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  1. I love the colours blues have...I have never seen a big one though. How well do they usually hold their colours?
  2. Bahaha. I also have a Herp and Derp. They are my lionheads.
  3. That site is an amazing resource! Anyone here who keeps any amphibians will love it - but many of the articles (like that one) apply to basically any aquarium.
  4. Actually, I would be willing to bet the farm that those are in fact chironomid, or midge fly, larvae. They are harmless and actually a good snack for the fish. Scroll down on this website and you will see photos that look quite similar. http://www.caudata.o...critters2.shtml Cheers
  5. It's quite true. And I checked with more than one supplier to find out that the fish are often bagged the night before - not the day of - shipping. On top of this, the goldfish are producing far more waste and using more oxygen but often shipped in the same densities as tropicals with few exceptions. The absolute worst is in the early spring. The goldfish are often kept out in large ponds, and the weather is warm enough for parasites to run rampant but the goldfish have lowered immune systems. It got to the point where I had to set up giant holding tubs in the back so I could get the goldfish out of the bags they were shipped in, but then sit there and inspect every fish before putting in the display tanks for the inevitable anchor worms and lice that seem to explode in numbers that time of year.
  6. I just want to mention something here, because I see one statement a lot. Many people remark on how when they go into a pet store, all the fish look fine but the goldfish. I want to weigh in on that a little. I worked in a few petstores while I was going through high school and university. Every single one had a separate system for the goldfish - they would be on their own sump,which was usually more heavily filtered. But here's what would happen. We'd get an order. Tropicals, goldfish, etc. Without fail, nearly every time, the goldfish would crash immediately while the tropicals had far fewer problems. And sometimes it could be VERY bad. Unpack the fish one day, come in the next to a pile of goldfish bottom sitting, getting ich, and dying. The tropicals would be OK. In every store I worked in, getting goldfish orders or a large number of goldfish on an order would make us apprehensive - we'd be wondering if it would be an order that is going to crash. There are a number of reasons for this, especially if the fish are coming from China (pH and temps and other things can be VERY different) but it's not usually a case that the goldfish are being actively ignored or made to be sick while the other fish are properly looked after. You could have a very knowledgeable staff base and still have this kind of thing happen (quite literally) overnight.
  7. The biggest plecos I have seen were in large (HUGE) tanks with good water quality from day 1. I've seen far more in the 8-10" range than anything else to be honest. Sounds like you had quite the learning curve to start with!
  8. Absolutely gorgeous! I have been looking for one like that around here to no avail. I suppose I don't really have the room at the minute anyway...so I'll admire from here.
  9. They are gorgeous! I have such a soft spot for pearlscales.
  10. I think a lot of the differences you will see between the Chinese and Western forums is that, for the most part, people on these boards are casual goldfish keepers. That is, they enjoy them as pets and are less concerned about showing and breeding. Part of this may be due to the difficulty in finding high quality stock. The nicest goldfish I have were handpicked from a farm in China by someone who sends them to a business partner here. It seemed like it was a lot of trouble and effort for those involved - but I am happy they did it. The tropical fish and saltwater fish keeping forums I frequent are overwhelmingly male overall - but in these cases, finding rare, high quality stock of various species is not an issue and more people partake in the hobby in a serious manner. Anyway, thanks for the info - I look forward to more of your posts.
  11. I hope you can manage to get them, it will certainly make treatment easier. Two nets needed for these kinds of things.
  12. I would be worried about the corydoras - they are sensitive to medications. If you keep them in that tank you may have to reduce the dosage you would normally use for the goldfish alone.
  13. I couldn't find it either, I looked out of curiosity.
  14. I also think people were just curious as to your methods. You are indeed lucky to have such a great supplier! When I'm on forums there are a few things I always keep in mind. I've been in the reptile and fish hobbies since I was a kid. There are many different ways to approach fish keeping but people on forums often forget that - especially if they've learned all they know from whatever forum it is. The 'right way' also changes with trends, etc - and a lot of people are just repeating what they have heard without the experience to understand WHY they think method x is better than method y. And then they nitpick a little. Usually it's done with the best of intentions though, so I just ignore it and try to not let it get to me. To be clear I DO NOT think that's what happened here, but I thought I'd share this because anyone keep animals and involved on forums will come across this at some point and it's not worth it to let it ruin the enjoyment you get from forums otherwise.
  15. If I lived close to a store that had this many nice goldfish I don't think I'd have any room for furniture in my place. Wall to wall aquariums would happen @_@
  16. Well, I guess the next step is seeing if I even have a pot big enough to boil this in! Thanks guys.
  17. This piece of driftwood has actually been in use for years (in water). Never boiled, but has been submerged for at least 2+ years. Can I expect most of the tannins have been leached out, or should I still boil it?
  18. Hi guys - I recently discovered that the local tapwater had a huge drop in pH. I've easily stabilized my aquarium and raised the pH using coral. I have some amazing java fern and I want to tie it onto a piece of driftwood for this aquarium. Will I just be asking for trouble by doing that, or will the coral have enough of an effect on the water that this would be OK?
  19. Actually that's a good point - they both have a very slight curve to their backs. Also, unless wen development starts later in lionheads I do not suspect that they will have a ton of development in that area.
  20. I got my crowned pearlscale.... I am still hunting for the elusive panda moor (or panda anything) that holds its colours.
  21. Haha, yes it does! And it's very round too, which makes that description even better. This fish is barely 1" (excluding the tail) and already has quite the little bump on its head, so I imagine the crown is going to be impressive @_@
  22. Thanks guys! I love them - glad I was able to find some nice fish around here. @ koko - you think they are lionchu, as opposed to lionhead? @ Daymeen - yes, they were VERY perplexed. 'She is standing there, but not feeding us... D:'
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