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  1. Thank you guys all, what i meant was, the tank got very polluted very quickly not to mention how much food i needed :l. Not in a bad way or anything ...
  2. it had a battle with dropsy, it looked like it was getting better, but, poor thing, after all it went through with those dirty commons that it had to live with which where double its size Im so upset, i dont want to replace it but i am going to and im removing the gravel too (its too thick 1 inch and 1/2, that probably explains it.) Oh well.. : ( My fantail is my profile pic. <---
  3. oh that sounds great! i'm really thinking about the sand An update on my fantail. He started pineconing D: its very slight but you can still see it, i went over today, he was in a 10g quarantine but my uncle moved him into a 30g with only half water and changes the water every 2 days now, filter current is weak aerartion is good, he has salted to .3% and raised the temperature to help the poor guy deal with the fluids.
  4. Thanks, i'm going to change the gravel, its really fine and i'm worried my fish might choke on it, i'll get black rocks, bigger rocks just in case. But it will still be black
  5. I hope he does too, The thing is (sooooooo lucky that my uncle is experienced) we caught it early, i would never have been able to. My uncle came over and he told me and i knid of knew it was acting a bit weird, i mean i came back home and found it just kind of frozen in one spot, really not itself, so he's treating it with aqua salt and some other products, we had them shipped and he's doing 70% water changes every 3-4 days so yeah i hope it pulls through.
  6. excellant job tithra! how wonderful you have all this help. Everyone hopes that puff recovers! good luck and i have to say, you are going out of your way to make sure that your fish will be ok. Very good
  7. Here is a video.. of my 3 goldfish in the tank My Calico fantail is in quarantine with my uncle for d-d-d-ROPSY! and i'm so upset this happened and i don't know why D: I'm so sorry for bad quality video, my camera would only let me shoot that :l, enjoy what you can make out of the quick video but. My uncle is taking good care of it (he has experience, i don't) and i hope it pulls through. Wish it the best. Video: http://s1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc513/xTheRabbi/?action=view&current=MyFirstProject.mp4 tell me what you think out of the little you can make out of it
  8. hey tithra, ive been checking in on this topic, and i can only imagine what its like to have a sick fish. Just reading this is making me feel quite upset about puff hope he gets better soon, so far you have got soo much help from alex and trinket and Captain Findus and heaps others. We all really hope that puff recovers
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