do he's suffering I don't understand why this happend A video is being processed of him currently I have no specs on the water as Im not there to test it myself but everytime Cody turns around he's getting eatin I don't have much hope for recovery :"(. I have to go out but ill give cody my password he might make posts on my behalf our poor Rupert
  4. Yeah I thought it would be stressful I just having a hard time funding a nice pond but ill look more seriously when everything's 100% going to happen. Thanks guys!
  5. Hey everyone, I don't know if this is a controversial topic or not, but I'm planning to move to Australia from Canada and in a perfect world I would have my fishies with me, is there any safe way to transport them? Is there a company that does it? Has anyone had experiences with it? I know people buy fish online and it must get shipped to them somehow. If anyone knows the process/price of this I'd appreciate some input. The alternative would be finding someone on kokos who might take them and if I can't it would be to the pet shop.. Where they would likely perish so I'd just like to see if this is possible. If it helps I have 4 commons about 2-3 inches each and an Oranda 2 inches long. I've had them for I think almost 2 years now.
  6. Proof Wire *** Hey guys so I want to make an ornament safe so the fish dont swim through a hole and get stuck in there by glueing (with aquairum silicon) a black wire mesh onto it that says its rust proof. it doesnt say if theres anything else on it, but i figure if its rust proof its safe right? i worry because of the black paint/color of the wire if it will chip off.... its similer to this stuff :
  7. Today the lump is almost completely gone, im not sure what it was or why it happend, but a video would do nothing now. I guess im happy its gone, but im left wondering why it happend and what it was.
  8. I am not really sure if it is part of a wen, its not near the wen as much for me to suspect it, but I dont know anything about wen growth. Do bits of wen grow apart from the actual wen sometimes? Maybe I could find some pictures of it and determine it. His wen is red though and this thing is white/cream coloured, so thats different as well, ill have to charge my camera tonight and then try to hold him and take pictures tomorrow. It will be the second time ive ever touched my fish, so itll be scary/exciting. Ill update when ive done it.
  9. Back from work! Oops, i made the video un-private as well as im uploading a new better one. Heres some info: Test Results for the Following: * Ammonia Level (tank): 0 * Nitrite Level (tank) 0 * Nitrate level (Tank) 0 * Ammonia Level (Tap): * Nitrite Level (Tap) * Nitrate level (Tap) * Ph Level, (Tank) (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 7.6 * Ph Level, (Tap) (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) Other Required Info: * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API master test kit freshwater drops * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? Whisper ex for 50 gallon, Aqueon for 50 gallon * What kind of water additives or conditioners? Prime * Water temperature? 75/25 * How often do you change the water and how much? 50% on a Tuesday, 25% on a friday if I can * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? yesterday, 50% * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 50 gallon, over a year * How many fish in the tank and their size? 5, 3 commons, 1 shubunkin, 1 red cap oranda. all are 2 inches in length with rupert (the oranda) being the smallest * What do you feed your fish and how often? I try to feed something different everyday, I aim for twice a day but usually end up feeding once, there is tones of green algea on my plants and ornaments though so they are constantly eating and pooping all day. Frozen bloodworms, broccoli, peas, solient green gel food, sinking pallets * Any new fish added to the tank? no * Any medications added to the tank? prazi in the past * List previous issues experienced (dropsy, SBD, etc.) a good few months ago he experienced bottom sitting (except it was on a leaf, in the middle of the tank...) this stopped once I changed up the diet a little and fed less. I came to the conclusion that he was constipated. When I very first had him he was treated for flukes, only showed mild signs of it though, and completely healed with treatment of prazipro and salt * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? a small growth just near the right side of his wen, its kind of sticking out and pointy, its white like him though showed up kinda yellow in photos. I havent seen it move so I dont think its a parasite, it doesnt appear to jiggle or anything, and doesnt seem to be causing him any discomfort whatsoever. * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? Nope, hes as happy as ever * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. Tank has been treated twice for flukes (first time due to definate symptomns, second time due to slight suspision) as instructed by dnalex at 0.1% salt and PraziPro, treated 5-6 rounds both times * You can really help us to identify with the concern more accurately if you post some pictures and a short video. Trying! Its very hard to capture the growth on camera, as its the same colour as his body Additional Info: When I recently changed the water I had realised one of my filters had stopped working and I was not aware of it, it may have been sitting still for a maximum of 3 days. I cleaned it out and there was much sand built up into it clogging everything, and the water was very stinky (like rotten broccoli) I got rid of the water in the filter gave it a good clean and put it back, its running normal now. My worry is that this water became stagnant and leaked into the tank causing like a bacteria thing on Rupert? Though I read bacteria growths are more obvious because the fish appear sick and hes fine, i just dont know. The growth showed up only this morning, and hasnt grown anymore. My husband thinks its actually gone down a little bit. Is this a growth or an injury? I have melafix on hand if its a fungus thing, im afraid ive never had to deal with tumors or anything before, so I know nothing about them. Thanks in advance for any information anyone can provide! its near impossible to see it on camera, you can kind of see it sticking out when hes swimming away, thats about the best I can get from it It appears to be coming out of the scales, if that means anything. no redness or soreness, its just a weird growth
  10. Hey guys, im late for work and dont have time to do much but I woke up this morning and Rupert has a weird growth tumor thing, I made a video and am posting it now, I will check for water params when I get home. My tank situation is much the same for those that know me except i have another filter now for a 50 gallon its an aqueon so i got 2 nice filters now and yeah I have melafix on hand if this will help but i want to make sure first, i will post back when I get home, Thankyou!! I know at about 40 seconds is when you can see it the best, shot with my phone, will get camera pics later
  11. To some extent I agree, but his black does get noticeably paler. Unless it's just due to different camera angles casting different perspectives? I can see how it would look like a trick of the light, pictures taken differently, or pictures taken in different parts of the tank, but its not the case at all! He really does look like that, changes every day, sometimes his spots are so dark its as if theyre drawn on with permanent marker. Then sometime later, Poof! Gone! The video shows it better i think.
  12. Hey guys! So ive shared in the past about my shubunkin's colour changing habits, but now I have a better camera I can show you guys a bit better what goes on pretty much every day. I recorded not one of his best colour changes but still shows the differences from the previous day to the next morning. Sometimes his spots disapear completely. The video shows pictures and clips of him before and after. I think its pretty interesting BEFORE AFTER
  13. I just figured because he was eating too much and trying to digest it all it may be constipating him, I wasnt aware about the pond fish thing. and I thought it was supposed to be a veggie only diet, and i figured solient green wasnt a veggie if its not the too much algea and digesting problem, why do you think he seems to have trouble pooping? the swollen butt ect? Does this mean he has some other kind of problem?
  14. So I thought i'd give an update. After being on the veggie diet and 2 large water changes later, Rupert hasnt leaf-sat in a good 2 days. I have noticed issues with pooping as ive watched more carefully, it seems at feeding time everyone eats and then goes off to poop, while rupert now sits in the spot there the plant was (i moved it) and stays for a long time. Ill check back later to see his butt swallen, and then after another white I will see green poop slowly come out. After its gone he swims around happy again. This makes me think it may be a diet issue contributing to his discomfort. I have alot of algea in my tank on the ornaments and plants as it was said it doesnt hurt them to graze all day, but I started thinking maybe its possible theyre all eating just too much and rupert cant handle it (they eat and poop all day, nice thick healthy poops as if theyve eaten a meal too) so i desided maybe the algea isnt actualyl good for them and after 4 and a half hours i cleaned each leaf on every plant and every corner of every ornament and took any bit of biofilm/algea off that i could find, and while they still managed to find some (dang!) the pooping has been at a minimum, and rupert seems to be much happier. I desided not to feed them last night or this morning, and this afternoon rupert is the most active i have ever seen, keeping up with my shubunkin when swimming from one side of the tank to the other. So im guess what ill need to do is just keep everyone on a veggie diet. There isnt any long term negatives about this is there? i mean i know veggies are good for us but i know we need meat too and im guessing goldies need something else as well. I would like to still use my solient green, I wonder if I could start trying it again? I feel like eating the algea all day and the pallets were what caused the problem, but id like to make sure first. Also with the PH issues of the tap and tank water, i heard leaving the water in the bucket for a little while before putting it in the tank alters the ph. should I let the bucket sit a while? if so, for how long? Thanks again everybody for all the help, you guys are most amazing
  15. I see, ok so keep the water changes small, but more frequent, I can do that I don't have gh and kh testers on me at the moment, but i will get some as soon as I am able. I can tell you the past results it has been for the tank since the sands been in was usually a GH of 180 and KH either 180-160, i ran out of testers a few weeks ago so i havent checked recently, but the params have been the same for everything else (Ph/nitrite/nitrate/ammonia) so im assuming the gh and kh of the tank are the same, but ive never tested the gh and kh of the tap water. Today there was one occasion of plant sitting, to which I walked over and told him "wake up!" and he came back out and havent seen him in there since. He is super active all the time, perfectly healthy looking and foraging with everyone else, so thats why it confuses me that he does this, he looks so healthy. Hopfully i can get to the supermarket tonight to get some spinach and beans, they had a helping of peas today so far. are beans prepared the same as peas are? do they need to be skinned?
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